Graduates of Sheffield School of Aeronautics (est. 1948)

Graduates of Sheffield School of Aeronautics

Below is only a partial list (~ 331 graduates out of ~ 6,000+ since 1971) of Sheffield School of Aeronautics’ graduates out of Ft. Lauderdale & Miami. This list is continuously growing as the interest and passion for aeronautics-based degrees and certificates grow. Of this small sampling of approximately 331 graduates, they have a combined, cumulative experience in airline operations of over 5,639 years!  We plan to add thousands more graduates from the past as soon as possible.

After 76 years in business, the list below is proof that attending the right school, enrolling in the best FAA-approved Aircraft Dispatcher program, and working hard can lead to success. Skip intro and go to the list!

There are times when we like to recognize all our graduates in a special way.
We’d like to congratulate those on our ever-growing list of our graduates, most of whom can be found on LinkedIn too. Usually, running a search for ‘Aircraft Dispatcher Sheffield School’ yields about 90-100 pages of results. While this list is long, Sheffield invites you to take a look at some of our graduates – including 2nd & 3rd generation graduates – as well as their experience, their various levels of achievements, the countries around the world where they are employed, and the longevity of their aeronautics jobs.

What does an aircraft dispatcher do? Among numerous specialties, aircraft dispatch jobs can include Weather Monitoring, Flight Planning, and Field Communications. 

While this is not a comprehensive list of all our aeronautics graduates, we encourage our grads to contact us with your updates in order to be recognized among peers and mentors on this list.

Among the information provided are some of the graduates’ flight dispatcher job descriptions and more proof of the huge network of ‘Sheffielders’ out there with whom recent grads can connect. 

A portion of our graduates attended Sheffield after previously graduating from other aeronautics schools but left their programs feeling dissatisfied and unprepared for the profession. 

We offer real-world training, career networking, and free (in person & online) refresher training, just to name a few reasons why you should choose Sheffield School of Aeronautics today!

Although we still need to add to the data below and not everyone’s experience has been listed yet, of those listed below, these Sheffield graduates have a cumulative experience of at least 5,639 years.
This is not a typo 🙂

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Mike Adam – President & CEO, Cayman Airways (~ 35 years).

Oliver Adam (2004 Graduate) – Co Founder, X-Operations (~ 8 years); Head of Flight Support, Caeroscene IT Solutions GmbH (~5.5 years); Dispatch/Operation Control Officer (3 years); Flight Operation Officer, Air Alps Aviation (~1.5 years)

Marco A. – OCC Aircraft Dispatcher – Global Jet Concept (Switzerland) (~1.5 years); other airlines experience ~ 5 years.

Anderson Acevedo – Aircraft Dispatcher – Spirit Airlines (1 year); other airlines experience ~ 5 years.

Ali Aghayev – Flight Dispatcher – Etihad (~2.5 years); Dispatcher – Silk Way Airlines (~4 years)

Gani Akinde – Flight Dispatcher Virgin Nigeria (~3.5 years); Axiom Air Nigeria (3 years);

Cheryl Allen – Senior Dispatcher, Net Jets Inc. (~24 years)

Don Alley – Flight Superintendent, Delta Air Lines, (~4 years); Supervisor of Dispatch Standards/SOCC Sr. Coordinator/Dispatcher, ExpressJet Airlines (17 years); Assistant Dispatcher, CommutAir dba United Express, (1.5 years);  (Total experience ~ 23 years).

Bryan J. Anderson – Manager Aircraft Operations Performance/ Aircraft Dispatcher – SkyWest Airlines (~8 years)

Keil Anderson (2016 graduate) – Assistant Flight Superintendent, Delta Air Lines (2 months); Flight Follower, Kalitta Air (~2 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, GoJet Airlines (~3 years). 

Roshantha Sampath Solanga Arachchige -Etihad Airways – Technical Flight Dispatcher (~17+ years); Air Arabia – Flight Dispatcher (~3 years); Sri Lankan Airlines – Flight operations route planning & fuel management (~5 years). Total ~ 25 years.

