Graduate Testimonials 2015-2023

September 22, 2023

Hi Eric,

“I completed dispatch certification at Sheffield in March of 2015. Just a personal update that I am now a dispatcher at Alaska Airlines after working for 8 years at SkyWest. My training at Sheffield has continued to serve me well. Thanks for the great preparation for a great career.”
Kyle H.
[caption id="attachment_3434" align="aligncenter" width="240"]Alaska airlines hires Sheffield graduate Alaska Airlines[/caption]

August 30, 2023

“After a year spent in TUI, I’m really excited that I’m going to start a new job at London Luton Airport as an Airspace Change Executive – I’m pretty sure that finishing the Aircraft Dispatcher course at Sheffield and obtaining the FAA licence has massively helped me out to get this job!”
Kind regards

May 25, 2023

Hi, Brett and Eric,

Just wanted to thank you both again for providing the round-the-clock guidance and support that helped ‘E’ and I succeed at Sheffield.  It really was a fun experience for both of us.  Moreover, I feel better equipped to propel my career in private air carriage thanks to you.

Hope to stay in touch with you in the future!

Warmest regards,

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May 19, 2023

“Very satisfied with my experience at the course. I personally feel the class has prepared me for anything I could face in practice as a dispatcher. Thank you!”


March 31, 2023

Dear Katja, Eric and Brett,

I trust this email finds you well. I am not sure where to begin since I have so much to thank you all for. Mr. Eric for that first email in 2021 when I inquired about the school, and you shared a lot of useful information which made me make the choice to come to Sheffield. In addition, much appreciated for the practical interview which was very professional. I really appreciate.

To Mrs. Katja I really appreciate your patient when I was trying to get the visa since 2021, your assistance and patient helped a lot. Your recommendations on accommodation were also on point and I got an exceptionally good accommodation option. I will be sending a separate email to the host with you in cc on this.

To Mr. Brett, your sharing of knowledge was excellent and went a long way in answering questions at the practical test, tests in class as well as the ADX test. When I joined the physical class is when it came to mind the sacrifice you make to teach in class as well as reply to online students in the evening (like myself). This dedication is remarkable.

To all of you kindly keep up the excellent work which makes Sheffield School of Aeronautics the best in the US and for sure I have already started passing on recommendations to my colleagues in the UN WFP Aviation Service to consider Sheffield as the first choice for the Dispatcher course.

I wish all of you the best …


February 7, 2023

“Very happy in my decision to attend Sheffield School. It was a great experience, and I have learned “a lot.” Would recommend to anyone.

A. Mora

January 22, 2023

Date: Sun, Jan 22, 2023 at 8:00 PM
J. here, the New Zealander who attended Sheffield’s Jan-Feb 2022 class. I hope you’re doing well. I’m currently in the vetting process for a new role as a flight planning officer for easyJet here in the U.K. As part of this process, they require a reference for all my recent forms of employment and education. I was wondering if it would be okay If I left your details on the submission form? It would be such a great help. 
…. I decided to head over the UK – and after a couple of interviews, I was offered a position with EasyJet – helping immensely the fact that the two gentlemen interviewing me had attended Sheffield in 2016 and 2018. 
I am forever grateful for my time at Sheffield, and I count it as one of my life’s greatest achievements so far. I cannot wait to finally start my career in the role. I hope you are (all) well and things are going great for the school – I’d love to come back and visit some day!
Kind regards,

January 13, 2023

November 3, 2022

Delta and other airlines worldwide refer prospective students to Sheffield frequently, and we thank all airlines for supporting our cause. Below is an example of the support we receive:

“Sheffield has an excellent reputation within our organization so that is always an easy referral!”

Delta Air Lines dispatcher

October 28, 2022


Please accept this gift in recognition for your contributions to the professional aircraft dispatch community and to me personally when I attended Sheffield in August and September of this year. The challenge coin is given to those who contribute to our GOC mission at FedEx and by helping me to receive my dispatch certification have done just that.

Vice President, Global Operations Control

FedEx aircraft dispatcher



October 13, 2022

“I hope this note finds you and the company well. Over the course of nearly 25 years, I have had a highly successful career as an aircraft dispatcher thanks to you and the fine people at Sheffield. A couple of years at Piedmont, a few months at Midway and 20 years at SkyWest.
I could not have asked for a better career. I was so lucky that being a dispatcher never seemed like work to me as I enjoyed it so much.
Now I find myself on Wake Island. I’m working base operations, airfield operations/management and flight planning alongside the military.
Everything I have learned has brought me here and none of that would have been possible without Sheffield.
Thank you, Eric. Thanks for helping me get my start way back when. You have no idea how grateful I am.
So many have come through the Sheffield doors and came out with the tools for a great career! You all have made such a difference for so many.
Take care of yourself,
Joe De Los Santos. October 13, 2022

October 5, 2022

“Both Brett and Eric have been amazing instructors. I have never in my life seen instructors so consistently maintain the same energy and positive attitude day in and day out…Every detail, even the most obscure question, they had an answer for. They consistently set us up for success through teaching, comprehensive handouts, and detailed explanations on missed test questions. Without a doubt the most difficult course I have attended with some of the most competent and outstanding instructors I’ve had the pleasure of learning from.”


August 9, 2022

Dear Eric,
Hello! I just wanted to check in and see how you were doing. I hope you are doing well. I just started at Southwest Airlines this month as a dispatcher! There are a few fellow Sheffield graduates in my training class! Thank you again for having such a great program and for setting me up to really be able to have the career in aviation that I wanted. The new classes coming through look great. Thank you again. 
Best regards,
Molly Laughlin – Southwest

Southwest Airlines hires Sheffield aircraft dispatcher graduate

August 5, 2022

“Brett is indeed one of the best instructors I have ever met in my 20+ years career. He fits perfectly into this profile. Patient, understanding, humorous, and has great knowledge about the subject matter. It’s rare to have these qualities all in one instructor. That makes him outstanding.”

August 4, 2022

“This has been an amazing experience.”


June 28, 2022

“Eric, I owe a lot to Sheffield and to you for where I am today, actually – the foundation I learned at the school has served me well! Whenever I’m asked about where I went to get my license I never hesitate to sing Sheffield’s praises.”  

Senior Business Consultant, Flight Dispatch at Southwest Airlines – June 28, 2022

June 28, 2022

and i am proud to be a Sheffield graduate.

May 21, 2022


I just wanted to thank you for all that have you have done for our class and for me personally over the last 5 weeks. You both are truly wonderful instructors and beacons of aeronautical information.

This has been the most challenging yet rewarding 5 weeks of my 26 years of life but I’m truly amazed at how much I’ve grown. I have no one to thank besides the both of you and your wonderful curriculum.

Your efforts are beyond appreciated and thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone and into the fire that is Aircraft Dispatching.


May 20, 2022

“Great job! I like the use of the B-727-200 with manual flight planning as it requires focus on the principles and regulations.”

[Sheffield note: we’ve added the B737-800 and retained the B-727 for operational comparison instruction, which has never been done before in the FAR Part 65 environment!!]

May 17, 2022

“All perfect!!”


May 17, 2022

“Course had a ton of great information to not only know the dispatch rules, but the role the dispatcher plays in the airline industry.”

