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Quick Description/overview of Sheffield’s ADX Test Prep App:

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A few selected reviews from the U.S. iTunes or Google Play stores, unless otherwise noted:

Great Prep App!!!

5 Stars

“If you want to pass your ADX exam this is the app to do it on! Provides detailed explanations on every question! Worth every penny and highly recommend Sheffield to get your aircraft dispatcher’s license!!! Instructors are highly knowledgeable, patient and friendly.”

Joshua Grady
FedEx Express

From the Spain Apple store:
5 Stars – “ADX-SHEFFIELD App-the best ever”
by A.P. ~ Sep 29, 2022
For all those aspiring to be Flight Dispatchers, ADX app is a must-have. It guides you through the hefty material to pre-study before you get to the school. You may find very well explained answers by selecting STUDY MODE, very honest & funny answers with a bit of ‘Eric Morris’ touch that makes you navigate smoothly to a secure & safe destination, which is the FAA Flight Dispatcher License (Certificate).
5 Stars – “Good App” by PhoenixPT212 – Sep 20, 2022
The app has a lot of information to study for the ADX test. There is explanation for each question to help with studying. The quiz and exam simulator are very helpful to practice too. I would recommend this app to anyone who needs to take the ADX.

5 Stars – “ADX Test Prep” by Alison3952 – July 2, 2022
This app was very beneficial helping me knock out my ADX before school started. Works great and easy to use. Well worth the money!

5 Stars – “Great study prep tool” by SamR– June 28, 2022
This app has immensely helped with my knowledge of the ADX topics.

5 Stars – “Very useful study tool” by Wesley Bone – June 18, 2022
The Sheffield ADX Prep app gives me full confidence in taking the ADX. The app is polished and simple and gives you exactly what you need to study and practice for the exam.

5 Stars – Extremely user friendly App by Pamadam – Apr 22, 2022
This Sheffield ADX app has helped me a lot to prepare way ahead of my class. The App is so easy to use and simple. I am amazed at how well all the topics are covered .This is one of the reason I chose Sheffield School of Aeronautics.

5 Stars – Prime Tool for ADX Prep by theblakefish – Mar 23, 2022
The Sheffield ADX app is a versatile tool when preparing for the ADX. The content is constantly updated, and insights into the inner workings of the ADX are presented. It is a massive undertaking to take this exam, and the material is presented in-full. The quiz mode is good for rote memorization, and the study mode is good for learning more about the “why” of the q&a’s. Highly recommended!

5 Stars – Extremely well designed and useful app! by “Jonty” – Jan 24, 2022
Using the Sheffield app for ADX prep takes so much of the stress of study away with its intuitive user interface and quantity of valuable content. The app is updated regularly so you know you’ll be learning the most up-to-date FAA questions. Has made the world of difference in comparison to going through various lengthy pdf’s. Definitely worth the cost!

5 Stars – Excellent Prep Tool by kschulz159 – Jan 20, 2022
Used the app to prep for my ADX test that I took on 01/19/21 and passed. The app prepared me for all the types of questions that were given on the test. The different modes of study, quiz, and test make it perfect for each phase that you are in when preparing.

5 Stars – Very Helpful by Brittg12 – Jul 29, 2021
This app was so helpful in studying and mastering every subject for the ADX written. It was nice to be able to take a test/quiz on my phone at any time. If you do a little bit each day, you eventually have all the subjects down. Thanks for the wonderful app!

5 Stars – Great Studying tool by Chattygirl17 – Jul 26, 2021
This has been very helpful for studying for the ADX test. I like how everything broken down to all different sections and aspects. It definitely helps with retention and being able to increase or decrease the amount of sections to study and memorize.

5 Stars – Very helpful by Ria25_P – Jul 10, 2021
This is the best ADX test prep app ever and I highly recommend! It comes handy, you can access updated question bank whenever, wherever. Features are amazing to study and memorize, practice tests are really helpful to revise. 5 stars, Get it !

5 Stars – Impressive!! by ProfessorAV8R – Jun 21, 2021
A very intuitive and versatile app! I’ve been in the aviation field for 30+ years and have used a handful of test prep software and this app beats all the rest by a long shot. Highly recommended!

5 Stars – ADX test prep App by Val Johnson – Jun 9, 2021
I’ll be the first to admit I have terrible study habits and get distracted from school text book’s easily. The ADX test prep app is an amazing tool to prepare an effective study schedule. The various study modes helped guide me through the test questions from different viewpoints.

