Aircraft Dispatcher Course – 2 Week Course

Accelerated Course
(Online Training followed by 2 weeks residency training)

“Great online course. All the information was clearly laid out in an easy to understand fashion. Class expectations are clearly explained. Overall a great course..”

Prerequisites: This course is for:

  • Individuals who meet FAR Part 65.57, or
  • Individuals who meet FAR Part 65.61(d), or
  • Airline employees who meet either of the above, or
  • Any individual meeting the ADX and online course requirements listed on this page

Specific prerequisites details are below.

2024 Course Fees

Registration/Phase I Fee: $2,000
Phase II Tuition: $2,100

Total cost (domestic & international* students) $4,100

FAA Practical examination fee:
 $0.00; we do not charge a fee for the initial certification exam.
Practical exam RETEST, if required ($500.00).

* International Applicants/Students only – add a I-20/M-1 visa processing fee of $300.00, if applicable.

Fees payable by Bank check, company check, credit card, MO, Travelers Check, personal check, or you can send money via Zelle to [email protected]

(Zelle note) This will show as “Alron Aviation, Inc.” which is correct.)

Additional Costs:

Housing = Sonesta ES Suites is highly recommended, but visit  Student Housing for more information and options.

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Wednesday March 13th, 2024
Tuesday March 26th, 2024
Wednesday May 1st, 2024
Tuesday May 14th, 2024
Wednesday July 24th, 2024
Tuesday August 6th, 2024
Wednesday September 11th, 2024
Tuesday September 24th, 2024
Wednesday October 30th, 2024
Tuesday November 12th, 2024
Wednesday January 22nd, 2025
Tuesday February 4th, 2025

September 22, 2023

Hi Eric,

“I completed dispatch certification at Sheffield in March of 2015. Just a personal update that I am now a dispatcher at Alaska Airlines after working for 8 years at SkyWest. My training at Sheffield has continued to serve me well. Thanks for the great preparation for a great career.”
Kyle H.
[caption id="attachment_3434" align="aligncenter" width="240"]Alaska airlines hires Sheffield graduate Alaska Airlines[/caption]

May 25, 2023

Hi, Brett and Eric,

Just wanted to thank you both again for providing the round-the-clock guidance and support that helped ‘E’ and I succeed at Sheffield.  It really was a fun experience for both of us.  Moreover, I feel better equipped to propel my career in private air carriage thanks to you.

Hope to stay in touch with you in the future!

Warmest regards,

Rockwell Collins logo

March 31, 2023

Dear Katja, Eric and Brett,

I trust this email finds you well. I am not sure where to begin since I have so much to thank you all for. Mr. Eric for that first email in 2021 when I inquired about the school, and you shared a lot of useful information which made me make the choice to come to Sheffield. In addition, much appreciated for the practical interview which was very professional. I really appreciate.

To Mrs. Katja I really appreciate your patient when I was trying to get the visa since 2021, your assistance and patient helped a lot. Your recommendations on accommodation were also on point and I got an exceptionally good accommodation option. I will be sending a separate email to the host with you in cc on this.

To Mr. Brett, your sharing of knowledge was excellent and went a long way in answering questions at the practical test, tests in class as well as the ADX test. When I joined the physical class is when it came to mind the sacrifice you make to teach in class as well as reply to online students in the evening (like myself). This dedication is remarkable.

To all of you kindly keep up the excellent work which makes Sheffield School of Aeronautics the best in the US and for sure I have already started passing on recommendations to my colleagues in the UN WFP Aviation Service to consider Sheffield as the first choice for the Dispatcher course.

I wish all of you the best …


February 7, 2023

“Very happy in my decision to attend Sheffield School. It was a great experience, and I have learned “a lot.” Would recommend to anyone.