May 5, 2022

Brett and Eric,

I hope you are both well.

I wanted to share with you that I have accepted an offer with …. International to join their AeroData team as a flight path support specialist. In this role I will help support the computation of runway performance specs for domestic and international carriers in addition to one engine inoperative flight path procedures.

Although this isn’t strictly speaking a dispatch position, the knowledge I acquired from being your student/examinee no doubt played a major role in bringing forth this opportunity. I will always be grateful to you both for that in helping fulfill a life long dream of working in aviation, …

I look forward to remaining in touch.

Best regards,

April 28, 2022

From LinkedIn:

“This is a fantastic school. You cannot spend money anywhere else and get a better set of caring, dedicated and professional people.”


February 11, 2022

“It was one of the best experiences I ever had. both of our instructors are natural candidates to be my role models. I really admire your passion for teaching!”


February 11, 2022

“The day I chose to Google Sheffield was the best thing that ever happened to me in a long while. I am coming out of here full of knowledge, ready for what is ahead of me. And I couldn’t achieve all this joyous moment were it not for Eric and Brett.”


February 11, 2022

“Very challenging class especially for a foreign student! And it makes it even greater when you are able to pass it! I just loved the way you taught us things and especially the extra handouts after each section. We can tell that you want us to succeed, our part of the deal is then to reach it.”


February 11, 2022

“I am very grateful to have taken this class. I appreciate both Eric and Brett for the opportunity to learn with them! I will do my best to spread the good knowledge” 🙂

February 11, 2022

“Extremely well-taught course and I had the BEST time!”


November 18, 2021

Fri, Oct 22, 2021 at 4:56 PM
Subject: I Have Been Hired

I was offered and have accepted a position as a flight dispatcher with CommutAir. My training begins on November 1st so things have been moving pretty quickly. I was contacted that same day I applied and was pretty quickly set up with a second interview and both interviewers seemed impressed with my knowledge. I am grateful for the incredible quality of the education that you have provided to me and others which has clearly cultivated a well respected identity within the industry.

Thank you all so much for preparing people to become quality dispatchers.



November 12, 2021

“Very great course!! I really appreciate all of your work.”

November 12, 2021

“This course was one of the hardest things I have done. However, it has been one of the most eye opening things. It helped me realize that I really do want to be in this industry and has reaffirmed my choice to attend Sheffield.”

November 12, 2021

“Hands down the best course I’ve ever taken. The use of multiple presentations of info, the willingness to explain and answer questions, and thought-provoking lectures has led me to a wealth of knowledge over the last 5 weeks. Thank you!”

October 17, 2021

Date: Sat, Oct 16, 2021 at 11:32 AM
Subject: AA Dispatch
Incredibly excited to share the news that I have been selected for dispatch with American Airlines. I begin my course room training Feb 7th for 6 weeks then will transfer to on job training thereafter.
I just wanted to thank you and all you guys there for what you do and how well you do it. I had a great time in your guys’ course and felt like you all did a great job in ensuring your students really learn, understand and are competent in dispatch material. Huge thanks to you all at Sheffiled. 
Super excited to take this next step, which very well may be my last step, in my career. It’s been my dream since discovering the position to get hired on with my company in dispatch. You guys are a big part of why I was prepared for my interview. I owe you guys a big thanks.
R.S. – 2019 graduate

American Airlines logo


October 14, 2021

“Thank you for kicking my butt!” A.

“Sheffield exceeded my expectation. A lot more information than what I would expect!” A. 

“The presentation of material is beyond excellent. I was worried that I would struggle to focus for such a long period of time, but the lectures were consistently engaging. Thank you for providing such an excellent environment to learn in.” A. 

“Best school in the world!!! Thank you so much.” M.M.

October 7, 2021

September 22, 2021 (FB message)

Just wanted to let you all know that I’ve accepted an offer for Flight Superintendent with Delta Air Lines and I’m very thankful for the thorough training you all provided! You definitely run a top notch course there and it certainly helped me get the position with them.

I’ve given many recommendations to attend Sheffield and will continue to recommend you all moving forward. Keep up the great work and thanks for everything! Hope all is well with the staff there!


June 17, 2021

Hi Eric and Brett,

I wanted to reply with a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate the time and effort put into the refresher course! My Sheffield experience has been superb from the start, and I’m grateful to be a part of such an excellent group. 
I’m excited to share that I’ve accepted an Aircraft Dispatcher position at xxx Airways and will begin training tomorrow. It’s been a longtime goal of mine to find my spot in the airline industry, and it’s surreal to be at this point, finally. Thanks for playing a significant role in making it all possible!
I wish you both all the best and look forward to keeping in touch!

May 19, 2021

Mr. Eric Morris

I can’t thank you enough for the amount of knowledge you gave in that short week of us being with you…
Thank you for allowing us to stay in your home and accommodating us with any needs we ran across…
..I really appreciate the opportunities that you guys helped me open up. This is just step one of my mission and I’m looking forward to being a part of and representing Sheffield!

April 12, 2021

Good Afternoon Eric,

After applying several places these last few weeks, I’m very pleased to announce that I have accepted an offer at Commutair! who charters flights for United out of North Olmsted, Ohio. I completed a technical interview with them yesterday. 
I feel very proud with my choice of Sheffield with the wealth of material I have in my possession and the experience I had. I’ve had almost every airline I’ve applied reach out to me for a quick conversation and I believe part of that has to do with the Sheffield name. Also I gotta thank you for the accommodations, they were very cozy, roomy, and really helped me stay focused. They were above my expectations. I have been working hard on reviewing the material and sounding very CLEAR and solid with my answers … 
Kind regards
Sam R.

April 8, 2021

“now that I’ve been in an indoctrination class with students from other schools, I know I made the right choice with Sheffield.”
Kindest regards, 

April 8, 2021

Hi Eric,

..I just wanted to let you (& Brett) know that I was hired at Mesa Airlines out here in Phoenix, AZ!

I have “officially” been on the desk for about 3 weeks and I feel fully prepared. I still utilize the Sheffield binder that we received! Also, many of my managers are familiar with Sheffield and view your school in an extremely positive light…

I wanted to say thank you for preparing me for this career that I already love. And to Brett for teaching me all the things that will prepare me for future success in the aviation industry!

I also wanted to point out that I love that Sheffield is starting a recurrent course! I will definitely be utilizing this in the future if I ever feel a little rusty, or maybe just to come visit and say hi!..


April 4, 2021

5 Star Review to Google Business & Facebook

April 4, 2021

Sheffield offer an insightful, challenging, and rewarding course to obtain your FAA Aircraft Dispatcher License. Eric and Brett are industry veterans who are terrific role models and incorporate a great sense of humor and insight into the curriculum. I completed the course via a combination of online training and two weeks in class.

As a commercial pilot and flight instructor, I found the course informative and accretive in terms of widening my knowledge of the aviation industry and particularly operational requirements on the airline side of the spectrum. If you work hard, complete the required assignments and homework, and are prepared to dedicate a few weeks/months of you life to rigorous study than you will pass and succeed (regardless of whether you come from an aviation background or not). Eric and Brett provide all the tools and resources you need to do well, and I can’t complement them enough for putting together a terrific program.

