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“There is no other school out there that can hold a candle to Sheffield. No other school can prepare a student for the FAA practical, have them ready for airline initial training and make sound dispatch decisions right out of the box. Graduates of other schools need at least a year of experience to be at the level that Sheffield graduates are out of the gate.”

MB – From Sheffield’s Facebook page

Airline dispatcher school thanked

Thank You card – March 2014 – click to read

Why it matters where you attend school:

“Being that half my new hire class dropped out over the course of training, I can confidently say that Sheffield helped to prepare me for the real world.”

See the full testimonial below from 2019


Please accept this gift in recognition for your contributions to the professional aircraft dispatch community and to me personally when I attended Sheffield in August and September of this year. The challenge coin is given to those who contribute to our GOC mission at FedEx and by helping me to receive my dispatch certification have done just that.

Vice President, Global Operations Control

FedEx aircraft dispatcher


October 13, 2022
“I hope this note finds you and the company well. Over the course of nearly 25 years, I have had a highly successful career as an aircraft dispatcher thanks to you and the fine people at Sheffield. A couple of years at Piedmont, a few months at Midway and 20 years at SkyWest. I could not have asked for a better career. I was so lucky that being a dispatcher never seemed like work to me as I enjoyed it so much. Now I find myself on Wake Island. I’m working base operations, airfield operations/management and flight planning alongside the military. Everything I have learned has brought me here and none of that would have been possible without Sheffield.
Thank you, Eric. Thanks for helping me get my start way back when. You have no idea how grateful I am.
So many have come through the Sheffield doors and came out with the tools for a great career! You all have made such a difference for so many.
Take care of yourself,
Joe De Los Santos
SkyWest Airlines logo

Date: Sat, Oct 16, 2021 at 11:32 AM
Subject: AA Dispatch

Incredibly excited to share the news that I have been selected for dispatch with American Airlines. I begin my course room training Feb 7th for 6 weeks then will transfer to on job training thereafter.
I just wanted to thank you and all you guys there for what you do and how well you do it. I had a great time in your guys’ course and felt like you all did a great job in ensuring your students really learn, understand and are competent in dispatch material. Huge thanks to you all at Sheffiled. 
Super excited to take this next step, which very well may be my last step, in my career. It’s been my dream since discovering the position to get hired on with my company in dispatch. You guys are a big part of why I was prepared for my interview. I owe you guys a big thanks.
R.S. – 2019 graduate

American Airlines logo

August 5, 2022

“Both Brett and Eric have been amazing instructors. I have never in my life seen instructors so consistently maintain the same energy and positive attitude day in and day out…Every detail, even the most obscure question, they had an answer for. They consistently set us up for success through teaching, comprehensive handouts, and detailed explanations on missed test questions. Without a doubt the most difficult course I have attended with some of the most competent and outstanding instructors I’ve had the pleasure of learning from.”


5-Star Review to Google Business & Facebook

April 4, 2021

Sheffield offer an insightful, challenging, and rewarding course to obtain your FAA Aircraft Dispatcher License. Eric and Brett are industry veterans who are terrific role models and incorporate a great sense of humor and insight into the curriculum. I completed the course via a combination of online training and two weeks in class.

As a commercial pilot and flight instructor, I found the course informative and accretive in terms of widening my knowledge of the aviation industry and particularly operational requirements on the airline side of the spectrum. If you work hard, complete the required assignments and homework, and are prepared to dedicate a few weeks/months of you life to rigorous study than you will pass and succeed (regardless of whether you come from an aviation background or not). Eric and Brett provide all the tools and resources you need to do well, and I can’t complement them enough for putting together a terrific program.

There is nothing antiquated about the program (to the individual who mentions working with 727 systems). We utilized Jeppesen materials in class, discuss modern aircraft communications, and use the 727 as a template to model flight plans and performance metrics in large part due to some of the quirks of the aircraft to show one how to manage dispatch planning in the event they do find themselves planning a flight for a plane with inop equipment or with a quirky aircraft.