A. Mora

January 13, 2023

October 13, 2022

“I hope this note finds you and the company well. Over the course of nearly 25 years, I have had a highly successful career as an aircraft dispatcher thanks to you and the fine people at Sheffield. A couple of years at Piedmont, a few months at Midway and 20 years at SkyWest.
I could not have asked for a better career. I was so lucky that being a dispatcher never seemed like work to me as I enjoyed it so much.
Now I find myself on Wake Island. I’m working base operations, airfield operations/management and flight planning alongside the military.
Everything I have learned has brought me here and none of that would have been possible without Sheffield.
Thank you, Eric. Thanks for helping me get my start way back when. You have no idea how grateful I am.
So many have come through the Sheffield doors and came out with the tools for a great career! You all have made such a difference for so many.
Take care of yourself,
Joe De Los Santos. October 13, 2022

August 4, 2022

“This has been an amazing experience.”


May 17, 2022

“All perfect!!”


May 17, 2022

“Course had a ton of great information to not only know the dispatch rules, but the role the dispatcher plays in the airline industry.”

April 28, 2022

From LinkedIn:

“This is a fantastic school. You cannot spend money anywhere else and get a better set of caring, dedicated and professional people.”


2024 Application Forms

Special Notes for Students of Any Class:

Domestic Students – ID information:

  • For U.S. citizens, only ONE ID is required and it MUST be government-issued, such as a passport, driver’s license, state ID card or military ID card. BE SURE THAT NO IDs will expire soon or while here at school. Also, be sure that the ID has been issued within the last 10 years.The issue date must be on the ID itself.

International Students – ID & Additional Information:

  • For international students (including foreign citizens who are Green Cardholders), require TWO VALID/current PHOTO forms of identification. Names on both IDs must match EXACTLY. BE SURE THAT NO IDs will expire soon or while here at school. Also, be sure that both forms of ID have been issued within the last 10 years. The issue date must be on the ID itself. One of the forms MUST be a passport, which should be simple. The other form MUST be government-issued, such as a driver’s license or national ID card. (A current/VALID United States Visa in your passport is acceptable as the second form of ID.) For non-US citizens, the second form of ID MUST be government-issued, so university or employer IDs are not acceptable.
  • We recommend to begin the Application / I-20 processing at least 2 – 4 months prior to the start date of your desired class. This is due to increased security procedures, delayed U.S. Embassy appointments, and M-1 visa issuance delays. Also, the Department of Homeland Security has initiated an additional fee (paid directly to the Department, not Sheffield School) for students applying for an M-1 (student) visa. This fee is in addition to the I-20 processing fee paid to Sheffield. Please view the links below for more information:
  • International StudentsVERY IMPORTANT TO READ!

Aircraft Dispatcher Course (2 weeks)

  • Is it required to pass the ADX (Aircraft Dispatcher) knowledge exam before the online (Phase I) of the 3-week, 2-week, or 1-week course?

    No, HOWEVER it is HIGHLY recommended to do so. Not taking and passing the ADX exam prior to beginning the online phase results in the juggling of nonsense (ADX standardized exam study of topics, many of which are unrelated to reality) with real-life practical exam-based subject matter, the latter of which is covered during both Phases I & II. Our Phase I does not concentrate or focus on ADX material. Much of the material is covered, but not in any concentrated manner. Sure, important regulations will be covered during both phases of our course, but we will not instruct technical aerodynamics and pallet loading, or how to fly into a specific holding pattern, colors of aeronautical lighting and runway marking and spacing rules, etc.. If we wasted time on this, then it would be a disservice to our customers. Again, this answer pertains to the ‘shorter’ residency courses, NOT the full 5-week residency course.

  • Who should enroll in the 2-week course?

    Experienced indivividuals/airlines (per FAR 65.57) or highly motivated individuals who are able to pass the ADX exam and 7 online modules prior to arrival for the 2 weeks residency.

  • When I receive my User ID and password, will I be able to access the online lessons (Courses 101-107 above) or do I still have to wait for the posted dates that are on the Matrix? For instance, if I want to participate in the May 5 class can I begin working on Course 101 in February.