Joseph Arena, Jr. – (Feb 1988 grad) – Aircraft Dispatcher including American Airlines through at least 2004. See Joe’s fuel-savings contributions at the following links:

Archived articles regarding airline fuel savings that Joe was involved in at:

Airline aims to cut costs at the pump
Fixing gas-guzzling jets a priority for American

Cristiano Arimondi – Aircraft Dispatcher, Leonardo (Italy) (~.5 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, Sofiter System Engineering S.p.A. (~15 years); Airport Coordinator, Societa Di Gestione Aeroporto Di Cuneo (~7 years).

Rob Arnhem – Air Traffic Flow & Capacity Management at KLM (21 years)

Charles Arvey – Instructor Pilot – Simulator, Flight Safety international (~2 years); Aircraft Dispatcher – ExpressJet Airlines (~3.5 years); Airline pilot express jet (~15.5 years)

Jecko Aumentado (United Arab Emirates) – Operations Specialist – UAS International Trip Support (~3.5 years); Flight Dispatch Supervisor – NEXUS (1 year)

Laura Auterson – Flight Dispatcher – American Airlines – 6 years

Erin Ayers – Operations Supervisor, Lucent Technologies (~3.5 years); Meteorologist, Weather Consultants Inc. (~9.5 years); Aircraft Flight Dispatcher, World Airways-Key Air-Cam Air-Air Virginia; (~7.5 years).

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Iddo Bakker – Flight Dispatcher – KLM (~ 31 years).

Kelly (Pachinger) Ballinger – FAA ASI (Aviation Safety Inspector) – Orlando (~ 7 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, AirTran Airways (~15 years); Aviation Operations Specialist, US Army (~4 years).

Mitch Barnes (2020 grad)  – Aircraft Dispatcher – National Airlines (2 years)

Iuliia Barbour – Flight Superintendent, Delta Air Lines (~3 years); Dispatch Supervisor/Aircraft Dispatcher/Crew Scheduler, Piedmont Airlines (~8 years)

Alice Barney – Aircraft Dispatcher – United Airlines (27 years)

Matthew Bartels (2008 grad) – Flight Dispatcher, United Airlines (~1.5 years); Flight Superintendent, Delta Air Lines (~6.5 years); Flight Dispatcher, United Airlines (~1.5 years); SOC Duty Manager/Dispatch Supervisor/Aircraft Dispatcher, Compass Airlines (5.5 years).

Ruslan Bayramov (2014 grad) – Head of Flight Dispatch Department, Silk Way West Airlines, Oct 2019 – Present (~ 4 years); Flight coordinator, flight dispatcher, head of flight dispatch; Silk Way West (~4.5 years); total ~9 years.

Aug 21, 2023
“Warm greetings from Baku, Azerbaijan. One more time I want to thank you for your great contribution in my career as an aircraft dispatcher. Until now I benefit from the knowledge that I gained in Sheffield School of Aeronautics.”

Mike Beatty – Aircraft Dispatcher Trainer – United Airlines – 15 years

Juan Beltran (2000 graduate) – Aircraft Dispatcher, Air Tran Airways (~13+ years estimate); Aircraft Dispatcher, Southwest Airlines (9 years); total ~ 22+ years. 

Mark Berner – Senior Vice President And Security North America, Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) (~1 year); Director of Aviation Safety, Executive Jet Management (~1 year); VP of Safety and Security Pilot, Southern Air (~7 years); Director of Corporate Safety and Security/Pilot/Manager of System Operations Support/Manager of Fuel Purchasing/Aircraft Dispatcher/SOC Duty Manager (19 years). Total experience in industry ~28 years.

Robert Berry – Senior Manager/Flight Dispatcher OCC, Cayman Airways (~34.5 years)

Jeff Bingham – Senior Specialist Safety Management Systems at American Airlines Dallas/Fort WorthArea Airlines/Aviation/SR Manager, Safety Operational Projects and Risk Management (~7.5 years); Evaluator, Internal Programs, US Airways (~.5 years); Flight Operations Coordinator – AAR Airlift (~3 years); Senior Manager System Operations Control, Spirit Airlines (5 years), Manager of Dispatch and System Operations Control, Amerijet International (~11.5 years). Total experience in industry ~30 years.

