Graduate Testimonials 2001

December 31, 2001

Hello Mr. Morris,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the assistance yourself and your staff gave me since I left. I’m happy to say I got hired at Amerijet Inc. just this past week. I felt that I had to at least send you this e-mail showing my gratitude and wish you all well for the holidays. Like so many other graduates before me, I can’t begin to tell you how well the training is paying off. I just started, but feel I already have an advantage.

Thank you!!!

R. M.

December 20, 2001

Dear Ron & Eric,

I wish to thank you both, Katja, Bruce and Brett, for turning my unpreparedness into success. You gave me knowledge, which is the best form of power, for which I shall forever remain grateful. On behalf of my family, I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and, HEALTH AND WEALTH in the New Year.

Many Thanks.

George D.

November 29, 2001

Hello Ron, Eric and the rest of the Sheffield staff!

I wanted to say thank you for providing me with such quality training for the dispatch profession! I really enjoyed the course and am very glad that I chose Sheffield. You may recall that I was a little discouraged when I was unable to find employment right after graduation but all that was needed was a little patience. I am happy to say that I have been working as a dispatcher for just over a year now and am very happy. This is the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!!! I only wish I had attended Sheffield earlier, when I first learned of the dispatch profession in 1990. If any prospective students would like to contact a Sheffield graduate to get further insight you may give my e-mail address [email protected] to them. It is a great feeling to talk about what you do for a living when you enjoy it so much! Take care and have a great 53rd year!


November 9, 2001

Hi Eric,

Thank you for everything you do at Sheffield in training and preparing us to dispatch. The knowledge that I have gained through your instruction and training really showed as I advanced through the initial ASA training and passing the competency test. I am enjoying my job at ASA as a flight dispatcher and I am proud to be a graduate of Sheffield. I encourage anyone I meet seeking dispatcher certification to go to Sheffield. When you have the time, would you mind sending me a verification of recurrent training? Thank you. Best wishes to you and all the Morris family. If I can ever be of any help to you all, please let me know.

Take care.


November 4, 2001


I wanted to say thanks again for the wonderful school you run. I can’t believe all the info I learned in such a short period of time. It was well worth it.

Thanks again,

G. Brooks

October 31, 2001

Hello Eric:

I thought I would drop you a line on what’s going on with me. I hope everything is well at Sheffield. I got called back to (a regional airline in OH) on Sept. 17th and am about to finish Initial training in a couple of days. (Lately), I thought how lucky I am and how much of the schooling I received from Sheffield was coming into play. I have (B. – another Sheffield grad) and another person in the same initial class as myself. The other guy didn’t attend Sheffield. He had a few months of experience dispatching at other airlines but did not go to Sheffield. It was funny because he thought he would help B. and myself with the course because he had experience and was in the middle of getting his private pilots license, but the truth of the matter is he didn’t really know as much as we did. We are helping him out with the class. I keep thinking how lucky I am to join a great company and they in turn send me to a great dispatch school in Sheffield.

Talk to you later,


October 31, 2001

Hello Ron, Eric, and Brett:

I hope all is well with all of you. I feel very fortunate to have been offered two jobs as a Dispatcher in light of the events of Sep 11th. After carefully weighing all the pros and cons with — —- and —, I decided that — was a better choice for me. My first day at — was Sep 24th and I completed my competence check today. Tomorrow will be my first day to dispatch on my own. I am very glad that I made the decision to attend Sheffield. It is amazing how smooth ground school was for me. It was like attending kindergarten compared to Sheffield. There are several dispatchers working here who attended Sheffield. Thanks again for maintaining high standards and teaching the dispatching job, not just the minimums to get the FAA license. I will keep you informed periodically of how things are progressing here.

Take care


October 12, 2001

Hi Eric,

I will ask them about the landing limit (regarding a technical issue that arose.) Thank you for responding to my question. I must compliment you on your ability to teach the course. I feel very prepared and knowledgeable in my training at ASA. As soon as I get through this “initial training,” I plan on writing you a formal letter complimenting Sheffield and your excellent ability and qualifications as an instructor. Please feel free to use it for a reference in your website.

Thank you for everything.


September 17, 2001

Dear Ron, Eric and Brett:

I do not need to say that this past week has been hard on the United States and on the airline industry in particular. I got home late last Sunday night and all that I could think of was how I would be able to use the valuable information from your class. Daryl Henderson and I discussed the material all day on Monday. Tuesday was quite a different day for the entire world.