5 Stars – Sheffield ADX App by patch_30 – Feb 23, 2021
I wasted 3 weeks trying to study for the ADX test through conventional means before I bought this app. It changed everything. I love it. It’s efficient, you can learn at a much faster pace and better yet the creators educate you about the reality of taking this very overwhelming test. It helped me realize I could actually take it and be successful.

5 Stars – From Matt Hoffman by Dave’s Hasselhoff – Sep 2, 2020
I used this application to prepare for the written exam last year. The strategy I used was to document my scores via a log with the date, and then continually cycle through each category (weather, regulations, human factors…) until I was consistently tracking 90% or greater, more or less, before my exam date. I passed the the FAA written exam with an 89%; the minimum score is 70%. This tool meet my needs of complementing my preparation strategy.

5 Stars – ADX App by C-McCoy – Jul 3, 2020
Such a wonderful test prep app. Really worth the upfront cost for the long term pay out.

5 Stars – Extremely Helpful! by bhammon1 – Apr 21, 2020
A very useful app from the top training institution in the business. I have already taken and passed the ATP written (the ADX test is very similar) so take my word for it, this type of clean interface is what you need to memorize the entire 1500 question dataset. Study function is great for unfamiliar concepts and the Quiz function is very helpful for repetitive memorization of the general knowledge questions. Also has Test and Exam functions which are helpful for ensuring you can answer a varied 80 question exam in the allowed time. Some functionality is not available without being enrolled in a Sheffield ADX class, but the app is still perfectly usable without the back end resources. Good luck. Give yourself enough time and get a well designed study aid like this app and you’ll do fine!

5 Stars – Excellent App! by LDB1989 – Feb 27, 2020
This app is very useful to practice and pass your ADX Test.

5 Stars – “Extra resources”by ADXtra – Feb 17, 2020
The quiz mode is good for pounding out that memorization. Also, when you buy the app, Sheffield gives you access to their other online study materials – PDFs and power points. Eighty question practice exams give you a good barometer on how ready you are for the test.

5 Stars – “Great App” by T.Tate1109 – Jan 12, 2020
“Awesome App! Very organized in regards to topics, sub titles, quiz, test etc..”

5 Stars – “Great Test Prep App!!” 
by PhilVV9045 – Jan 7, 2020
“This app works great! I really appreciated the exam simulator to gauge my comprehension of the questions. Highly recommended for anyone trying to pass the ADX exam!”

5 stars – “The best test prep for ADX!” 
by kylewiler – Dec 27, 2019
“This app that Sheffield has created in order to study for the ADX is the absolute best way to study for the exam! It is very thorough and very detailed, explaining all of the material. I used the app to study for the ADX and I passed it. If you are planning on taking the ADX, then this app is a must have if you want to be well-prepared!”

June 23, 2019 email:
“Took my ADX test this morning, got an 85%.  Used your app for my IPad, it is top notch!  Worth every cent.”
-Carl S.

5 stars – “Best Test Training – Passed ADX because of this app” by CJCraw1216 – Nov 15, 2018
Best decision I made was to download this app. I had very minimal aviation experience prior to beginning studying. After 2 months of using this app, passed the ADX knowledge exam with a 90%. Would have never passed it if it were not for this app. There is a ton of information within the app, but is laid out nicely and makes studying a breeze. They provide reasons and references for their answers. They also provide more

5 stars – “Very Helpful!” by I Juice I – Oct 15, 2018
Love the layout of the app and the practice test feature was extremely useful!

 stars – “Great Study Tool 
by Michael858 – Aug 29, 2018
This app is a great supplement for taking the ADX test. They offer a lot of simple tricks and clear understanding through text and videos. You won’t go wrong adding this app for your studies!

4 stars – Sheffield Aero FAA ADX app by Pip Squeek97 – Jul 18, 2018
This app was very helpful in preparation for the ADX test. The app is well arranged, easy to use, and extremely fast. The study mode and quiz modes I thought were the best to gain knowledge of the material. The Exam simulator can be adjusted to you liking, but is still very similar to the actual test.

5 stars – “Best Test Training”  by the good life_24 – Jun 2, 2018
This is by far the best ADX test prep I found. Totally worth the cost!! Makes understanding and memorizing much easier. Passed my ADX test first time because of this app. It is a must have!!

