How Can Planes Fly in Snow?

Can Planes Fly in Snow? 

If you are interested in becoming an airline dispatcher, you are going to want to learn which weather conditions are the best for flying and which weather conditions provide limitations for takeoff and optimal flying conditions. One of the most common hazardous weather conditions that flight dispatchers have to deal with is snow. Snow is an especially common weather condition that flight dispatchers have to deal with in areas in the northern United States that experience frigid, humid, and uncomfortable temperatures. Below, our experienced flight dispatcher school takes a closer look at what you could expect with snowfall. Can planes fly in snow? Continue reading to learn more from Sheffield School of Aeronautics – one of the top aircraft dispatching schools. 

Do Planes Fly in Snow? 

While it may seem hazardous on the ground, it is not uncommon for airplanes to fly in snow. This is because planes usually fly above snowfall, which makes it a non-factor for pilots and flight dispatchers. However, this is only true for commercial flights because they fly higher than smaller recreational aircraft. Also, recreational flights are often less equipped to deal with adverse weather conditions than larger commercial flights. Both commercial flights and small recreational flights must deal with decreased visibility when they descend into heavy snowfall. 

While planes could sometimes fly in snow, takeoff and landing are different stories. When it comes to takeoff, most planes can do so without prior preparation. The principal issue with snowfall and flying planes is landing. Under heavy snowfall, runways will need to be de-iced so that the plane does not lose traction when it touches it. Another drawback of flying under heavy snowfall is that it will reduce visibility during crucial parts of takeoff and landing, which usually leads to delays and cancellations. 

Can a Plane Takeoff in the Rain? 

Someone that is asking, “Can planes fly in snow?” will also usually be curious can a plane take off in the rain since this usually accompanies snowfall. Since most modern planes are designed to withstand some adverse conditions, light rainfall is not an issue for recreational and commercial aircraft. The only issue that accompanies rainfall has to do with thunderstorms and large winds, which hinder an aircraft’s ability to fly safely. 

What Temperature Does Aviation Fuel Freeze At? 

When it comes to flying in cold weather, one of the main concerns that pilots or FAA dispatchers have when they undergo their flight weather planning is the impact of cold weather on aviation fuel. The good news is that fuel usually freezes at negative 40 degrees Celsius, which is about negative 104 degrees Fahrenheit on the ground. Since these are extremely low temperatures, this is not usually an important consideration for airplane pilots or flight dispatchers. 

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Sheffield School of Aeronautics is an experienced dispatcher school that is ready to help people interested in the industry with our full collection of courses and top-notch instructors. Contact us today to learn more about our international flight planning and a full suite of flight dispatch courses.


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