This course is designed to be challenging so that when it comes to real world dispatching and not to mention the FAA practical you are more than well prepared. Thank you for having me as a student!


October 19, 2020

Dear Eric,
Hello, I just wanted to check in now that it has been a few months since being at Sheffield. I applied for the dispatcher position that you posted for National Airlines and found out last Thursday I got the job! I start November 2. I am so excited! Thank you for having such a great program that helped prepare me to be able to get such a great position at a great company. I appreciate everything you have done for me and am very excited for the future! 
Best regards,
M. Laughlin 
National Airlines

December 17, 2019
Hi Eric.
Finally scored my dream job of dispatch at Southwest Airlines. Thanks for everything you all prepared me for and know that, a couple years after graduation, my interview panel still pointed out ”Sheffield grad eh”. Some say it doesn’t matter where you get your certificate. Anyone having been in my seat a few weeks ago knows  differently. Thanks again!

Southwest Airlines hires Sheffield aircraft dispatcher graduate

For all future students:

This school has a very high standards, it is intensive and they are giving you a huge amount of information. Just be ready to learn, if you are willing to learn and understand you will have a full support from instructors…They will give you all what you need to pass the course, yours in only to know. After every day you will feel exhausted but valuable. And once you finish and graduate you will feel like the (whole) world is yours, and it is.

I highly recommend your school to anyone who would like to work the aviation.

Sheffield Airline Dispatcher Graduate picture

Sheffield Airline Dispatcher Graduate

Again, thank you very much!



April 25, 2019 at 7:27 PM

Hope you are doing well! I just wanted to say hi and touch base with you.

After graduating in September, I was immediately offered a job with SkyWest Airlines and have been working as a Dispatcher for the last six months in St George, UT at the SkyWest OCC. Being that half my new hire class dropped out over the course of training, I can confidently say that Sheffield helped to prepare me for the real world. I also want to personally thank you for the time you took to explain to me performance limitations when I was struggling with this subject. I’m probably one of the few even on the floor today, who can confidently understand why we are weight restricted in a given scenario, and actively take steps to mitigate restrictions and ultimately make the pilots (and pax) very happy. It’s a direct result of what I learned at Sheffield, and  it shows that others were not thought this. I’m excelling, and it’s exciting.

Many thanks,

February 9, 2019

(To the instructors),

…I wanted to again thank you for the course, your professionalism throughout, the standards you set, and for your continued support in helping me achieve my goal. I sincerely appreciate your responsiveness to my questions, helping with in areas where I lacked understanding (which was plenty), and for your clear and thorough explanations.
It was a pleasure meeting and working with you both, online and in person. I have learned a lot of content but also tried to learn from your teaching techniques. One of the things I expressed to my boss when I returned was how impressed I was with your questions for exams (online, written, and in person). The mastery in the crafting of your questions required not just “rote or understanding” level of memory, but a “correlation” level of material from all lessons.
Often online and in class, I would simply reflect on the question and be impressed at how the answer required “correlation” of a lot of material to arrive at the correct response. In my studies as a flight instructor, I know that the level expected is the “correlation” level and I appreciate the work you have undoubtedly put into the questions to arrive at that level. Even though I sometimes had trouble in getting the correct answers, I was often impressed by the way the question required an assimilation of the material. That’s the real world where it’s the situation that requires answers and not simply a choice of either A, B, C, or D… . That sets us up for success and that level of questioning requires a lot of work to achieve.
Additionally, it was impressive the attentiveness shown to each classmate in helping us all move through the process (whether flight planning or knowledge areas) together. Taking time to ensure we were all moving forward together is no easy task.
Simply put, Thank you for a very impressive experience.
I have learned a lot in terms of material content and in teaching techniques.
It was definitely worthwhile…
Again, thank you both very much.
Have a good day.
Very sincerely,
G. Carter

February 21, 2018

Hello Mr. Morris,


My name is xxxxxx xxxxxx. I am a current employee of American Airlines.  I got my dispatch certification from a dispatch school in Dallas (xxxx). Upon completing this course I feel that they have left me ill-prepared to do the job effectively, they lacked real world training and they taught flight planning on icao charts and not xxxxxxxxx charts. I am coming to you for guidance and direction I spoke with a graduate of Sheffield and they spoke highly of the program that your school runs, and I wanted to know what you thought and what would be the best course of action, I know that because I didn’t attend Sheffield that u don’t offer recurrent training for me but I am willing to take your recommendation going forward to help further my career. Thank you for your time!