5 stars – “Must have App!” by Mikr2001 – Jun 11, 2017
This App is the absolute best! I would not have passed the ADX with out it, Definitely a wise investment and Money well spent!
5 stars – “ADX App!” by Marilivelazquez – Jun 8, 2017
This app has helped me a lot when preparing for the ADX test. It made a big difference when I was away from home because I could just pull out my phone and continue studying!
5 stars – “ADX test prep” by bwr59801 – Jun 8, 2017
Was very helpful. Had limited knowledge about the aeronautical aspect of becoming a dispatcher, but between the study mode, test mode and practice exam, was able to pass the exam on first attempt. Well worth it.
5 stars – “ADX test prep” by Meesta Hoova – Jun 7, 2017
Sheffield ADX Prep is the BEST, most efficient and thorough way to study for the ADX Dispatch Exam. I used Sheffield ADX Prep and ATP Prepare to prepare for my ADX Dispatch Exam and the ATP Prepare didn’t explain ANY of the mathematical equations, which led me to the Sheffield ADX Prep App. The Sheffield ADX Prep App includes outstanding videos which breakdown and dissect each equation making each easy to understand. Definitely recommend!

5 stars – “Great ADX Prep app” by Koichi Shimada – May 20, 2017
New Sheffield School of Aeronautics’ “FAA ADX Exam Pre” has clear screen layouts and is much easier to use. My study efficiency was going up. Technical service staff was always quick to respond to my questions. So I didn’t waste my study time. I’ve learned how to budget my test time using the “Exam simulator mode.” They really know about the real world of ADX. (This is obvious if you check the school history) I strongly recommend the “Sheffield School of Aeronautics – FAA ADX Exam Pre.” It helps you succeed in the knowledge Test. I passed the ADX Knowledge Test on the first try. Thanks Eric for the great study app!

5 stars – “Even better now”
by CoreyHys – Apr 18, 2017
I had been studying using the older version of the app for months which was great but had its quirks. Now with the newly streamlined app, I finished my Exam Prep much more efficiently and passed my ADX comfortably!
5 stars – “Great Study Tool for ADX!” by VaderDad – Apr 17, 2017
Now on my second round of reviewing the various modules and re-attempting the quizzes to self-gauge my progress. The study tips and explanations greatly helped me retain much of the info. Well worth the investment.
5 stars – “God ADX app!” (Russian iTunes Store) by p.chugunov – Mar 9, 2017
Great study tool to use to study/prepare for the FAA aircraft dispatcher (ADX) test. Lots of good material, and also lots of good explanations of each question/answer and the reasoning behind why which answer is better than the other.
5 stars – “Highly recommend APP!” (Spain iTunes Store) by Iangonesp – Mar 6, 2017
Essential APP for the ADX test preparation. This App speeds up the time needed to pass the ADX. Clear explanations, images, audio files… it has everything you need to success. You can find also many useful free books, supplements and other materials. The only improvement I’d suggest is a mode to create personalized tests (with your selected questions – not only subsections-). More than worth! 5 stars
5 stars – “Great app!” by YXAS – Dec 17, 2016
I got this app a few weeks ago to help study for my upcoming ADX. I did have a technical issue with one of the modes but as soon as I emailed Mr. Morris to notify him of the problem, it was fixed within a few hours. The app is very easy to navigate and is divided into convenient sections for easy study on the go. I definitely recommend it for its content and timely technical support!
5 stars – “Great app!” by J&Ballen – Nov 20, 2016
Best app to prepare for the ADX test. The quiz, study and test modes gets you ready for the test like no other app.

5 stars – “Must have if you’re studying for the ADX exam!!”
by User263748 – Nov 10, 2016
I’ve been using this in conjunction with one of the study books and it is a really, really, really great app! It’s easier for me to do the bulk of reading and learning from written material, but testing myself to gauge my level of knowledge and understanding would be so tedious and inefficient if I tried to only use the book. I do not do any studying without using this app alongside. It’s complete enough that you don‘t also need a book, it’s just easier for me that way. The app has all the questions from the test bank, and you can choose to study a section at a time, or even just a sub-section. The different modes are awesome. You can quick-test your knowledge with instant right/wrong feedback on each question, you can choose to get explanations after each question, or just do a test and find out the score at the end. I think the Practice Exam function is one of the best features. It even stores a certain amount of your results so you can see if there is something you’re consistently struggling with. Like someone else said, if I find myself waiting in line somewhere I can study a section or two quickly on my phone but I mainly use it on my iPad at home or work. The format is pretty simple and straightforward, intuitive, and makes studying/quizzing quite efficient. In my opinion it was absolutely worth the price considering how much I use it, what I can get out of it and how much time I’ll have spent studying when all is said and done. I’m almost ready to take the real exam and I feel totally prepared and confident about what to expect.

