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Benefits of Working for An Airline

What Are the Perks of Working for an Airline? 

Since airline dispatchers work for airlines, you may be wondering what the benefits of working for an airline are. While these benefits obviously change from airline to airline, they can give you a rough idea of what your lifestyle as an air traffic dispatcher might be like. If you are considering enrolling in an air traffic dispatcher school, understanding the benefits that await you could help tip the scales in favor of working for an airline. Continue reading below to learn more from our aeronautical school. 

What Are Some of the Benefits of Working in the Aviation Industry? 

One of the most important benefits of working in the aviation industry is the fact that it is an ever-growing industry and one that is sure to offer plenty of opportunities as time goes on. Put simply, the aviation industry is not going anywhere anytime soon. This means that job security is extremely high. 

Working in the aviation industry means that you will be working with an airline. Some perks of working for an airline include the possibility of free or discounted flights. This advantage is especially attractive for people that like to travel a lot. Also, some airlines even extend this benefit to family members, meaning that you could visit family or organize vacations at a much lower price. 

Lastly, another perk of working for an airline is all the people that you will meet. The average airline employee is usually friendly and eager to meet new people. The above-mentioned travel benefits also give employees the opportunity to meet new people in different states or countries. 

How to Get a Job in the Airline Industry 

One of the best ways for you to get a job in the airline industry is by becoming an air traffic dispatcher. You can become a dispatcher by enrolling in a school like Sheffield that gives students the certifications needed so they can enjoy the perks of working for an airline. Airline dispatchers are in charge of creating flight plans and schedules that ensure the security and safety of the passengers on the flight. This is one of the highest-paying careers in the industry and one that boasts the most career growth projections. 

More About Our Aeronautics School 

Sheffield School of Aeronautics is a trade school that gives students the certifications they need to become successful dispatchers through our specialized flight classes. By undergoing our programs, our students will be prepared for air traffic dispatcher jobs that offer spectacular career growth opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about our classes, a flight dispatcher’s salary, or other perks of working for an airline, contact us today. 

Loss of Control in Flight Accidents and Air Traffic Dispatchers

Loss of Control in Flight Accidents 

One of the most dangerous flight accidents that air traffic dispatchers have to deal with is an accident due to loss of control. A loss of control accident, or LOC, involves an unintended departure of an aircraft from a controlled flight. In other words, loss of control accidents occur when an aircraft departs from its regular flight regime and experiences a stall or spin. Flight dispatchers need to understand how to approach these types of situations so that they would know how to handle a situation like this if one were to arise. Continue reading below to learn more from Sheffield School of Aeronautics. 

When Do Out of Control Flights Mostly Occur? 

The phase of a flight where the loss of control typically takes place is during the approach phase of a flight. Many accidents related to an out-of-control flight result from an unstabilized approach or even a failure to go around. Since air traffic dispatchers are involved in this aspect of a flight, it is important to make sure that this stage of a flight is thoroughly planned, especially its altitude, which is a primary factor in out-of-control flights. 

Another reason that loss of control accidents during flights occur is the fact that excessive speed and unfavorable weather can contribute to a de-stabilized approach. This means that it is extremely important for an air traffic dispatcher to take these into account when making their flight plan. 

What Are Other Contributing Factors for Aircraft Loss of Control Accidents? 

Obviously, not all the responsibility for a loss of control in a flight accident falls upon the air traffic dispatcher. There are many factors that contribute to this kind of accident, and many are related to the pilot. This includes poor judgment or aeronautical training that the pilot did not take into account. This usually occurs with inexperienced pilots. It is important to make sure that the pilot follows the plan that was laid out from the beginning from what was learned in aeronautics school or flight classes. 

More About our Aeronautical School 

Sheffield School of Aeronautics is an aeronautical school that is dedicated to helping students achieve their goals of a rewarding career in the aviation industry by making getting air traffic dispatcher jobs easy. Our aeronautical school has been practicing in South Florida for many years and has trained some of the best dispatchers in the industry. If you are interested in learning more about flight dispatcher salaries, air traffic dispatcher salaries, and other information regarding the industry, visit our blog or contact us today. 