Sincerely xxxxxx xxxxxx
[Sheffield note: why your school selection matters…]

December 8, 2017

Thank you for your email – I am really looking forward to studying with you in January.
This represents a career change for me …!  As I have researched making this move, I have been astounded at the reputation Sheffield enjoys.  One of the questions I asked several folks that recruit dispatchers for the airlines was:  What dispatcher school would impress you if it appeared on my resume?”  The only response I got was “Sheffield.  In fact, I already have a job offer from one of the “regionals” – and I haven’t even been to school yet!  I only hope that I can live up to your reputation!
..I am really looking forward to meeting everyone!
Best Regards,


February 19, 2016
Hi Eric,
Thanks a lot for your email. The interview went extremely well and now I have a job. I can’t thank you enough for everything the course did for me. The interviewer was a Sheffield graduate and he said he only hires Sheffield people. I still can’t believe how my life changed in just 5 weeks. Now I see why people from all over the world come to Sheffield. Also please tell the instructors that I’m very grateful for all their teachings.
My first day is the 29th and the company is called xxxxxxx Airlines and it is located …..
All the best to all of you.


February 18, 2014 Eric (A Sheffield graduate) is a client of mine and he told me to tell you hi. Being alumni from Sheffield goes farther than what some people think. It creates an immediate bond because you know you are dealing with someone who has been trained by the best. After speaking with him it was refreshing to know you still hold the highest standards in the industry and your course still produces the most desirable candidates makes me proud to have attended and be a part of your School’s family.  Very shortly I will be more involved in hiring new flight planners … Regards M.M. Sr. Manager Technical Planning UW

June 5, 2013 ARINC Direct has utilized Sheffield School of Aeronautics since 2011, for all of our initial and recurrent dispatch training needs. Our experience with Sheffield has always been positive and we have found them to be a great partner. Working with Sheffield has assisted us in achieving our goal to maintain a highly trained Flight Operations staff, which is the heart of our organization.  

May 21, 2013 Eric…Shortly after I completed the course, I was hired on with NetJets based out of KCMH. During the interview they were very impressed with the training I received from Sheffield. Having no prior dispatching experience, I found myself very well prepared when going through the company new-hire dispatcher training. As much as I hate to admit it, the week at Sheffield we spent learning to do the old manual flight plan from the ground up helped me out tremendously. Generally the Airlines fly the same city pair week after week, year after year. Calculating winds, weight and balance, fuel burn, route, etc is all basically automated by their software. When you dispatch charter flights or private owner flights, no day or flight is the same. We fly into all kinds of airports. Weight and balance changes every flight. Having the knowledge on how these variables effect the flight has made me a better/more efficient dispatcher. Lastly, I would just like to thank you, Brett, and the staff for the outstanding training I received at Sheffield. I still find myself yanking out the old green binder if there is something I need a refresher on! Feel free to share this on the bulletin board for future classes! Sincerely – Stuart Jones

05 May 2013 “Hello from Chicago! …I am now 5 months into my position at United as a dispatch support coordinator. My experience at Sheffield has stayed with me and shines through my work every day. I’ve been presented with amazing opportunities and have met many Sheffield graduates. My career began just a year ago and I could not be more thankful for the education I received. I have the staff at Sheffield to thank for giving me the knowledge and confidence to succeed in this industry. I hope everything is going well!” Sincerely – J. Evans, (Sheffield Distance Learning Grad, Feb 2012)

Sat, 27 Apr 2013 00:25:02 Subject: Update Hey Eric, I took the job here at Seaborne in St. Croix. Been down here since April 8th and am liking it so far. A whole different style of dispatching, but I like the challenge! They’re pushing us pretty hard to get online, comp checks will be next week. I wanted to thank you for putting a good word in for me. I guess I’ll have another airplane to send at some point! Hope all is well with you and if you want to come visit the operation feel free. Thank you again! Take care – R.

