5 Main Components of an Aircraft


Airplanes are certainly a remarkable feat of engineering. Man has figured out how to get over 100,000 pounds worth of metal up in the air and flying smoothly, but not without a little trial and error. Over the past century, the components of an aircraft have evolved to make flights more efficient, safer, and faster. Our aviation crew at our aircraft dispatcher school provides a brief introduction to 5 main aircraft components, whether you are interested in our dispatcher program or another part of the aviation field.


Fuselageinfographic on components of aircraft

The fuselage is one of the major aircraft components with its long hollow tube that’s also known as the body of the airplane, which holds the passengers along with cargo. This area includes the cockpit, so the pilots are in the front of the fuselage. Despite there being different types of fuselages, they all connect the major parts of an airplane together.



Not surprisingly, the wings, also commonly known as foils, are aircraft parts that are imperative for flight. The airflow over the wings is what generates most of the lifting force necessary for flight. Along with the large wings that stem from the middle of the fuselage, the wings also include two smaller ones at the back of most aircraft, at the tail.



The empennage is the tail end of the aircraft. It helps with the stability of the plane and has two main components called the rudder and the elevator. The rudder helps the aircraft steer from right to left, and the elevator helps with the up and down movement.


Power Plant

The power plant of an airplane structure includes the engine and the propeller. The engine itself is a complicated system comprised of many smaller parts like cylinders, fans, and pistons. Together, these aircraft engine parts work to generate the power or thrust of an aircraft.


Landing Gear

You cannot have a safe plane without having the landing gear. Not only are these parts imperative in order to land, but the landing gear is also used to help an aircraft take-off and taxi. The landing gear includes shock absorbers for a smooth landing and takeoff as well as the wheels on the plane.


While knowing the major aircraft components might be crucial for a pilot or an aircraft engineer, if you’re thinking of enrolling in our aircraft dispatcher school, you will need to know this basic information as well. At Sheffield School of Aeronautics, we are an FAA-approved knowledge testing center that can help you get your aircraft dispatcher license and find one of the most prestigious aircraft dispatcher jobs in the industry. Contact a member of our aviation crew by calling 954-581-6022 to get started on your aviation career today!


*Post updated on November 27, 2019*

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