There is nothing antiquated about the program (to the individual who mentions working with 727 systems). We utilized industry-based materials in class, discuss modern aircraft communications, and use the 727 as a template to model flight plans and performance metrics in large part due to some of the quirks of the aircraft to show one how to manage dispatch planning in the event they do find themselves planning a flight for a plane with inop equipment or with a quirky aircraft.

This course is designed to be challenging so that when it comes to real world dispatching and not to mention the FAA practical you are more than well prepared. Thank you for having me as a student!


March 25, 2021

Course Evaluation:

(All excellent).
“I have already recommended this course to a few of my military friends, hopefully they will sign up soon!”

J.O. – Active Duty USAF
(2-week course graduate)

March 6, 2021

Thu, Apr 25, 2019 at 7:27 PM

After graduating in September, I was immediately offered a job with SkyWest Airlines and have been working as a Dispatcher for the last six months in St George, UT at the SkyWest OCC. Being that half my new hire class dropped out over the course of training, I can confidently say that Sheffield helped to prepare me for the real world. I also want to personally thank you for the time you took to explain to me performance limitations when I was struggling with this subject. I’m probably one of the few ..who can confidently understand why we are weight restricted in a given scenario, and actively take steps to mitigate restrictions and ultimately make the pilots (and pax) very happy. It’s a direct result of what I learned at Sheffield, and  it shows that others were not thought this. I’m excelling, and it’s exciting.

Many thanks, 

March 6, 2021

“I went to Sheffield back in 2012. I’ve been with Southwest now for 7 years and dispatched for about 3.5 of those years. Very blessed to be with this company!”


February 11, 2021

I did not get a chance to see you after my practical today but I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help these last few months. This was a course that was certainly challenging but you made it more enjoyable each day. You did an exceptional job explaining all of the information and answered every question I had thoroughly and made sure everything was cleared up. 
After working with you in person for the last seven days, it is clear to me why everyone leaves Sheffield speaking very highly of you and Eric. I certainly will be doing the same.
Thank you for kicking my butt the last few months and I am excited for the new opportunities ahead that you will have helped me achieve…
Again, thank you so incredibly much for being a great instructor.
Best Regards,

February 5, 2021

“I learned a lot from this course, which will help me to perform my aviation duties very well.”


February 5, 2021

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.”


February 5, 2021

Challenging,  but well worth all of the long hours and sleepless nights. I feel confident that all of my weak areas were aided by tremendously by the guidance and instruction I received throughout the class.


February 5, 2021

Overall very satisfied with this class and Sheffield. The instruction knowledge went above just reading the regulations and weather and helped with applying the course content to real-life scenarios.


February 5, 2021

Eric and Brett are the best teachers I have met so far; very professional and entertaining in class. I enjoyed the experience and as I said earlier, I will absolutely highly recommend Sheffield. Thank you!


November 1, 2020

Thank you for your feedback on the students. We are very happy to announce that 3 Sheffield students (2 with no prior dispatch experience) have successfully made the cut for the Aircraft Dispatcher position at National Airlines. 
They will start their Initial Dispatch training class in our Orlando HQ from tomorrow.  

(They are:)
Warm regards to everyone at Sheffield. 
P.K. – (Assistant Director SOC/ National Airlines)

[Sheffield grads hiring Sheffield grads, which is why attending a 73-year institution is usually the best choice, during or not during trying times.]
National Airlines logo


October 19, 2020

Dear Eric,
Hello, I just wanted to check in now that it has been a few months since being at Sheffield. I applied for the dispatcher position that you posted for National Airlines and found out last Thursday I got the job! I start November 2. I am so excited! Thank you for having such a great program that helped prepare me to be able to get such a great position at a great company. I appreciate everything you have done for me and am very excited for the future! 
Best regards,
M. Laughlin 
National Airlines

September 10, 2020

“This school came highly recommended by multiple past students and EVEN OTHERS FROM OTHER SCHOOLS. Reputation is fantastic from multiple companies that I have worked for.”

August 6, 2020

Thu, Aug 6, 2020 at 8:18 AM
Hey Brett,
I’m sure you know by now, but I passed! It’s such an awesome feeling to finally have my dispatch license! I wanted to thank you again, so much, for being my instructor. You were seriously the best instructor I’ve probably ever had anywhere, and I’m not kidding! You know this stuff inside and out, and you make it fun with all of the jokes and stories. It was a very enjoyable experience. You were simply an amazing instructor and it’s definitely because of you that I was able to grasp everything that I needed to. Sheffield is by far the best aircraft dispatcher school in the world, no questions! Once again, THANK YOU!!

Thank you again so much for all your help and instruction over the last several weeks and months. May God continue to bless you!

June 5, 2020

[Sheffield note – just another example that it DOES matter where you attend school.]
Hope you are all doing well.
I just wanted to let you that I received my promotion letter a few days back and I will be now working in the capacity of an Assistant Director SOC for National Airlines. 
You have been an integral part of my journey and I wanted to share this good news with you. If there are openings at NAL, Sheffield will remain my first choice given the high standards that Sheffield maintains. 

May 11, 2020

[caption id="attachment_11073" align="aligncenter" width="992"] Nexus – India[/caption]

February 20, 2020

Good Afternoon,

..I wanted to say thank you for all the instruction during the class. All your knowledge has truly prepared me for a job. I am happy to say that I accepted a position with a Part 135 company …. During my interview with the Director of Flight Control and the two Dispatch Managers, I learned that the Dispatch Managers attended the three-week course… They required that the individual had their (FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate.)

February 8, 2020

Good afternoon Eric,

I wanted to reach out to let you know that training at (airline) is in full swing and I couldn’t be happier that I chose Sheffield. My classmates, while very smart, definitely had subpar training and that has been very evident. I have waited to write a full scale review of the school until I was able to get my hands dirty at (airline) to see what the working world was really like. I can safely say I will be writing a wonderful review of the school and am encouraging others to attend. Big thanks to (Sheffield) for the top notch instruction.
All the best,

February 7, 2020

Hello Brett,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your dedication to your job. I highly respect you and regard you as one of the best instructor/teachers I’ve ever known. You uphold the standard of excellence in such a way that it compels your students to get better every day. I want you to know that every error in my work and studies has driven me to learn from it. Each failure is an opportunity to learn from it and to get better. I must commend you that you are a gifted communicator. You can take very complex ideas and explain them in ways that make the material accessible and memorable. Thank you for doing what you do day in and day out to help mold students into what they need to be. I look forward to initial training with an airline to continue to learn more each day. Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field.

I am so grateful for this educational experience and I wanted to make sure that I properly expressed gratitude to you. Keep up the very important work that you do!

-R.S. – Feb 2020 graduate

December 19, 2019

“I honestly think the course lived up to its reputation. Yes, it was difficult! But I do feel prepared to walk into any interview and walk out with a job offer. I was contacted by Endeavor for an interview before I had even finished my final exam. Brett was a fantastic instructor and you can tell he has a natural ability to teach. Overall, I was very happy that I chose Sheffield and have enjoyed my time here. Thank you!”


December 19, 2019

“Instructors were phenomenal and have a great understanding of the material. Thank you for a great, great breakdown of the material.”


December 17, 2019

Hi Eric.