Managing Stress as A Dispatcher

Managing Air Traffic Dispatch Stress 

There is no secret that being an air traffic dispatcher is an extremely stressful job. If you are considering earning your flight dispatch license, you may be wondering how you could manage the inevitable stress that comes with the job. Being an air traffic dispatcher is an extremely demanding and stressful job that requires a high level of responsibility. Part of this responsibility is managing stress so that it does not interfere with the job and the safety of the passenger and crew. If you are wondering how you could manage air traffic controller stress, continue reading below to learn more from our air traffic control trade school. 

How Stressful Is Being an Air Traffic Controller or Dispatcher? 

There is no way around it: you will need to deal with some levels of stress during your career as an air traffic dispatcher. There are many things that can contribute to stress factors in this job. Some of the aspects of the job that lead to stress include times where traffic is unusually high, operating under limited time, equipment not being completely functional, or other abnormal situations. While these certainly cause stress, there are many more things that might possibly cause stress that have little to do with the normal demands of the job. These include organizational issues that are related to the airport, like changes in shift schedules, conflicts with management, and other unfavorable work conditions. The level to which these occurrences impact your stress levels depends entirely on their intensity and how an individual processes stress. To reduce air traffic controller stress, Sheffield School of Aeronautics recommends that you take regular breaks outside, when possible, and practice breathing exercises when things get too stressful. Also, remember to call out for help when necessary. 

Who Is Air Traffic Control So Stressful? 

Air traffic control is incredibly stressful because doing a poor job can have disastrous consequences. The job needs to be conducted without any mistakes so that accidents do not occur, which means that every member of the team needs to be on the same page. This environment is ripe for stress, which can impact everyone. Also, air traffic dispatchers often operate under odd hours and conditions, which only contribute to stressful situations. 

More About Sheffield School of Aeronautics 

Sheffield School of Aeronautics is an air traffic dispatcher school that is dedicated to helping our students achieve their goals of being part of a rewarding career in the aeronautics and aviation industry. We help our students earn their FAA Dispatcher License so they can get a rewarding career. If you are interested in learning more about managing air traffic controller stress, air traffic dispatch school, or aircraft dispatcher salary, feel free to visit our blog today. Contact our air traffic control school to learn more.

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    “These men represented the highest caliber of professionalism and integrity. The education I received from these gentleman has afforded me to be gainfully employed while having the opportunity to use the education received, all over this country, and more than a few others.” WG sidebar wg
    “Going to Sheffield prepared me for the real world challenges of Aircraft Dispatching. I certainly believe that the method Sheffield used is one not only for success in a real world career, but also one that prepares students to correctly dispatch aircraft.” T.Z. Sidebar TZ
    “now that I’ve been in an indoctrination class with students from other schools, I know I made the right choice with Sheffield.”   Kindest regards,  A.R.  All schools are created equal?! yeah…sure ;)
    “Their reputation of excellence amongst the industry is second to none. Sheffield School of Aeronautics should be seen as the standard of how it can be done and how it should be done. I was hired at a major airline with no dispatch experience.” A.Z. Sidebar AZ
    “This school came highly recommended by multiple past students and EVEN OTHERS FROM OTHER SCHOOLS. Reputation is fantastic from multiple companies that I have worked for.” A. – September 2020
    “After receiving my certificate, I joined a class of 4 experienced dispatchers for Part 121 initial training. Without experience, my preparation at Sheffield enabled me to become active at the same time after the initial training.” PR PR
    “Sheffield School of Aeronautics is a highly recognized and respected organization throughout the airline industry. They only produce the highest quality of graduate…” P.W. Sidebar PW
    “I entered my profession, with more knowledge and information than dispatchers who have been practicing their craft for more than ten years. Not only has Sheffield provided a top notch education, but they have also instilled in me the confidence to succeed.” A.Z. Sidebar AZ – Student Testimonial
    “If you want to be the best, first you need to be trained by the best!” P. Hill P.Hill – DHL
    “I am a month into my new job at a airline coming out of reorganization, and am helping the training department by referencing the excellent and up to date course book provided to all Sheffield grads.” RW RW
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