April 24, 2013 Good Morning, I wanted to update you two as to what’s happening with me. I interviewed with both Express Jet Airlines and ******* Airlines a couple of weeks ago. Express Jet came back with an employment offer which I accepted. I begin with them on May 6th. Because of my training at Sheffield I was able to breeze through the written portion of the interviews with flying colors (pun intended). Thanks, I’ll keep in touch – S.C.

24 Apr 2013 13:11:43 Subject: Still Appreciate Eric, Your professional guidance has not been forgotten. USAirways/ (The New American Airlines) still employ’s Sheffield’s graduates David F., Juanita B., Brian T., and me from the 90’s. There could be others that I am not aware of. Anytime someone is considering the profession, they are directed to you. Thank you again. Best Regards, Dean.

Mon, 15 Apr 2013 05:52:36 Eric, Hope all is well. I recently interviewed with ExpressJet and xxxxxxx Airlines for open flight dispatcher positions. I was offered the ExpressJet dispatcher opening and begin May 6th. Thank you very much for all of your assistance in getting me to this point in my career and will keep in touch. War Eagle! Joe M.

15 Apr 2013 15:29:39 Thanks again for the information on interviewing with *******. It was very useful. They did have a test as part of the interview and thankfully at your advice I researched the company well and was able to answer their questions pertaining to that that I otherwise wouldn’t have known the answers to. They also were impressed with my knowledge for having no previous work history. I told them its all what I learned at Sheffield! They offered me a position and I start training in early May! I felt very confident going in, and even more confident after knowing the answers on their test. I know my time at Sheffield is what earned me the spot! Thanks again for ALL you guys did for me, best school and instructors by FAR! Thanks – B.H.

April 8, 2013 (mail) Sheffield School of Aeronautics – 499 NW 70TH AVE Suite 110 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33317 Dear Eric, I would like to thank you and your staff at Sheffield School of Aeronautics for the excellent level of training I received during my enrollment at your school. I received exceptional support from Brett and the staff who gave me guidance and clear understanding for material at hand. I feel privileged to have attended Sheffield School of Aeronautics and having received my FAA Dispatcher License and a job offer from Pinnacle Airlines. My start date is April 22nd 2013 in Memphis, TN. It has truly been an experience that I will never forget. Best Regards, Janier Martinez

4 Apr 2013 18:08:28 Subject: Big Thank You! Dear Friends, Dear Sheffield School, Dear Eric, Katja, Brett, Very big thank you that you have greatest school in a world! I went to every class in the school as a holiday. Even with experience, I discovered a wealth of information that did not know before. I really appreciate the license and certificate that I got, but with much pleasure I can say that was a wealth of knowledge that I have now I will use on the job every day. I am proud of every one of those who went with me on the course and I know that they agree with me. Each time the first question from my colleagues and friends I will say that the time in Sheffield School was the best time ever. Yes, sometimes very hard, but sometimes upset about the results of examinations, but it is a goal to which we should go, and never give up! With great pleasure I will remember every day of your school! Thank You Eric and Katja for the best school! Thank You all and Brett for everything that i know now! Thank You Michelle for all answers that i have! I will miss you all! Thanks a lot! With Best Regards – Konstantin Shalashnikov  

29 Mar 2013 12:58:02 Subject: Hired …I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was meeting xxx and xxx of Pinnacle Airlines. It was a privilege to have been offered a position with their airline and my wife and I are very excited about moving there. I will send you a letter of appreciation for the support and excellent level of commitment that you and Sheffield School of Aeronautics have given me. It has been a wonderful experience that I will never forget. Thanks again – J.M.