Finally scored my dream job of dispatch at Southwest Airlines. Thanks for everything you all prepared me for and know that, a couple years after graduation, my interview panel still pointed out ”Sheffield grad eh”. Some say it doesn’t matter where you get your certificate. Anyone having been in my seat a few weeks ago knows  differently. Thanks again!


Southwest Airlines hires Sheffield aircraft dispatcher graduate

December 14, 2019

Hi Eric,

I’m going to be hiring a class of up to 12 dispatchers in February of this year. If you’d like, I would be happy to come in and talk to your classes…I’d be much more comfortable taking a Sheffield grad than someone from someplace else.

Also, if you have any (excellent students) in class please let me know. (xxxx xxxx) has been an awesome addition to the team here and I certainly appreciate you recommending him.

Have a great holiday,

xxxx xxxx
Manager, Flight Dispatch
xxxxx Airlines, Inc.

December 6, 2019

For all future students:

This school has a very high standards, it is intensive and they are giving you a huge amount of information. Just be ready to learn, if you are willing to learn and understand you will have a full support from instructors…They will give you all what you need to pass the course, yours in only to know. After every day you will feel exhausted but valuable. And once you finish and graduate you will feel like the (whole) world is yours, and it is.

I highly recommend your school to anyone who would like to work the aviation.

[caption id="attachment_10872" align="aligncenter" width="693"]Sheffield Airline Dispatcher Graduate picture Sheffield Airline Dispatcher Graduate[/caption]

Again, thank you very much!




September 18, 2019

An email exchange we often have ….

Hi Eric,

No, not at all. I want to actually attend your school. I had already passed the ADX but you said I’d need to retake it (since it expired). I’ve been doing thinking, and no I don’t want to reattend xxxx (in Texas). They were not helpful and I didn’t enjoy it.

xxxxxx xxxxx, TX

September 7, 2019

I came in as a complete newbie. No prior aviation experience. I went to Sheffield 10 years ago. I was in a class with many students who had dispatch experience. It was five weeks of very intense classroom, and I spent every day and night after class studying. I thought at times I was not going to make it, but somehow, I passed everything. I worked for 3 years at a regional airline in Arizona, before going back to the DFW area to do dispatch for a corporate aviation airline for 6 years. I have since moved on from aviation, but it was a great experience for me. … I appreciate the intensity of the school. Thank you again, Eric.

September 7, 2019

I believe that Sheffield was a smart choice for myself and helped me have a strong command of the dispatch function and was more than adequate in preparing me for my Flight Dispatch career. Having worked with, trained, and hired dispatchers, Sheffield graduates consistently prove to have a better grasp on the regulatory and flight planning aspects of the job. That doesn’t mean that other schools didn’t do an adequate job but there was always, IMO, a clear distinction. Of those that did well coming from other schools, it usually could be attributed to personal work ethic and extra work on their part. One thing guaranteed of a Sheffield graduate is that they can read a METAR or TAF (weather reports/forecasts) with fluency and know what they just read (including remarks).

M. Bowden

July 16, 2019

“I graduated from Sheffield this past March 2019, and am proud to be a certified Aircraft Dispatcher from Sheffield! The program was great and I learned so much – I am glad to be a graduate!…”


June 27, 2019


Graduated from the April 15th class. Just hired for Skywest Airlines. Class start July 29th.
Thanks for all the help.
SkyWest Airlines logo

March 28, 2019

…I just wanted to say thank you for the education that I received at Sheffield.  I have also recently accepted a position as Aircraft dispatcher with Republic Airways in Indianapolis.
Ruben is an amazing instructor, one can tell that he really loves his job.  He takes the time to make sure that everyone understands the material and answers all questions that students have while keeping the class on schedule.  If a student has questions Ruben offers one on one time at the end of class everyday.  Ruben and Brett both have a way of making the complex wording of the regulations into a context that is far less daunting and easier to comprehend (No alternate required for a flag flight). 
Eric is a person that has amazing stories and is also a great examiner.  He made my practical much more relaxed and helped calm my nerves.  He uses the stories he tells you as situational questions, during the story he asked questions about what I would do if I was in the same situation.  
Lizett is a great help when it comes to the office related issues and paperwork.  She had the answer to all my questions from the first phone call in December 2017 to the last day that I was there.  She always has a smile on her face and as the first person you meet from Sheffield she makes it feel warm and inviting. 
The Five week course was challenging and took a lot of hard work, It is a course that what you put in is what you get out of it.  The entire staff is there to help you along the way, if you need help its only a short question or email away. I can say first hand that Sheffield had made me prepared for the airline interview process. 

March 27, 2019

Brett (online course instructor),
I wanted to thank you again for the time spent working with me during the past few months and the two weeks I was here in FLL (Plantation, FL – Sheffield School). The amount of information I learned in this class was more than I learned in my four years of college and the 5+ years in the airlines. I thank you for being tough and thorough even if it was for something simple as putting a ‘ at the end of a ceiling or RVR. 
This course was designed perfectly for someone who wants to succeed and absorb not only the basic information, but even more to further their career in the airlines and put themselves ahead of the potential hiring candidates.
Again, thank you very much! … 
Southwest Airlines hires Sheffield aircraft dispatcher graduate

February 27, 2019

Wed, Feb 27, 2019 at 7:35 PM

I hope things are going well down in FLL at Sheffield. ..Desk training has been going really well, had my first diversion a few weeks ago. We are slated to finish our competency checks and be signed off near the end of March. I feel ready, my training at Sheffield has certainly set me apart. Thankful to have been hired so soon after finishing my certificate, that certainly helped.


Delta Air Lines dispatcher

February 20, 2019

“This was an amazing class! Always interesting! It was like drinking from a fire hose, but I have never enjoyed a course more than this one. Thank you for a great 5 weeks & EWINS!”


February 12, 2019

Great Prep App!!!

5 Stars

“If you want to pass your ADX exam this is the app to do it on! Provides detailed explanations on every question! Worth every penny and highly recommend Sheffield to get your aircraft dispatcher’s license!!! Instructors are highly knowledgeable, patient and friendly.”

Joshua Grady
FedEx Express

fedex logo

February 9, 2019

To all the Sheffield Instructors,

…I wanted to again thank you for the course, your professionalism throughout, the standards you set, and for your continued support in helping me achieve my goal. I sincerely appreciate your responsiveness to my questions, helping with in areas where I lacked understanding (which was plenty), and for your clear and thorough explanations.
It was a pleasure meeting and working with you both, online and in person. I have learned a lot of content but also tried to learn from your teaching techniques. One of the things I expressed to my boss when I returned was how impressed I was with your questions for exams (online, written, and in person). The mastery in the crafting of your questions required not just “rote or understanding” level of memory, but a “correlation” level of material from all lessons.
Often online and in class, I would simply reflect on the question and be impressed at how the answer required “correlation” of a lot of material to arrive at the correct response. In my studies as a flight instructor, I know that the level expected is the “correlation” level and I appreciate the work you have undoubtedly put into the questions to arrive at that level. Even though I sometimes had trouble in getting the correct answers, I was often impressed by the way the question required an assimilation of the material. That’s the real world where it’s the situation that requires answers and not simply a choice of either A, B, C, or D… . That sets us up for success and that level of questioning requires a lot of work to achieve.
Additionally, it was impressive the attentiveness shown to each classmate in helping us all move through the process (whether flight planning or knowledge areas) together. Taking time to ensure we were all moving forward together is no easy task.
Simply put, Thank you for a very impressive experience.
I have learned a lot in terms of material content and in teaching techniques.
It was definitely worthwhile…
Again, thank you both very much.
Have a good day.
Very sincerely,
G. Carter

December 11, 2018

Hello Eric,
“…. I am also going for a dispatch supervisor position at Envoy!  Carry on the high quality teaching at Sheffield!”
Best regards,

November 7, 2018

11/07/2018 16:17pm

“Would not be where I am today without the great instruction and career guidance I received at Sheffield 25 years ago. The Morrises are a wonderful family.”