I cannot thank you enough for the ETOPS class. It has been years (decades) since I have enjoyed a training exercise so much. Brett is one of the best teachers that I have ever encountered. Not only was the material right on point, but Brett was able to evaluate the students and steer the lecture to the exact level desired by all. I was especially impressed with his use of humor during class. Both the lectures and the exercises were exactly what was needed to provide an excellent understanding of the topic. There was not a single question asked that Brett was unable to deliver a thoughtful and correct answer that expanded the knowledge. Congratulations on a First Class product. I especially want to thank you, Ron, for allowing us to take the class. I now know why your graduates are so successful once they reach the real world of airline dispatch. I also want to thank Eric for his hospitality and for taking us to lunch. We had a delightful lunch conversation, and I cannot wait to order fried plantains the next time I find myself in a Cuban restaurant! Thank you again for this tremendous learning opportunity! Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to assist you or any of your students/graduates.

A. Ralston
Flight Planning Consultant
Northwest Airlines

September 13, 2001

Eric, Ron, Brett and Staff,

Thanks again for a great six weeks of learning and growth.


J. Camp

Note: Shortly after this e-mail, Mr. Camp was hired by: SkyWest

September 11, 2001

Hi Mr. Morris,

I trust you doing fine? How’s work and your family? I’m really grateful for the training from your school. It has given me so much confidence now. All my colleagues are looking forward to coming to the school; I am the only person who is presently current. I would like to write and stress the importance of the training to my airline so that they send my other colleagues to the school. The government is trying to restructure the airline here to make it viable for privatization. I will send the letter to you to kindly assist me, in editing and correcting it before I send it to the management. I really thank you for the good training I received, and I hope to be back soon for more training. I am proud of your school and I talk about it daily. My regards to your wife, your Dad, Mr. Bruce and John. I really miss everyone and the school. I’m fine and everyone in my family is fine. I will hopefully talk with you when I come in January.

Thanks and God bless you.

M. Mamven

September 5, 2001

Hello Ron, Eric and Bruce,

Just a little thanks to send your way. Since graduating from Sheffield, I have had indepth discussions with co-workers, involving the FAA regulations regarding fuel requirements to destination airports, with NO alternate airports available. It took 2 weeks of discussion, but in the end a fellow Sheffield graduate and I, were CORRECT in the regulation, and the company is now in the process of changing their own OPS manual. All due to the training of Sheffield. Best of luck with future graduates. I am sure they also will stick together, and come out ahead, as we have.

Guten Tag,

M. McGuigan
Sheffield Graduate 2001

August 15, 2001

Dear Ron,

I have interviewed at two FSDO’s for the POI positions for dispatch. It’s a blessing just to make it to the interview stage. The last one was for the United Airlines Inspector! Wow what a difference 4 years makes.

Always Gratefully Yours,

J. Gilmer

August 6, 2001


Just wanted to thank you again one last time. I really enjoyed your class. I had received many calls for interviews and now currently working for ———- Airlines. You really taught me well and its helping me through initial training, where some dispatchers who do not even know the key concepts are looking like fools. I am just glad that is not happening to me. I could give you many stories but will save for another day. Again thanks for everything. I will be sure to stop by next time in FLL.

June 01 Accelerated Class

July 29, 2001


Hope everything is well back at Sheffield. Thank you for the superior training I received at Sheffield. It really helped me make it through training here at Skyway.

P. Long
Midwest Express

July 27, 2001

Dear Eric,

I want to say that Sheffield was definitely the right choice for me. It was everything I expected, and sometimes more. I am happy to say that I left Sheffield with a license and a job in hand. In addition, I am sure that due in large part to my training at Sheffield, I passed ground school, and all qualifiers here at CommutAir, and I currently working a desk. Furthermore, almost all of my coworkers are Sheffield graduates. It certainly speaks well of the school, and drives home a point that Sheffield was the right choice!


D. Rapp

July 27, 2001

Hi Ron,

You may not realize how much your help means to me and my family. We are extremely grateful for your kindness and continued support. It will be a proud day for me, my family (and I know my dad would be very proud) when I am hired as a Flight Dispatcher. The letter of recommendation that you wrote for me holds a lot of weight in my pursuance of a job in this industry. I am proud to be a graduate of Sheffield School of Aeronautics and even more proud to know outstanding people like you and your family. I will keep you posted about my career.