26 Mar 2013 12:03:39 Subject: dispatch license Hi Eric, Hope you’re fine? Got the license today, what for an beauty! Thanks for making that true!!! As a remembrance I’ve attached some pictures, I took while the school. (We will post on the new web site – EM) Please pass my warm greetings to the staff, who did a really good job teaching us. I really miss all of you and surely will come back one time, either for holiday or for an refresher! Best regards – Anton Schall

15 Mar 2013 15:15:29 Subject: Thank you! Dear Brett and Eric, I’ve been hired by a big business operator here in Europe called VistaJet and I’ll start working for them at the beginning of April. They’re moving their OCC from Austria to Malta, a small island in the middle of Mediterranean Sea and there it’s where I’m going to relocate shortly. They’re currently operating a fleet of 30 aircraft: Learjet 60, Challenger 600 and Global Express 7000 and they’ve already placed an order to Bombardier for additional 80 Globals. They really valued the dispatcher license I took at your school and again I thank you for what I learnt from you. Regards – Emanuele  

31 Jan 2013 – LinkedIn “When you are ready to take the formal class for your Dispatcher certificate, waste no effort and time, just go to Sheffield. I’m no paid spokesman, but now 21 years after taking the course, I have to say that I wouldn’t be where I am without that education.” By Stephen Levine

29 Jan 2013 22:48:44 Thank you again. I wouldn’t be where I am without your training. I’ve been at GoJet for 6 months now and I’m training the new guys. So, things are going good. Hopefully will so you in sunny FL soon! -Ross  

26 Jan 2013 15:33:41 Subject: Post-Grad Update Hi Eric, Hope all is well with you and the Sheffield team. I wanted to let you know I landed a dispatch job at Shuttle America in Indianapolis last month. I started a couple weeks ago and am going through training now. The people at Shuttle (and all of the airlines in the Republic Airways portfolio) seem to have a very high opinion of Sheffield. I’ve run into a bunch of grads here, very cool. Thanks to you and everyone else at Sheffield for helping me get to this point. The knowledge and confidence I have after going through your program has been a huge asset thus far. Also, FYI: If he hasn’t let you know already, Mike M. (also in the October/November class) got a dispatch job at Republic last week. He starts in February. Thanks again, and take care – Adam Schiff

January 23, 2013 Facebook: “Hats off to Ron and Eric Morris and the Sheffield team for keeping the heat on every class; when you’re a Sheffield grad, you can always return for training and be glad that your colleagues have faced just as steep a challenge. It’s a privilege to earn title of ‘Sheffield grad’ and know that your school’s reputation for excellence sets a standard that you’ll be forever expected to uphold.” – R.D.

25 Jan 2013 08:52:10 Subject: Letter Of Appreciation (mail) Hello Eric, It has been four months since I completed the Dispatcher’s course at Sheffield and two months now since I received the actual License. I was amazed at the way your syllabus is setup, all the course study teaches you exactly what it is one needs to know to become an effective Aircraft Dispatcher… On staff you also have a team of very professional people that knows their stuff, I commend Ruben for the patience that he exercised daily with those that for some reason felt that the most reputable dispatch school in the world should be spoon feeding them. And my oral with Brett was the best, he made me feel so comfortable and confident that the answers to his questions kept flowing and believe me, he knows how to ask them. Even Michelle was so pleasant and friendly while setting up the ADX that it made me feel relaxed. I just wanted to let you guys know that I enjoyed every minute of Sheffield and would be joining the list of persons that highly recommend you. Please relay my heartfelt gratitude to your team and (eventually one day) I will be sitting in on one of your classes for a refresher (training.) Regards, Peter Ferreira