August 22, 2018

I was very pleased with my experience and was impressed with their over all ability to convey the material required.  I quickly landed a job dispatching after my course and couldn’t be happier.  

I recommend Sheffield to all prospective dispatchers.

Nick B.

August 11, 2018

Excellent school. Excellent program. Very good instructors with easy to understand graphs and examples of dispatching. I was in the 1-week course and the online modules were very informative. The instructors really took the time to explain literally everything online. I was very impressed with the online portion of the school as well as the 1-week class. Also understanding how to do the flight plans, the instructor goes over everything. Even all the little “gotchas” that can make your flight plan invalid (examples, contaminated runways, icing, headwinds vs tailwinds) the instructor explains everything. I recommend Sheffield to anyone interested in becoming an Aircraft Dispatcher. Excellent school with top notch instructors and material.
– JD Atlanta, GA

August 10, 2018

Hey Eric and Brett,

Thanks again for everything you, the school, and it’s staff have done for me. Really top notch, and I’m proud to say I have graduated from your school.. If there’s anything I can do for you or the school let me know.


July 27, 2018

By the time I landed at LAX Tuesday night (the day of my rescheduled interview), I had an e-mail offering me the job. I start at Piedmont on August 13, and Edgar from my class will be working there, too!
Thanks for everything,

May 22, 2018

To Brett – online training
I just wanted to write to you and give you my thanks for all the help you provided me along my journey to earn a dispatcher license. It all started on February 13th, … It was certainly an intense 3 months but you were always available and so responsive to emails which was a great help. I learned a lot from the email correspondence we had over the past 3 months. I remember struggling through certain areas, one in particular on a weekend and you came back with a reference on where to find the information so quickly. That meant a lot to me among other things and I am so glad I was successful in the course.

Finally getting the chance to meet you at the school was a pleasure and you were very helpful along the way. The Sheffield team works long and dedicated hours to ensure the students are successful and that certainly meant a lot to me as well. ..I know the education I earned from your instruction at Sheffield will serve me well. I will be sure to stay in touch and wish you well in your future endeavors. Sheffield will be well recommended for those who ask for my feedback on the experience.

Best regards,

Sean C.

May 7, 2018

Dear Eric and Brett,
It gives me a great pleasure to share my good news with you. I passed written test part as well and (was) offered a job as a flight dispatcher for one of the biggest Middle East carrier Etihad Airways 🙂
I would like to thank you so much for your continuous support and assistance. Without You, without Sheffield School of Aeronautics this would have been so hard to achieve. I am not only proud of my efforts that I put to success, but I am also and always been proud of being your graduate and student.
Thanks for making my life beautiful!
P.S. I would love to have my story shared on your website as motivation for others.
Always love,

April 27, 2018

Hey Eric,

..I was a graduate of Sheffield in September of 2014. Y’all’s training has helped launch a wonderful career in aviation for me. I have two years of 121 dispatching experience under my belt and am currently working at the IOC for American Airlines in a non-dispatching role… (for now).


C. Schneider 

American Airlines logo


April 9, 2018

Dear Eric,

I just want to thank your school, the whole faculty and Lizett from admin.

Let me share my experience in your school..
First of all, Lizett was such a great help for me in the whole enrolment process.
Second, Ruben was indeed a great instructor.
Many times, I felt like giving up as the course was like a shock to me. I failed in two of my exams but Ruben never failed to help me and explain sections which I don’t fully understand. He may not know this but I got encouraged with the career experiences he shared with us in class.
Third, my oral exam was like a roller coaster ride.
But gladly, you were very patient to me. Kept on digging what knowledge I have earned while studying in your school.
And lastly, your school prepares students for what waits ahead of us.

Overall, it was an awesome experience. I’ll keep studying and make sure my future boss see how great Sheffield trains there students for their future endeavours.

I highly recommend your school to anyone who would like to upgrade their career in the aviation industry.

Sheffield Graduate – March 2018

April 6, 2018

Hello Sir,
On July and Aug. 2005 , I was an student at Sheffield School of aeronautics  I got my FAA Flight dispatcher license there and my experience as student was great, for the last 10 years I have working as a duty dispatch manager for Silver Airways…
Thank you for the great experience at Sheffield,
Carlos O.

March 29, 2018

” I have received 4 (job) offers…many of the interviews I have gotten have been because of my “pedigree”…going to SheffieldI am amazed at the respect your school has….I am honored to be a graduate. Thank you for all the work you ..!” 

March 17, 2018

Good Afternoon Eric,

…I found a job as OCC Dispatcher. Job search took only 8 work days! Some OCC managers admitted that they knew about Sheffield School! Company I am going to work for is Fly Nordica based in Estonia, Tallinn. I am starting next week.

Thanks again for the most amazing training I have ever had.

Best Regards,
Marius Valskys

February 21, 2018

Hello Mr. Morris,

My name is xxxxxx xxxxxx. I am a current employee of American Airlines.  I got my dispatch certification from a dispatch school in Dallas (xxxx). Upon completing this course I feel that they have left me ill-prepared to do the job effectively, they lacked real world training and they taught flight planning on icao charts and not xxxxxxxxx charts. I am coming to you for guidance and direction I spoke with a graduate of Sheffield and they spoke highly of the program that your school runs, and I wanted to know what you thought and what would be the best course of action, I know that because I didn’t attend Sheffield that u don’t offer recurrent training for me but I am willing to take your recommendation going forward to help further my career.
Thank you for your time!

Sincerely xxxxxx xxxxxx
[Sheffield note: why your school selection matters…]

February 20, 2018

..By the way I got hired by Jet Aviation about a month ago, thanks for everything!


January 27, 2018

Good Evening Mr. Morris,


My name is (name) and I work at Southwest Airlines (SWA). I had enrolled at Sheffield a year ago to do my dispatch course….but, (over time) I had moved to Denver and I ended up doing my dispatcher course at (school in Denver). BIG MISTAKE. A costly mistake I feel. I did not feel confident enough to go take a test at SWA or for that matter any other airline. When I speak with fellow dispatchers, there is no doubt that Sheffield graduates are the best in every way.


Sheffield really has a great value and input and your students fare extremely well at the tests given anywhere in the world. Your school provides no doubt – it’s like going to MIT or Harvard.


I want your help and guidance to prepare me to be confident and take up an exam with any airline. I just don’t feel I learnt much at my earlier school. Somehow your graduates that I have encountered have vast knowledge I feel. So now that I have a namesake license “that’s what I call it” I want to do it all over again at your prestigious school so I can be well prepared. Please guide me. 


