Things to Know Before Becoming a Commercial Airplane Pilot

Things to Know Before Becoming a Commercial Airplane Pilot

Becoming a commercial or private airplane pilot is an important position that comes with a lot of responsibilities. The position is not easy to obtain, requiring hard work and traits and skills innate in certain individuals. Entering the field with some background knowledge can give you a leg up on understanding if this is the right career path for you. 

What Is the Difference Between a Commercial Pilot and a Private Pilot?

The first step of this career path is deciding whether you wish to become a commercial or private pilot. Steps for certification and regulations for each position vary greatly. In short, the position of a commercial pilot requires more training and certifications than a private pilot’s license. A commercial pilot, however, has fewer regulations than a private pilot in terms of when you’re allowed to fly, with private pilots generally only being able to fly in the daytime in good weather. Commercial pilots have fewer restrictions and are generally subject to flying whenever their employer, the airline, needs them too. 

In this piece, we will be focusing on some things to know about the process of becoming a commercial pilot.

Certification Process for Becoming a Commercial Pilot

In order to obtain certification for a commercial pilot, one must have 250 hours of flight time. Depending on what type of plane you wish to fly, more training may be required. The more engines and higher the capacity of the airplane, the more training hours and certifications must be completed. Generally speaking, positions with more certification and training required will have higher compensation. Each class and category of an airplane requires different ratings. 

A commercial pilot can be a rewarding career that is full of travel and exploration. It is not limited to commercial airline work, as a commercial pilot’s license can land you a job as a flight instructor, corporate pilot, agricultural pilot, banner towing, and more. 

Other Positions in the Airline Industry 

If you feel that a pilot’s position may not be suited to your set of skills, there are numerous other exciting and rewarding positions available. An aircraft dispatcher is a vital component of ensuring organized, safe airline travel. An airline dispatcher, much like a pilot, requires training and coursework. At Sheffield United School of Aeronautics, we provide industry-leading courses to obtain your flight dispatcher license

Contact us today to begin your career in the airline industry with one of the oldest and most respected aviation training institutions in the country. 


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