Best Wishes,

Dave, Katy, David and John

July 23, 2001

Dear Eric:

First of all I want to thank you for having Sheffield’s wonderful web site and at this point, especially the Employment Opportunity section. Attached please find my résumé and cover letter (to post online for hiring managers.) Feel free to use it as you find appropriate. I would welcome any suggestions or advice you may have. Once again I want to express my admiration for you and the Morris family, for your work at Sheffield. I really enjoyed studying at your School!

Best regards,

A. Vassiliev

July 19, 2001

Hi Mr. Morris,

How are you doing, hope all is fine, this is Frank Van Gelswijck from the Netherlands and did my training with you some time ago. Right now I’m working for KLM in the handling company at EHAM. Doing flight planning for MAS, SIA, NCA, ETH and WEIGHT AND BALANCE for 747F, THANKS FOR THE GREAT TRAINING YOU GAVE ME, REALLY HELPS ME DAILY.



July 13, 2001

Hi Eric!

Just wanted to check in and let you know I am working at Mesa in PHX! I get to dispatch DHC8s, ERJs, and CRJs. Thanks so much for everything.

Lisa T.

July 7, 2001

Hi Eric,

I hope the champagne was good. I (we) really enjoyed the course. Will definitely promote it here with the big brass. I’m not sure when you’ll be here in Holland, but I’m leaving tomorrow for Tucson, to work on the Constellation again. If I don’t see you here, have a good time in Holland, and enjoy your holidays in Europe.



July 1, 2001

Ron and Eric,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say hello. I just had my 24th birthday on Monday and I can’t believe how my life has changed in the past year. I think I must be the most blessed person in the world. When I joined TWA last August I knew that I was very lucky to have the opportunity to be part of a major carrier. I also knew that it would be very challenging. I am pleased to say that after six months of notams work, and over 12 weeks of ground school and desk training, I have been dispatching for TWA for just over two months now. It certainly isn’t like doing a flight plan by hand that is for sure. Soon we will begin our transition to the American way of dispatching and I know it will feel as though I will never be done training, but I can rest easy knowing that my future is very secure and so much of the credit goes to your school. I hope everything is going well with the school and everyone there. Please pass along my thanks and best wishes to everyone.

Best Regards,

J. Horn
TWA Airlines LLC

June 20, 2001

Hi Eric,

In ’98 I took my wife’s advice..”Spend the extra $ to travel to Fla and go to Sheffield”…the best advice I have ever taken. I guess we’ll be seeing you early next year here @ Skywest

All the best,


June 18, 2001


Good afternoon! Your school definitely has a good reputation. Gooch e-mailed a manager of Skywest my name for a possible position. I emailed my résumé on Wednesday, May 30. Skywest wanted me for an interview ASAP. I flew out to St. George and interviewed on June 4, and was told I was hired on June 5. Reggie and Gooch will be fellow employees with me. Our training starts June 18.

Have a great weekend!

C. Requa

June 18, 2001

“I’m very happy to be a Sheffield graduate, not just because they are the best in the business, because you can learn real dispatching here and (to) be worthy of your license. The facilities, teachers, and teaching methods are far beyond comparison. I really enjoyed my studies over here even though it pushed me to my limits. I’d like to thank Eric specifically for being an outstanding teacher and would strongly recommend Sheffield School of Aeronautics to anybody who’s thinking to be a dispatcher.”

“To be the best, learn from the best.”

K.P. (a recent graduate)

June 14, 2001

Hi Eric,

Kenath here – remember me? I’m from 2000 Oct class remember (afc class) as Mr.Ron said. Anyway I cannot forget the nice time we had together…and speaking about jobs… the people who called me said one of the reasons for considering my application was me being a Sheffield graduate. I got all the photos we took in the party at your place..I’ll send it to you.

Please give my rgds to Mr. Ron, Katja, Brett, Bruce and everybody..bye for now. Take care and thanks.


K. Perera

May 30, 2001

Hello Ron and all you fine folks at Sheffield,

Greetings to you from Mumbai! – Its been a long time since I’ve contacted you and I apologize for the same. I’m Daryl Pereira Do Carmo – a “Sheffield Graduate” – I’m proud to say so from the April 2000 batch. Although I have not stayed in touch I can honestly say that Sheffield has been the yard stick against which I grade the various aspects of aviation in India. I have recommended your institute to many folks down here and I can only do that since I am convinced of your dedication and commitment and my personal experience.

At the moment I am with the “Federation of Indian Pilots”. We are in the process of setting up an “Institute of Aviation and Aviation Safety” – (IAAS) – A first in India. Being totally committed to aviation safety, we do a lot of research and the job is wonderfully involving and satisfying.