Please guide me and help me achieve my dream career. I humbly agree I made a huge mistake of my choices and kindly request you and your team to help me achieve this goal.


Warm Regards

[Sheffield note: This student was reportedly ranked #1 in the class, which speaks volumes! And yes…we will help this future student!]

Southwest Airlines hires Sheffield aircraft dispatcher graduate

December 15, 2017

Fri, Dec 15, 2017 at 3:34 PM
Subject: Dispatcher Position/Thanks
Good afternoon,

I have just accepted a Flight Superintendent (Dispatcher) position with Delta Air Lines. Today is 12/15; I graduated from Sheffield with my Dispatcher License on 11/8 (just over a month!). I want to share my sincere thanks to Sheffield; the school that made this all possible. From your very knowledgeable and diligent instructors (Personally, (the instruction) for my two week course, and Brett for my online course) to the well-organized administration and Eric, it was an excellent experience.

If I could, I would do it all over again.
Thank you Sheffield School of Aeronautics
C. Nunez


Delta Air Lines dispatcher

December 8, 2017

Thank you for your email – I am really looking forward to studying with you in January.
This represents a career change for me …!  As I have researched making this move, I have been astounded at the reputation Sheffield enjoys.  One of the questions I asked several folks that recruit dispatchers for the airlines was:  What dispatcher school would impress you if it appeared on my resume?”  The only response I got was “Sheffield.  In fact, I already have a job offer from one of the “regionals” – and I haven’t even been to school yet!  I only hope that I can live up to your reputation!
..I am really looking forward to meeting everyone!
Best Regards,

October 21, 2017

Just want to say hello from a August 1992 Sheffield AD graduate. I’m an airline captain at Republic Airlines flying the E-175 based in DCA. Great course and people at Sheffield. Remember Eric putting us through the ringer. Every time i look at my flight release i think of Sheffield.


Republic Airways Holding logo

October 20, 2017

Thank you as always for helping me get to this point in my career. It’s not a lie when I tell you that some of my Sheffield-grad coworkers and I continue to talk about our experiences there on a regular basis.

I appreciate all your help, and look forward to talking to you soon.

Best regards,

October 12, 2017

Hi Eric – I graduated in Feb 2016 as a student of the correspondence/residence course. I had wonderful instructors and I really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with so many classmates. I hope to stay in touch.  – Eddie

September 28, 2017

“Brilliant instructors, first class education.”


September 17, 2017

Sep 17, 2017 at 12:13 PM:

A few months ago I contacted you about an interview I took with GoJet Airlines for a Dispatching position.
I wanted to follow up and let you know I was offered the position and gladly accepted. Since then, a few months have gone by and I’ve successfully completed ground school and OJT. Two days ago I completed my comp check and am officially a dispatcher working on my own desk!! Wanted to extend the many thanks to those at Sheffield who have helped and pushed me to reach my goal!
Many Thanks,

June 28, 2017

What convinced me to come to Sheffield was the availability of the Distance +5. When I started searching for schools and online courses, Sheffield’s was the first one to pop-up. I looked at other schools as well. But, once I was on the Sheffield website and read everything about the school, it was my first choice. I also looked at critiques and there were nothing but positive. I’ve been very impressed with (the online) instruction and timely responses to my questions. And just after one day of residency. I thought (the classroom instructor) did an excellent job as well…

So, Thank you!


June 27, 2017


I found out tonight that (I got hired)!  It’s the job I wanted in the city I wanted… I can’t believe this has happened to me.  Thanks for your help, and thanks for preparing me well; after (your) class, the interview seemed easy.  



June 26, 2017

Sheffield is one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. The school is such an incredible quality, and the staff are amazing. The classroom instruction is top notch, and the staff all know dispatching inside and out. What I didn’t expect was how great Sheffield was for not only learning, but also for the connections you can make and the help Sheffield offers you after graduation. I look back and have not a doubt in my bones that Sheffield was the absolute best choice I made on my path to acquire my dispatch certificate.

J. E.
June 22 2017 – from FB review

June 16, 2017

Dear Eric,

Once again, thank you for that awesome learning environment you create. I enjoyed every day spent in the class (and outside of course J).

Please give my regards to … all the crew!

Best regards,

A. Belyakov
Krasnoyarsk, Russia

[caption id="attachment_5720" align="aligncenter" width="150"] IKAR Aero[/caption] [caption id="attachment_11662" align="aligncenter" width="150"] PagasFly[/caption]

April 27, 2017

I just wanted to let you know I’ve accepted a flight coordinator position at Rockwell Collins, so I’ll be moving to Maryland! I just wanted to thank you and really all of Sheffield, I couldn’t have done any of it without you guys…Again thanks for everything.

Joshua N.

Rockwell Collins logo


April 24, 2017

I hope you all are doing well down in Ft. Lauderdale.  I am happy to say that I have earned a job as a dispatcher, and owe it all to the course as well as the connections I made there.  I am now working for National Airlines up in Orlando, and am awaiting the training program…

Again, I want to thank you guys for everything that you guys did.  Sheffield was a great experience, and I am happy I picked you guys!


National Airlines

April 15, 2017

Dear Sir,

Hope you are doing well. 
I wanted to write a few words to express my gratitude towards one of the most humble and knowledgeable human – you, my super instructors Rueben and Michael, ever so kind and helpful Brett, and last but not the least the lady who answered numerous questions throughout the process with a smile Ms. Lizett. 
I was excited to choose Sheffield because of what people around me in aviation told me. I am glad to say I have become one of those today encouraging others to join Sheffield. There were many amazing things about the course but for me the exams were the best. They had me thinking every single time, and now that I am working in the dispatch environment it makes complete sense. Everything I learned in Sheffield was practical and I can apply it in my daily work. For the future students “EWINS was my favourite workshop and I highly recommend everyone doing the course to definitely experience it. Please download the ADX app, trust me you won’t regret it. I had my classmates download it few days before the test because they could see how helpful it was.”
More power to the real Heroes “The Dispatchers.” If there is anything I could ever contribute towards Sheffield, I am just a call away. Please convey my regards to all. Thank you Sir. 
Prathamesh Kamath (PK)
Currently working for National Airlines
National Airlines logo

April 6, 2017

I hope everything is good with you.  I can’t thank you enough for the training that you all gave me.  I have no doubts I went to the best dispatch school in the world. Since graduating in 2011 from your school my knowledge continues to be unmatched. 
Thanks again for everything.

March 9, 2017

One thing I kept in mind the whole time I was at Sheffield, is the reason I chose the school over others. It will be tough, busy and overall enjoyable. I haven’t had a single day I would say I could have missed. Look out for those tests, not only do they test your knowledge but they really make you think (you would know after the first one). Please do the workshops, they are really helpful, especially EWINS. Best of luck and see you on the other side! 
Prathamesh (PK)

February 16, 2017

I just want to thank you again for everything you have done for us! I’m very happy I chose Sheffield for my dispatch certification course! I have been recommending Sheffield to everyone who asked me about dispatching, before I actually attended the course (going off of my research on the field), and even more so now that I’ve been through it personally. It was truly a wonderful experience, and please pass this on to Mike, he is a great instructor. His professionalism and the amount of patience he has is amazing.

Thank you, all is very much appreciated!