5 stars – “Excellent way to prepare to take your ADX” byC32load – Oct 1, 2016 I love this app! I think the study mode is outstanding. The explanations are very easy to understand and I love the the information stating which questions are outdated. Also, the tips on how to get a correct answer are very helpful. I use the study guide once for the explanations and the quiz mode to really put the answer in my mind.The price is very inexpensive when I factor in the help this is giving me to prepare for my class soon. I couldn’t imagine not using this.

5 stars – “A unique and updated app”  by1234storm – Oct 1, 2016 …The app is updated and edited frequently from what I could tell – including the questions, images, aircraft categories, audio clips, even some video clips, etc.. ..There are B-737 operating/performance questions, which the app explains really well. Regarding other info, I see the new, smaller aircraft questions in my app, and have spoken to colleagues who all passed their ADX test after using the app. All I know is that this app sped up the study time needed to easily pass the ADX for me. Sheffield will also send you any detailed supplement files that might be a space hog on an app, if you request it. They even gave me free access to their web site resources for studying. I just asked for it. That alone would cost more than the app itself, so this app is MORE than worth it.

5 stars – “Very helpful!” byDL19921 – Sep 17, 2016 I used this app to prepare for the ADX test and passed with above an 80. The app is easy to use and very helpful.

5 stars – “Great App” byMarcusMartinez – Sep 17, 2016 Great app from a great organization!! Put on your phone and study anywhere conveniently and discreetly. I studied before meetings, waiting on movies to start, at games during timeouts, etc. Well worth the cost for the content and convenience.

5 stars bymitchellman – Nov 29, 2015 This app is exactly what it says it is. I passed the ADX with a 92 using nothing but this app. Only once in a month of use did I ever have an issue with the app and I emailed them and it was fixed within hours. Ended up taking up the dispatcher course from Sheffield as well and less than 6 months after downloading this app I had my dispatch license. Great app and great program

From the Poland iTunes store:

5 stars – “Easy decision”  byTcspilot – Jan 9, 2015 While some of the other reviews here mentioned the cost of this app as a consideration, I’ll start by saying disregard that if you’re weighing several options to prepare for the ADX exam. Having taken more FAA written exams over a career in aviation than I care to recount…this app is by far the most user friendly, comprehensive and even entertaining program to prepare you for not only the exam, but also for the course work that would naturally follow its successful completion. I’m several weeks into using the app, admittedly far more sporadically than I should be, so my review here is based on how well I feel I’m making progress toward the ultimate goal. And so far…I feel 100% positive. I’ll leave a second review once I pass the exam itself (because having a few weeks with the app I feel certain I’ll not only pass but ace the exam!) As for the what’s actually functionally good about it…I’ll cede to the other reviews here as they nailed it precisely. Structure, organization and ease of operation are all there. I guess the point of leaving a review is to offer a little guidance on whether or not your money is well spent on whatever app one is considering, I’ve relied on reviews often myself for that reason. So let me make it an easy decision, this is the first review I’ve ever written because I feel so strongly that your money will be well invested in the Sheffield ADX Test Prep app.


5 stars – “This is a good app” byHiMyNameIsDan – Nov 2, 2014 I recommend this app for ADX study. I used it as my primary source for practice questions and found it very helpful- especially study mode and the explanations for almost every answer. It gives you immediate feedback and you can memorize a lot through word association. If I had to do it again I’d buy this app sooner (the price scared me off initially) because I got a ton of use out of it. It’s really easy to practice an entire section whenever you have a few spare minutes- that’s what sets it apart from other study methods. In short, get this app, don’t worry about buying books or anything else. Put the time in and you’ll pass the ADX easily.

4 stars – “Great Help” byR Foley – Jun 7, 2014
This app is well worth the money. I have been using it for quite a few weeks now. Easy to use and get around. Each exam subject area is broken down for easy learning (or memorizing). I will be taking the ADX soon and hope this app and my studying paid off!

5 stars – “Brilliant App” byMattack44 – May 10, 2014 This app is a must for anyone serious about taking and passing the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Exam! Don’t let the price scare you, this app is more than worth it. The three modes of study are all immensely helpful, especially the Study mode. The Study mode allows you to view real exam questions and will give you additional content where needed through videos and other media. It will also not only show you the correct answer but explains why an answer is correct / not correct. On top of that, the app lets you know when any questions are written poorly by the FAA or are outdated in “real world” flight dispatching, and will give you tips on how to find the right answer for these trouble questions. The app works great on either iPad or iPhone. The only improvement I’d suggest is allowing you to save your spot in the Study mode. This would be helpful on large subject areas like FAR Part 121. In conclusion, this app is all you need to pass the exam. You’d pay much more trying to piece together everything separately (Gleim manuals, weather books, FAA regulations, etc. )

From the Azerbaijan iTunes store:

5 stars – “Best iOS app of ADX” bymaster90011 – Mar 4, 2014 Very useful solution for ADX test preparation. Thanks to developers

From the U.S. iTunes store:

5 stars – “Great App”  By Brandoluo-Version 1.1-September 30, 2013 “The only thing I used to study for the ADX is this app. And I passed with flying colors, has a great mode where it randomizes all the questions for a feel of how the real exam is like.”