Love to all the folks at Sheffield. Wish you all the very best look forward to seeing you soon. Warm regards and

Best Wishes,


May 29, 2001


I am so pleased that my employee, P.M., was able to attend and pass Sheffield. Thanks to you and Ron for your excellent training. I look forward to sending another flight follower to you in the future.


L. Hamby
Manager, System Operations
Tradewinds Airlines, Inc.

May 28, 2001

Hello Eric,

My compliments for your performance as an instructor (AIFP, ETOPS) that was indeed some levels above that of our instructors.

Kind regards,

K. K.
(a major international airline)

May 28, 2001

Hello Eric,

My compliments for your performance as an instructor (AIFP, ETOPS) that was indeed some levels above that of our instructors.

Kind regards,

(a major international airline)

May 21, 2001

Hey Eric,

I just wanted to inform you about how the interview at Continental Airlines went. If you want specifics let me know, (very easy interview), but I was offered the job! Although I had to turn it down… I wanted to thank you very much for your help*. They have given me an open door, anytime a position is there and I want it, it’s mine.

Thanks for everything and if you ever want to come here and the operations, please let me know! Hopefully hear from you soon!

Dan D’Ambrosio
COEX SOCC HUB COORDINATOR and Sheffield Grad!!!!!!!

* We occasionally provide 1-on-1 recurrent training/interview prep at Sheffield for our grads only.

May 18, 2001

Dear Eric and Ron,

I just wanted to let you know how my new career is going. I graduated from the dispatcher course in October 2000. After leaving Sheffield I was hired by Chautauqua the next very next week. I started work in November, and in less than two month’s I was checked out and dispatching on my own. After that, with your school’s training and only two month’s experience I got hired by a major airline – American Trans Air. I just want to thank you for preparing me to leave your school and step right into the workplace.

D. Rardon

May 5, 2001

Hi Eric!

Just wanted to let you all know that I did accept the position at Great Lakes. I have recently finished training and passed my comp check. Today was my second day on my own…I can’t believe it. I just hope I feel more more confident in the shifts to come. During training I definitely was glad that I chose Sheffield. There was one person in my ground school that went to the “other” school and he wasn’t up to speed on many things. He even admitted that it was a “joke of a school.” Hope things are going well down in FL.


S.D. (Jan. 2001 class)

April 27, 2001

Hi Eric and Aloha from Hawaii,

Thanks for everything, it was a great experience! I’ve met several people in crew scheduling who want to make the move to Dispatching and told them to definitely attend Sheffield for their license. They would be crazy not to. By the way, I’ve already met a former Sheffield graduate at Island Air – small world.



April 10, 2001

Once again, I thank you for the most challenging exciting course I’ve ever experienced.


April 10, 2001

Once again, I thank you for the most challenging exciting course I’ve ever experienced.


March 30, 2001

To: Ron and Eric Morris

I was a graduate of Sheffield School with an F.A.A. Dispatcher license and I had attended the Advanced International Planning and ETOPS courses. For a time I was in Europe. There working in the European flight operations. Later I wanted to return to the United States but I was not using the same methods in Europe since I was not using the same areas, I thought it a good time to call Sheffield and inquire about their lifetime recurrent courses at no cost as advertised. I was immediately accommodated for some targeted and updated recurrent training. I spent two weeks and found that I had achieved a much more solid understanding of those sections and this time I could focus on the weak spots. Thank You Sheffield!! For keeping your word and assisting me in bettering my abilities as an FAA Dispatcher. I hope more graduates take you up on your lifetime recurrent training refreshers.

D. Droge Class of 1999

March 21, 2001

Hi, sorry I have not been diligent about updating you on my career. You might know that I was given opportunity to test for Airline Transport Supervisor (ATS) rating. I passed it back in 1998 and am currently studying for both advanced ground school instructor certificate and my regional dispatch examiner rating. Both of these with the encouragement and blessing of the local head of the FSDO! I am currently the only dispatch check airman and ATS at ———- Airlines. I am also # 2 in seniority. Thank you that you took time to help and encourage me while I was studying there. Encourage others that you don’t have to busting out the top of the class to be successful out here. Each person learns differently, thank you for seeing that in me. I am grateful that (our manager) has made you the primary source of new hires. I think Frank (while he was here) and my constant drumming of the Sheffield tune has brought you into the spot light. Really its the high quality people that outshines any PR work on my part.