12 Jan 2013 20:57 Dear Eric, I am writing you just to say that yesterday I received my Flight Dispatcher licence and I would like to say thank you very much. All those days in your school have been very long hours of study, working under pressure and feeling nervous before the exams but at the end, when you receive the licence at home I feel very proud to be one of your school’s students. Again, thank you very much. I have learned a lot of interesting stuff about aviation and looking it back, I enjoyed it. Greetings for all school’s staff from a former student. Best regards – Jose A. Leranca

January 10, 2013 G’day Eric! Hope all is well with the new batch of future dispatchers. As I’ve expressed previously, and will continue to impart to anyone who will listen, attending Sheffield was the first good judgment call I made in my new profession. I will continue to remark its rightful place as the best dispatcher training course in the World to any and all who may listen. Happy to report that I’ll be having a phone interview with xxx and xxx at (a major airline) for their consideration of my candidacy for their latest opening. Just wanted to thank you once again for the superior training I’d received at Sheffield. Coming into the profession with no aviation background, and willing to work hard for the distinction, your program from the outset demonstrated the need for focus, discipline, determination and preparation required within the profession. I owe a great deal of my proficiency as a flight dispatcher (and now check airman!) to the curriculum you and your family have developed throughout the school’s history, and I’ll always be thankful for that. Additionally, I’d like to thank you very much for introducing me to (Sheffield grad working at major airline). His guidance as I have furthered my career has been invaluable. I can confidently say that my life has changed for the better ever since you and I have been in contact. My greatest hope is that I will have some greater news to share with you soon regarding a future at my hometown airline, and I fully intend to let future dispatchers know that my decision to attend and earn certification within your program remains one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. All the best and continued loyalty, K.M.

6 Jan 2013 17:02:17 Subject: UPS Hey Eric, I had a phone interview with UPS last week. It went really well. Sheffield came up right off the bat and I quote “We think a lot of Sheffield around here”. The position I’m interviewing for is Assistant Dispatcher, and the AFIP/EWINS/ETOPS courses were big pluses as a junior dispatcher. This week I’ll be hoping for the invite to SDF for the face to face interview. Sincerely – W.R.

January 6, 2013 “Here’s my review of Sheffield: I started class there almost exactly 15 years ago. It was very challenging, I studied hard, I did well, and aced my practical and oral… I will (and have) strongly recommend that school to someone who is very sharp, motivated, competitive, and self-driven to be the best in what they do for a living. This is generally somebody I would like to work next to in the future and, in my opinion, is the type of student Sheffield caters to. I can proudly say that at one of the members here went there on my recommendation, did very well, and is continuing to climb the ladder of excellence in this profession. Some of the best dispatchers I know didn’t go there, but many of the best that I know did. I still keep in touch with Eric to this day, and spoke with him this week as a matter of fact. Eric, thanks for getting that 121.193 guidance back to me so quickly. It was very well written as usual. KK (major airline dispatcher)

3 Jan 2013 11:59:23 Subject: New Job Just a quick note. I accepted a position at Pinnacle in Memphis. Start the 28th. J.Mills

January 3, 2013 – LinkedIn “I can’t agree more that Sheffield is the school. As a practicing professional, I have trained and hired people from various institutions and the difference shows right through….” S.L.

One of our favorites from 2003: Hello Ron, Eric, I just wanted to drop a few lines to update you on my status since graduating your school in October of 1999. Well, I turned down several job offers as a dispatcher with some of the regional airlines in hopes of getting my foot in the door with a major. Although I have to admit the experience with one of the smaller carriers would be a plus on any résumé in pursuing a dispatch position with the majors. I decided to go against the odds and took a job as a crew scheduler with (a major airline). With my foot in place now I was eligible to interview in Aug of 2001. I did not get the job the first time partly because of my time with the company. Then came 9/11 which we all know impacted everything. Well about 3 weeks ago openings came available, so I’m happy to report I got the job. Most of the people that I interviewed with attended (a school in TX) and many went and sat through refresher 3 days prior to their interview. As you could guess I felt they had a leg up. No, not a chance! Even after 3 years since graduating your course, I was able to nail the technical portion of the interview. Thank you for your dedication of providing the best and most accurate dispatch knowledge available. There is no doubt the training you provided enabled me to obtain my goal of becoming a Dispatcher with a major airline. 