    Yes. You can complete the lessons (Courses 101-107 above, in order of course) any time prior to the DUE DATES. The Matrix lists the due dates for each Course. You can certainly complete a course before it’s due date.

  • One school kept pressuring me to take their accelerated course even after I claimed that I was uncomfortable with my limited aviation experience and ability to pass the ADX exam. What should I do?

    Seek training at another facility. They’re sole interest is $$$; it certainly is not to provide a quality education.

  • Is the FAA license recognized worldwide, or just in North America? I am hoping to stay in North America/Canada once qualified, but if I need to return to the UK, how easily can this license be converted (if it needs to be at all)?

    It is recognized in many countries/airlines, yet it’s validity as a license varies among CAAs around the world. You’ll have to specifically ask the country’s CAA or airline.

  • I am extemely interested in applying for a 2 week accelerated course. Is this route of study open to international students and if so what is the processing fee for the I-20 form?

    Yes, it is open to qualified students, domestic or international. If entering on a M-1 student visa, our procedures will be sent to you upon application or when you inquire by email. The I-20 fee is $200.00 (2020) and $300 (2021).

  • How should I send you a copy of my information?

    Fax or mail is fine.

  • What seems to be the biggest problem for students taking the online course?

    A combination of not following instructions and procrastination. For example, once the Phase I tuition is paid, an email is sent with instructions and links, and a directive to “Reply via email that you received this email”, but many students do not follow that direction. They are reminded a week or 10 days later, some need an additional reminder, but by then they are already 2-3 weeks behind.

  • What seems to be the next biggest problem for students taking the online course?

    Not reading what was just written above or not believing it.

  • Anything else?

    Yes. Believing that the ADX test is Phase I or that the ADX exam can be studied for while taking our Phase I online material concurrently. Sheffield’s Phase I online material is not pure ADX study material. It could certainly help anyone studying for the ADX test, but is more demanding on it’s own and should be commenced once the ADX is already passed.

  • STILL anything else?

    Yes. Believing that this is some “click through the pretty flash files” type of course resulting in some lame “print out your certificate” set of instructions at the end. There are a variety of training methods used including interactive examples and other tasks, but a large amount of READING is required, followed by homework and other assignments, AND all must be REVIEWED and understood prior to your arrival at Sheffield.

Course Description

Years ago, we were overwhelmed with phone calls requesting an accelerated course for those highly experienced individuals who cannot attend our longer courses. These motivated individuals requested quality that our institution has provided for 74+ years while not being overcharged. Sheffield met these demands by providing an unparalleled program ranging from an ab initio basics review through the complexities of our full-time course and into our airline-prep material. This course is not the typical “Q & A” test preparation course.

The course consists of two phases: an online interactive distance-learning phase (I) and a residency phase (II).


Phase I

Online Distance-Learning. 2023-2024 Cost is $2,000 (nonrefundable).

Requires: Internet access, a user ID and password (issued after payment), and a web browser. Successful completion of Phase I is a prerequisite to enter the Phase II (residency) course. Plan on a minimum of 2-3 months to complete the online modules and examinations (excluding study time for the ADX test). This phase will be accessible on a password-protected realm of our web site. Once Phase I is accessed, students will have 3 months of maximum access. Overdue assignments will not be acceptable. You may postpone your Phase II start date ONLY ONE TIME if needed. Evidence of cheating or receiving help from others or giving out your individual ID and password to others will result in immediate dismissal from the course – no refund. If you continually ignore directions provided by the instructor, after previous warnings, then student will be terminated from the course – no refund.

Phase I (excludes ADX study time) – Online – See the MATRIX at the bottom of this page to get an idea of the DUE DATES and MINIMUM days required for each course.

  • Course 101 Weather Theory
  • Course 102 Non-graphic Weather
  • Course 103 Graphic Weather
  • Course 104 AIM & CHARTS
  • Course 105 Regulations
  • Course 106 Aircraft Systems
  • Course 107 Aircraft Certificate Limits

See the Class Matrix (class dates and assignment due dates) at the bottom of the page.