January 24, 2017

Dear Brett,

I hope this email finds you well.

Last weekend I’ve finally received my Dispatcher License!

I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you, especially to you, for being patient with me during online phase and also to Mike, he is doing a great job.

Please pass my regards to the whole Sheffield Team, everybody there made this stay a enjoyable time away from home.

If you guys need anything from overseas please let me know, I’m glad to assist you.

With best regards from Unterhaching,

Kind regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Director Ground Operations
MHS Aviation (Germany)

MHS Aviation logo

January 18, 2017

Hello Eric,

Just wanted to drop you line and let you know I accepted a promotion as a Flight Follower/Dispatcher here at Kalitta Air!  I wanted to thank you, Brett and Michael for the great instruction and support along the way!  I’m happy to join past Sheffield graduates (NV, FB, FH and BM) on the dispatch desk here at Kalitta Air!

Thanks again,

E. Manchester 
November, 2016 3-week course 
Kalitta Air- logo

January 8, 2017

“I have heard so much about Sheffield School of Aeronautics and it was good news. The last airline I worked for as a Quality Inspector, our OCC-MANAGER graduated from Sheffield School and some of the CAA Inspector’s  (DOTS) Dispatchers graduated from Sheffield, too.”



August 23, 2016


Just wanted to touch base – feel free to share the message below. I was in the 5 week course that started February 29th earlier this year and subsequently received my cert. in the beginning of April. I’d like to thank you and the entire staff again for such a great experience. I recall being in the course and reading the promising emails from previous students in the lobby; this is a similar token of appreciation. As you can see below I accepted a position with Silver in town a few months ago and really couldn’t be happier. 

To sum my experience up for anyone remotely thinking about joining a course to receive your dispatch license, I say this: what are you waiting for?? For the money spent, I have found Sheffield to be an INVALUABLE investment in my career and future. It is really enjoyable to come in to a job in which one has passion for on a daily basis – kudos.

To any prospective dispatchers, please contact me with any interest in touring our OCC.


Kyle Bilby | OCC Flight Dispatcher
Silver Airways Corp.

Silver Airways logo

August 15, 2016

…I got hired by Privaira Air charter here in Boca Raton. Interview went great and when it came down to deciding factor the panel decided to hire me since I was a grad from Sheffield. My immediate manager himself was enrolled in Sheffield so he knew how great you guys are and the hard work you put in to get the grads ready for the real world.
Although I am nervous and excited at same time to start this new journey I cannot thank enough for all you guys do…as I go back to my notes and Sheffield powerpoints, all I can say is Eric does great job putting together his notes and getting students ready in this exciting field. 
I cannot thank enough for valuable knowledge Ruben and Brett have provided to me. 
Thank you,
N. P.

May 26, 2016

Via LinkedIn:

Hi Eric,

(JDS) here, class of July 1998. I hope you are doing well and everything at Sheffield is running smoothly…I can’t thank you enough for doors that you and the people at Sheffield have opened for me since I attended the 6 week course. I truly love what I do and I owe so much to you all.

(JDS) – SkyWest Airlines Flight Control

SkyWest Airlines logo

May 25, 2016


I would just like to thank you again for your instruction, your jokes, and your patience.   Considering I’ve had no prior experience in the aviation industry I feel you, and the other instructors did a tremendous job helping me succeed.

Mike – April 2016 Class

May 20, 2016

“I thought Mike did an excellent job throughout the course, particularly in his ability to remain patient with all students.” A.

“Mike is a freaking awesome teacher!” A.

“Thank you to Mike, Brett, and the rest of the staff for all of your instruction and help over the past five weeks. The material and concepts were presented in a way that made everything easy to understand and grasp.” E.L.

“I was very impressed with (Mikes’s) knowledge and teaching abilities. His patience was awesome. Looking forward to coming back to visit! Thank you all very much!” R.M.

“Thanks for guiding me through a really tough course! Hope your next class, and the class after next will be fantastic! K.

“Thank you for all the knowledge and help!” A.

“Mike was excellent at teaching material and doing his best to keep the material taught interesting. Keep bringing more snacks!” A.

[Sheffield reply: We will; however, the average student weight gain appears to be about 1/2 pound per week :)]

May 9, 2016

My Dearest Sheffield team,

After a brief waiting period, I found my first dispatch job. I joined Falcon Aviation Services based out of Abhudhabi, UAE. It’s a VIP charter service with a nice fleet.

I do not have words to express my gratitude to the team. I feel real proud to be a graduate of Sheffield. It is needless to say that it is your training that has landed me this job. Thank you for being what you are. I have always been a fan of your methods of teaching. My tenure there has helped me push myself to limits.  In addition to that it gave me a few friends from across the globe in dispatch field , who are still In touch. I would definitely do a refresher some day…

Best Regards

May 5, 2016

(At least) 3 Sheffield Graduates were recently hired by Southwest Airlines!

Date: Thu, May 5, 2016 at 2:51 PM
Subject: I got Assistant Dispatcher at SWA!

I wanted to let you know that I successfully tested, interviewed and was accepted to the June class of Southwest Airlines Initial training for Assistant Dispatcher!

I heard repeatedly from current SWA Dispatchers that my training at Sheffield would prepare me for the testing and interview portions of the hiring process. They were absolutely correct! (E.B.) and I have repeatedly said throughout the process how thankful we are that we chose Sheffield because we clearly were more prepared than other applicants!

Thank you for all your patience, especially through the online portion of my class! 



Date: Thu, May 5, 2016 at 2:21 PM

Great news!! I was offered the assistant dispatcher position here at Southwest Airlines. I’m super excited and I think the rigorous Sheffield course prepared very well for the whole interview process. I thank you all so much! 



Date: Wed, May 4, 2016 at 5:26 PM
Subject: SWA Dispatch

I got the position! I start June 6th! Thanks again for all your help!


Southwest Airlines hires Sheffield aircraft dispatcher graduate

March 31, 2016

Applied to Southwest Airlines Assistant Dispatcher posting & I’m very glad I came here to prepare me for that! Thank you for everything & I will keep you posted!


March 1, 2016

Retired United Airlines – Sheffield is an outstanding school. Very good reputation in industry – will make sure you get your FAA practical exam.


United Airlines logo

February 19, 2016

Hi Eric, 
Thanks a lot for your email. The interview went extremely well and now I have a job. I can’t thank you enough for everything the course did for me. The interviewer was a Sheffield graduate and he said he only hires Sheffield people. I still can’t believe how my life changed in just 5 weeks. Now I see why people from all over the world come to Sheffield. Also please tell Rouben and Brett that I’m very grateful for all their teachings. 
My first day is the 29th and the company is called xxxxxxx Airlines and it is located …. 
All the best to all of you.

February 12, 2016

Amazing school! Eric and Brett are a hell of a team. I’m a high school drop out who knew nothing about aviation. I’ve been crew scheduling for three months now, just got promoted to planning and now I’m about to transfer to dispatch. If you’re going to dispatch, choose the school that does it the best. Choose Sheffield! You will not be disappointed.

Feb 12, 2016

February 9, 2016

“The most intense thing I’ve ever done. Weakness at Sheffield is not acceptable. You survive this because you earned it.”