Thank you again.
Sincerely, P.D. Class of 10/99
(“P” has been an FAA Aviation Safety Inspector in the Houston area since 2010! – another successful graduate.)

…..and one of our classics:

“As you know I have just started working for Comair Airlines as a flight dispatcher. Thank you for helping me get my certificate and providing me with all the job assistance in the form of the numerous job cards I have received. Since I graduated in April I have had 12 interviews and 7 job offers and decided that Comair would be the best place to begin my career. Please convey my thanks to Lynn for the excellent instruction she gave during my class. Coming from Sheffield I feel as though I had a thorough preparation to become a professional airline dispatcher. I also really appreciate the hard work of both Ellen and Eric in making everything possible.”


Sincerely, Raj Singh, 1996

Note: Raj had a featured role (the young Prince) in the film “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom“. He currently works at United Airlines.

Raj Singh

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    “Eric Morris is one of the most if not the most knowledgeable and experienced authorities on Aircraft Dispatching in the United States. He strives constantly to make the industry better.” DH sidebar DH
    Good afternoon Eric, I wanted to reach out to let you know that training at (airline) is in full swing and I couldn’t be happier that I chose Sheffield. My classmates, while very smart, definitely had subpar training and that has been very evident. I have waited to write a full scale review of the […] Attending Sheffield School benefits airline new hires in preparation for airline training
    “Their reputation of excellence amongst the industry is second to none. Sheffield School of Aeronautics should be seen as the standard of how it can be done and how it should be done. I was hired at a major airline with no dispatch experience.” A.Z. Sidebar AZ
    “After receiving my certificate, I joined a class of 4 experienced dispatchers for Part 121 initial training. Without experience, my preparation at Sheffield enabled me to become active at the same time after the initial training.” PR PR
    “If you want to be the best, first you need to be trained by the best!” P. Hill P.Hill – DHL
    “While touring my company’s dispatch department before I had my license our OCC manager pointed out that 7 of the 10 dispatchers on shift had come from Sheffield. The overall consensus was that Sheffield grads were able to hit the ground running as they were better prepared.” K.O. Sidebar K.O.
    “I am a graduate of the Sheffield’s Dispatcher Program. I have been a Captain-Part 121 Airline, Certified Flight/Grnd Instructor, and FAA Designated Check Airman and Sim Instructor (Part 121). From my experience I would rate Sheffield School as outstanding in their field.” PT PT
    “As a graduate of the aircraft dispatcher program at the Sheffield School of Aeronautics…My training was intense and thorough and furnished me with the requisite skills for performing my current job as a Flight Dispatch Supervisor.” N.S. Sidebar NS
    “Your school has offered me an incredible advantage in the Dispatcher job market.” D.K. D. Kircher
    “My experience at Sheffield and my exposure to other aircraft dispatchers that did not go to Sheffield has resulted in an awareness of the superior depth and quality of the training provided by the Sheffield instructors.” CD Sidebar CD
    “now that I’ve been in an indoctrination class with students from other schools, I know I made the right choice with Sheffield.”   Kindest regards,  A.R.  All schools are created equal?! yeah…sure ;)
    “I am a month into my new job at a airline coming out of reorganization, and am helping the training department by referencing the excellent and up to date course book provided to all Sheffield grads.” RW RW
    “Sheffield School of Aeronautics is a highly recognized and respected organization throughout the airline industry. They only produce the highest quality of graduate…” P.W. Sidebar PW
    “I am so glad they are like this because it made me a better dispatcher and I really appreciate their high standards. I would highly recommend Sheffield to anyone who is willing to study hard and is serious about obtaining a Dispatcher Certificate.” MC MC
    “These men represented the highest caliber of professionalism and integrity. The education I received from these gentleman has afforded me to be gainfully employed while having the opportunity to use the education received, all over this country, and more than a few others.” WG sidebar wg
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