Phase II

Residency, following successful completion of Phase I. Cost (2023-2024) is $2,100 due 30 days prior to class start date.

Duration: 10 days, 8 clock hours per day; 8:00am – 5:00pm with a lunch hour. Occasionally, computer labs will be conducted in the large classroom toward the end of the day.

An exam (review) based on the online modules of Phase I may be administered at the Sheffield School facilities on the first day on Phase II or online prior to your arrival. If the online modules, practice examples, and practice exams are successfully completed per the directions provided in Phase I, then the transition to Phase II should be smooth.

Class is not held during the weekends, unless prearranged by instructor.

Be prepared to stay an extra 1 – 3 days due to the scheduling of practical examinations.

  • Duration of residence phase (Phase II): 2 weeks, 8 clock hours per day; after successful completion of Phase I self-paced on-line distance learning modules.
  • 8:00am – 5:00pm with a lunch hour, scheduled weekdays only.
  • Be prepared to stay 1-3 days following the last class day due to the scheduling of practical examinations.
  • Class size (Phase II) = limited to 25 students, but will typically range from 10-20, as you will join the 5-week class in progress.

Instructors: Brett Bories, Eric Morris

Maximum Class Size: approximately 12 students.
Minimum Class Size: 1 student.

Optional AIFP, ETOPS, and EWINS workshops follow.


  • Meteorology/Weather Briefings
  • Non-Graphic Weather reports/forecasts
  • Graphic Weather Charts
  • Nav/Comm, Notams, ILS, etc
  • Regulations – primarily FAR Part 121
  • Aircraft Systems/limits
  • Jeppesen Airport/Approach, Area, En route, DPs/STARs, etc.
  • Performance/Weight & Balance Theory
  • Minimum Equipment List/Configuration Deviation List
  • Practical Flight Planning/Scenarios/Applied Dispatching

If you tend to procrastinate, you should not enroll in this course. 

Prerequisites (specific details):

  • Read, speak, write, and understand English
  • At least 21 years of age
  • FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Knowledge (ADX) test should be passed (> 70%) prior to Phase I online class. Enrolling early or paying a small deposit allows you to use our FAA test preparation handouts. There are no other FAA test prerequisites as other schools may require – additional test prerequisites is a waste of time and money. No need to purchase Private Pilot supplies, books, test prep classes, videos, then pay for test fees which are redundant toward your Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate. Sheffield will save you an additional $300-$600 on top of our already-reduced rate. We highly recommend passing the ADX prior to sending any money for Phase One – you should first determine if you feel comfortable with the ADX material since the Sheffield material is more demanding and comprehensive.
  • If you’d like to check for ADX testing center locations, go to PSI. If you are not close to a convenient testing center (international students), you can take the test at Sheffield before the first day of class for a fee of $175.
  • Bring the original ADX Airmen Test report – You’ll receive this from the testing center upon test completion. It must be > 70%, and be an ADX (Aircraft Dispatcher) test report, NOT an ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) test report.
  • There are a set of formal requirements (in addition to the course prerequisites) to be “signed off” to take the practical examination. They are: applicant must pass all online course quizzes and tests before arrival (concludes Phase I training), pass the course quizzes while at Sheffield School, and gain approval from the instructor that you are in good standing to take the practical examination. Little study and procrastination would not lead to success.
  • For more information, call (1-800-843-8289) for details, or simply request Dispatcher information and we’ll include the latest updated information.