Graduate of 1-week course – Feb/2016

December 18, 2015


I just wanted to write and thank you for the spectacular program you are running there at Sheffield. I graduated Nov. 13 and I just got a job as a dispatcher for Skywest airlines starting in January. I really enjoyed the 5 week course and have no doubt that it was worth every penny. The interview process with Skywest great and I felt very well prepared thanks to all of you. I would recommend Sheffield to anyone looking at becoming an aircraft dispatcher, I feel like I received the best training that I possibly could at your school. I am very excited to start my career at Skywest and everyone there made it possible. My thanks goes out to everyone there. 

Nov. 2015 graduate

August 10, 2015

Eric and Brett,

I know this notification is a bit late, but I’d like to let you know that I was offered the position at CommutAir!  I started 2 Mondays ago; I found it pretty ironic dating all of the forms that I had to sign with “7/27”!
Thanks again for the excellent instruction and experience down in Florida.  There are quite a few Sheffield graduates at CommutAir; it’s nice to be able to relate to them based on our educational backgrounds
Wishing you and Sheffield the best!  
Nick K.

July 10, 2015

“Great, interesting (EWINS) course!”


July 10, 2015

Amazing school! Learned a lot and feel completely comfortable going out into the workforce.

John Ford

June 4, 2015

Hey Eric,

Just wanted to let you know that everything was true that I read before attending Sheffield.  Applied for a couple dispatcher positions and got calls back right away from two companies (one was within an hour).  XxXxx called me within a day and offered to fly me up to St. Louis for an interview.  Both representatives told me how much they prefer Sheffield grads.  Well I just left the interveiw (3 weeks after graduation) and was offered a job as a dispatcher here.  I start training in 2 weeks! Thanks for everything.  Will keep you updated! 

Drew Delaney
Sheffield (April 2015)

March 29, 2015

To Everyone at Sheffield,

First I would like to thank you for the great education I received at Sheffield. It has really helped out tremendously. Less than two weeks after getting home from Sheffield I got a job offer from Gojet Airlines for a dispatcher position and accepted it! I have finished the class room portion of training (Sheffield prepared me really well for it) and am currently doing the on the job training and scheduled to do my comp check at the end of April. Thanks to Sheffield I feel really prepared for my job ahead. Hope all is well in Florida.
Thanks again,
Austin N.
January-February 2015 Class Graduate
[caption id="attachment_7255" align="aligncenter" width="222"]GoJet Airlines logo GoJet Airlines hires Sheffield graduates![/caption]


February 27, 2015


Hope all is well in the warmer part of the state! Indiana is staying pretty chilly. I just wanted to say thanks for the training I got from Sheffield a few years ago. I recently got hired on by UPS dispatch with just 3 years experience at a regional. I can, with out a doubt, say that the training your school gave me was a deciding factor. Your instructor did an outstanding job. Thanks again, its made all the difference in my life.

P. Doyle

UPS hires Sheffield graduate

February 10, 2015

Good Morning Mr. Morris!

I hope that this finds you nice and warm down in sunny Ft. Lauderdale! Hard to believe it has been just a little over a year from graduation there! …I was a graduate of your January/February class of 2014. I was one of the recipients of a scholarship with xxxxxxx Airlines to attend your fabulous course down there.

First off, let me thank you for the wonderful course content. I have noticed tremendous differences in the quality of the fellow Sheffield graduates that I work with versus the typical “diploma mill” type institutions. At Sheffield we were taught critical thinking skills and how to effectively read the regulations and interpret them correctly…

Thank you for your time sir, and I look forward reading your updates on the grad page!


February 2, 2015

Hello Eric,

First of all a big thank you again to you and all Sheffield staff for the excellent job you did. 
Already after my first interview I was offered a job at Air Cargo Global in Frankfurt and start working there shortly in my new role as a Flight Operations Assistant.
Now I see, what it means being a graduate of Sheffield’s! It definitely makes a difference! I wish you folks all the best for the future, it has been a pleasure working with you.

Best regards
Orsolya U.
Air Cargo Germany

January 26, 2015

Hope you and all the Sheffield staff are doing well and just wanted to say I am so glad I chose Sheffield for my Dispatch training.  You all run a very professional, personable and classy organization.  Let me know if I can provide anything as far as references or anything else.  Thanks again!  Auf Wiedersehen.

M. Summers

January 9, 2015

I’m elated today at the news that I’ve been granted the opportunity to join Dispatch here at Southwest Airlines. I start class in mid-February. I attribute a large part of this major career step in my life to the care and quality given to my initial certificate training. I will not let you down! OK, I know y’all are busy so I’ll stop getting sentimental, but please do know that y’all are appreciated! Thanks again and we’ll talk at you soon!

Take Care,
T. Holman
(DL+5 Course Graduate from Texas)
Southwest Airlines

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    “These men represented the highest caliber of professionalism and integrity. The education I received from these gentleman has afforded me to be gainfully employed while having the opportunity to use the education received, all over this country, and more than a few others.” WG sidebar wg
    Good afternoon Eric, I wanted to reach out to let you know that training at (airline) is in full swing and I couldn’t be happier that I chose Sheffield. My classmates, while very smart, definitely had subpar training and that has been very evident. I have waited to write a full scale review of the […] Attending Sheffield School benefits airline new hires in preparation for airline training
    “I wanted to tell you I got the job offer from Expressjet, and start next month! I think a couple others from class were hired as well. It just shows the Sheffield reputation when I see graduates from other schools complaining that they can’t get an interview – I wasn’t even back home to Minneapolis […] Dan Gustafson
    “Going to Sheffield prepared me for the real world challenges of Aircraft Dispatching. I certainly believe that the method Sheffield used is one not only for success in a real world career, but also one that prepares students to correctly dispatch aircraft.” T.Z. Sidebar TZ
    “Eric Morris is one of the most if not the most knowledgeable and experienced authorities on Aircraft Dispatching in the United States. He strives constantly to make the industry better.” DH sidebar DH
    “I am a graduate of the Sheffield’s Dispatcher Program. I have been a Captain-Part 121 Airline, Certified Flight/Grnd Instructor, and FAA Designated Check Airman and Sim Instructor (Part 121). From my experience I would rate Sheffield School as outstanding in their field.” PT PT
    “Sheffield School of Aeronautics is known worldwide for its quality training and has been recommended to me by our national airline Swiss International Airlines. Whenever I mention the name ‘Sheffield’ it rings a bell in people’s ears.” IW IW
    “I entered my profession, with more knowledge and information than dispatchers who have been practicing their craft for more than ten years. Not only has Sheffield provided a top notch education, but they have also instilled in me the confidence to succeed.” A.Z. Sidebar AZ – Student Testimonial
    “This was an amazing class! Always interesting! It was like drinking from a fire hose, but I have never enjoyed a course more than this one. Thank you for a great 5 weeks & EWINS!” R.S. R.S. Testimonial – 5-weeks & EWINS
    ” I have received 4 (job) offers…many of the interviews I have gotten have been because of my “pedigree”…going to Sheffield. I am amazed at the respect your school has….I am honored to be a graduate. Thank you for all the work you ..!”  Testimonial – J. Ganci
    “I am a month into my new job at a airline coming out of reorganization, and am helping the training department by referencing the excellent and up to date course book provided to all Sheffield grads.” RW RW
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