5 stars – “Passed the ADX!”  By MGgirl17-Version 1.0-Feb 15, 2013 “I used Sheffield’s app as my main source of studying for the ADX. I like the different mode options available between quiz, study, test and the practice exams. Study mode was great for getting an explanation about the question. That helped me in remembering the correct answer. This app made it convenient to be able to study wherever I was or if I had a few minutes to waste I could use it studying. A few words of advice, give yourself plenty of time to prepare for the test and go to Sheffield for your flight dispatcher training, you won’t be sorry! Best school around!”

5 stars – “ADX” By CALMIAATO-Version 1.0-Dec 19, 2012 “simple interface, only 3 mb, but provides text, highlighted images, audio, and video explanations. Variety of quizzes, tests, and study sessions that are fully customizable, and the 80-question exam generator with great feedback. Also, leads to a lot of web-based extras and free resources.”

Jose Gonzalez Miami, Florida

From the Switzerland iTunes store:

5 stars – “The most perfect FAA Test preparation ever!” 27 Nov 2012 12:14:41


“I have never seen such a sophisticated and easy to use learning and training method like the app from Sheffield School of Aeronautics in Fort Lauderdale FL. It contains all questions related to the ADX Knowledge test by the FAA.

The questions are corrected where necessary and there is an explanation for each answer. You will also have access to the protected scripts from Sheffield School of Aeronautics. I doubt anybody has written a 45-page pdf file with zoomed images to explain one flight log completely. In addition the support from the school is just great! I can absolutely recommend this high standard product! An app for real professionals or those who want to become one – great job!

Ralph Peter (Swiss Aviation Training – Switzerland)

December 3, 2012 Facebook posting referring to previous review

“I agree with him!”

Anton Schall (Sheffield ADX App user – Germany)

25 Apr 2013 21:56:03 -0400

“Thanks for all the information!  It has helped me refocus on studying and now I’m starting to get into the 90’s on the simulated exams.  I plan on taking it next week.  I have also recommended your app to a few of my friends looking at getting into DX as well as it’s a great tool, especially on the go.”


Forum: May 2, 2013

“…I really like the convenience factor. I study during my downtime at work and it’s pretty easy to get a practice exam in each day since you don’t have to flip through a booklet to get to each diagram. Especially on the aircraft performance questions. So I can typically get through one in 45 min, not including when I have to stop and do work. Before I started using the app, I was getting 60-65% on practice exams. Now I’m up to 90-95%…”


…a few days later…

“I passed! There were only a handful of questions that I had never seen before. 90% of my studying was via the app, …. I can say the Sheffield App sped up the process as in just two weeks I went from barely passing the practice exams, to passing all of them well above 70%.”


Germany iTunes review ADX PREP ***** by Easybandit007-Version 1.0-Dec 4, 2012

“Really good app, the video and picture explanations are great to understand, thanks Eric!”




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    “This school came highly recommended by multiple past students and EVEN OTHERS FROM OTHER SCHOOLS. Reputation is fantastic from multiple companies that I have worked for.” A. – September 2020
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    “Sheffield School of Aeronautics is known worldwide for its quality training and has been recommended to me by our national airline Swiss International Airlines. Whenever I mention the name ‘Sheffield’ it rings a bell in people’s ears.” IW IW
    “Eric Morris is one of the most if not the most knowledgeable and experienced authorities on Aircraft Dispatching in the United States. He strives constantly to make the industry better.” DH sidebar DH
    Good afternoon Eric, I wanted to reach out to let you know that training at (airline) is in full swing and I couldn’t be happier that I chose Sheffield. My classmates, while very smart, definitely had subpar training and that has been very evident. I have waited to write a full scale review of the […] Attending Sheffield School benefits airline new hires in preparation for airline training
    “I am a graduate of the Sheffield’s Dispatcher Program. I have been a Captain-Part 121 Airline, Certified Flight/Grnd Instructor, and FAA Designated Check Airman and Sim Instructor (Part 121). From my experience I would rate Sheffield School as outstanding in their field.” PT PT
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