Thanks again, I hope you all are doing well. God Bless.

Yours Truly,

Jeff Gilmer
1997 Graduate

March 19, 2001

Thanks for sending the E-mail addresses.* I cannot believe the amount of positive feedback that my research has turned up. Everyone I have spoken to (including dispatch offices) has had nothing but good things to say about your school. I have not heard even one negative point! I faxed my application and deposit today- got myself a Gleim ATP book to study and I can’t wait to start. You were right. I did the research and sure enough Sheffield is where I would like to go. Thanks for the help and I hope to see you soon…

(From a prospective student who later became a graduate)

* We send e-mail addresses of some our graduates to prospective students upon request.

March 12, 2001

Hi Eric, Katja, Ron and family,

Very glad to hear from you and Sheffield School. To me it was a real experience and pride to be affiliated with Sheffield School and the Morris family. I have a lot to share with my colleagues and employer about my experiences at Sheffield. Currently one female staff has been nominated for the dispatcher program in October 2001. Hopefully two staff shall come next year. My company now has the urge to set up a dispatch office which I will head. I will therefore recommend for more training in this area. The fact is that this is a young and small company. We operate as a ground handling agent, sales agent and establishing flight operations. I will definitely contact you when the need arises. Eric and Ron if you don’t mind you can send me your shirt sizes and I’ll be happy to send you some African materials.

I owe a lot to you. In Africa, we believe that THE REWARD FOR GOODNESS IS NOTHING BUT GOODNESS.

Best regards,


March 7, 2001

Hi Eric,

Hope all is going well. Just got through initial training a couple weeks ago, and I am very disappointed that —- doesn’t have Sheffield doing initial and recurrent training here. The training was ok, but seemed to lack some structure. Actually felt more confident when I left Sheffield about dispatching then when I got out of initial training here. If there is anything you can do to get that contract with us, I truly believe it would greatly improve our dispatch department. I would just like to thank you again for an excellent head start in the field of dispatching. I definitely feel I’m ahead of the game compared to people who weren’t fortunate enough to attend Sheffield.


Dispatch Sheffield Class 12/00

February 17, 2001

I am so happy to have gone to your school. I have met other dispatchers that have gone through other schools and they just don’t have the aggressive way of dealing with situations, or the knowledge that it takes to get a flight off the ground.


January 29, 2001

Dear Eric,

I have some good news, I have got a job with UNITED AIRLINES here in India. It’s customer service to start with but they will train me and shift gradually to Operations, as a major part of the dispatch functions are done from their Operational center in Chicago, only load control, fuel calculations etc are done here locally. This happened last week and within one day, I gave the interview in the morning and they called me within couple of hours to offer the job. Since its a big reputed airline I had no reason to refuse and offered a better pay than the average in the industry, and its a start for me with no aviation experience. I am grateful to you, Ron, Katja for the great education and time I had there at Ft. Lauderdale. I know I have the edge over others since I am a Sheffield graduate. The training starts from Monday 29 Jan. I will keep you informed about what happens from here and I am sure I can always contact you if something comes up which may need your help.

With best wishes,

Pradipto Roy

January 27, 2001

Dear Morris Family:

My husband, Michael Copeland is a 1997 graduate of your wonderful school! With the knowledge he earned from Sheffield he was able to obtain the job he wanted in only a few days. Since then he has gone on to hold positions not only as a dispatcher, but also as a dispatch supervisor and most recently as a TMU. He truly loves what he does and often says “I can’t believe they pay me to do this job!” I could go on and on about Sheffield, the field of dispatching and how much it has impacted our lives.

Again, I can not thank Sheffield enough for the opportunity it has given my husband and our family. Michael is highly regarded in his office as one of the most knowledgeable dispatchers even though there are people who have been doing this for dozens of years! Also, he stills stays in contact with several of the graduates from his Sheffield class. We feel that we belong to this wonderful “family” across the industry! Whenever we travel, we try to visit a fellow dispatcher’s office just to say hello and keep up on what is happening.

Dispatchers are a unique and special group of men and women in aviation. We are happy and honored to be a part. Thank you so much for your time and help. We look forward to hearing from you.

Many blessings….. Warmly,

Kathleen and Michael Copeland

January 22, 2001

I am presently in Initial (airline) training. All what we have covered so far has been an easy review, which tells me what you have said all along, “Sheffield School prepares its graduates very well for the position of dispatcher.”

M. Carver

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