FAA Certification Requirements:

There are 4 steps required for you to become certified as an FAA Aircraft Dispatcher per FAR Part 65:

      1. The FAA Aircraft Dispatcher computer knowledge (ADX) exam must be passed. This is a basic standardized multiple choice test. Sheffield provides test prep materials and practice tests on our web site! [initial application/deposit required to receive ID & password.] We highly recommend passing the ADX prior to sending any money for Phase One – see first if you feel comfortable with the ADX material since the Sheffield material is more demanding and comprehensive.
      2. Successful completion of Sheffield’s quality online program, which includes interactive practice, video, and audio. We do not offer online open-book multiple choice exams at our web site without adequate oversight. Hiring managers at airlines know the difference between quality and freebie licenses when they interview graduates. Airlines consider this when hiring.
      3. Completion of the mandatory 10 days of residency training with instructor sign-off for the practical examination.
      4. Completion of the flight plan and oral phases of the practical exam with an FAA examiner within 90 days of graduation. Your instructor will schedule this exam at a time convenient to both you and the Examiner, but we will consider the priorities of your departure schedule. It is typically scheduled immediately following the Residency Phase at Sheffield.

2023 Course Matrix (assignment due dates Table)

Click here to see the 2023 Course Matrix Tablematrix-icon

2024 Course Matrix (assignment due dates Table)

Click here to see the 2024 Course Matrix Tablematrix-icon

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    “Your school has offered me an incredible advantage in the Dispatcher job market.” D.K. D. Kircher
    “Sheffield School of Aeronautics is known worldwide for its quality training and has been recommended to me by our national airline Swiss International Airlines. Whenever I mention the name ‘Sheffield’ it rings a bell in people’s ears.” IW IW
    Good afternoon Eric, I wanted to reach out to let you know that training at (airline) is in full swing and I couldn’t be happier that I chose Sheffield. My classmates, while very smart, definitely had subpar training and that has been very evident. I have waited to write a full scale review of the […] Attending Sheffield School benefits airline new hires in preparation for airline training
    “now that I’ve been in an indoctrination class with students from other schools, I know I made the right choice with Sheffield.”   Kindest regards,  A.R.  All schools are created equal?! yeah…sure ;)
    “I wanted to tell you I got the job offer from Expressjet, and start next month! I think a couple others from class were hired as well. It just shows the Sheffield reputation when I see graduates from other schools complaining that they can’t get an interview – I wasn’t even back home to Minneapolis […] Dan Gustafson
    “Their reputation of excellence amongst the industry is second to none. Sheffield School of Aeronautics should be seen as the standard of how it can be done and how it should be done. I was hired at a major airline with no dispatch experience.” A.Z. Sidebar AZ
    “Going to Sheffield prepared me for the real world challenges of Aircraft Dispatching. I certainly believe that the method Sheffield used is one not only for success in a real world career, but also one that prepares students to correctly dispatch aircraft.” T.Z. Sidebar TZ
    “While touring my company’s dispatch department before I had my license our OCC manager pointed out that 7 of the 10 dispatchers on shift had come from Sheffield. The overall consensus was that Sheffield grads were able to hit the ground running as they were better prepared.” K.O. Sidebar K.O.
    “After receiving my certificate, I joined a class of 4 experienced dispatchers for Part 121 initial training. Without experience, my preparation at Sheffield enabled me to become active at the same time after the initial training.” PR PR
    “These men represented the highest caliber of professionalism and integrity. The education I received from these gentleman has afforded me to be gainfully employed while having the opportunity to use the education received, all over this country, and more than a few others.” WG sidebar wg
    “As a graduate of Sheffield School of Aeronautics I am a firm believer that I received the most thorough and well thought out aircraft dispatcher training available. I owe my position in the industry to Sheffield School of Aeronautics.” BF Sidebar BF
    “This school came highly recommended by multiple past students and EVEN OTHERS FROM OTHER SCHOOLS. Reputation is fantastic from multiple companies that I have worked for.” A. – September 2020
    “Sheffield School of Aeronautics is a highly recognized and respected organization throughout the airline industry. They only produce the highest quality of graduate…” P.W. Sidebar PW
    “If you want to be the best, first you need to be trained by the best!” P. Hill P.Hill – DHL
    “This was an amazing class! Always interesting! It was like drinking from a fire hose, but I have never enjoyed a course more than this one. Thank you for a great 5 weeks & EWINS!” R.S. R.S. Testimonial – 5-weeks & EWINS
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