Bradley Blitch – Aircraft Dispatcher – Southwest Airlines (~6 years); Aircraft Dispatcher –Republic (~2.5 years)

Dennis Boehm – Senior Aircraft Dispatcher – Executive Jet Management (~6 years); Aircraft Dispatcher – Comair (8 years)

Dave Born – Aircraft Dispatcher, Compass (~7 years)

Nancy Bottoms – Director of Training, UPS (~1.5 years)

Michael Bowden – Manager – OCC
ExpressJet Airlines

Jay Bowie – Ground Operations Crewmember, JetBlue Airways (~4.5 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, PSA Airlines (~1 year); Flight Follower, Wiggins Airways (~4 years)

Sarah Branscum – Flight Dispatcher/Supervisor Crew Scheduling/Pilot Crew Scheduler – United Airlines(~7 years)

Pablo Brawn – Flight Support Manager, Silver Air (~1 year); Flight Operations Manager, Premier Flight Jets (1 year); Flight Operations Specialist, Jet Access Aviation (~1 year); Flight Operations Specialist, Journey Aviation (~1 year); Flight Ops Supervisor, REVA, Inc. (Air Ambulance) (~5.5 years)

Bobby Briggs World record holder – Number of FAA Aircraft Pilot ‘type ratings’ (105) Visit Guinness World Record link)

Natalie Broadstock – Operations Controller/Flight Planning – Signum Aviation (U.K.) (~1.5 years); Aircraft Dispatcher – Thomas Cook (~1.5 years)

Jacob Brodsky – Flight Control Manager, Northern Air Cargo (~.5 years); OCC Manager, World Atlantic Airlines (~8.5 years)

Frank Brown – Flight Follower, Kalitta Air (~8 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, PSA Airlines, INC. (~5 years)

Dirk Brüggemeir – Senior Specialist Aeronautical Support & Operations, Luftansa Systems GmbH (~18.5 years), Trainer/Specialist Aeronautical Data Services/Flight Operations Officer/Slot Coordinator-ATC Flow Management Luftansa (~9 years).

Judy Buff (2000 grad) – Aircraft Dispatcher – Duke Energy Corporation (~10 years); Aircraft Scheduler/Dispatcher, Wachovia Corporation (dba Hawkaire) (~13.5 years).

“This remains one of the most challenging courses I’ve ever taken. At the same time, it is the most rewarding. By receiving my license I was able to understand aviation more and bring a higher level of safety to our flight department.”

Gregory Burton – Aircraft Dispatcher – American Airlines (~1.5 years); Director Internal Culture/ATS Supervisor/Dispatcher/Trainer/OCC System Controller – SkyWest (~23 years)

Anthony Byer – Senior Flight Operations Officer/Dispatch Instructor/Sim OPS Trainer/Flight Operations Officer at TUI (14 years).

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Mary Cannon – Aircraft Dispatcher – Journey Aviation (~1 year); International Flight Dispatcher – Cox Enterprises (~6 years); International Flight Dispatcher – ASA/ExpressJet (~5.5 years)

Ryan Cannon – Aircraft Dispatcher Supervisor– Trans States Airlines (~ 6.5 years); Aircraft Dispatcher Comair (16 years) 

Christian Cantoni – Front Officer Specialist – AgustaWestland – Italy (~7 years)

Jorge Cardenas – Aircraft Dispatcher – World Atlantic Airlines (~1.5 years)

Anthony Castleberry – Assistant Dispatcher – Southwest Airlines (~1 year)

Jansénio Lopes Soares de Carvalho – Pilot: B757 First Officer/ATR72-500 First   Officer (~3 years), Aircraft Dispatcher (~13 years) – TACV Cabo Verde Airlines

John Chadwick – Senior Manager, Regulatory Compliance & Quality Assurance/Manager OCC training – Spirit Airlines (total ~ 9 years)

Joshua Chancha (2014 grad) – Flight Dispatcher – Air Peace (total ~ 3 years), Lagos Nigeria

Joshua Chancha – LinkedIN – April 20, 2021 – message

“I am in a recurrent class again in my airline, I realized I got the best training in Sheffield. Thank you Sir.”

Gimmy Cherian (2019 grad) – Flight Superintendent, Delta Air Lines (~ .5 years); Flight Dispatcher, SkyWest (~ 3.5 years).

Paul Chevalier – Line Leader, ATM Operations at Airservices, Australia (~ 1 year); Manager, Air Traffic Management & Meteorology/Flight dispatch Technical Specialist (~ 12 years) Virgin Australia; Director IFALDA Asia-Pacific (~ 4 years); Flight dispatcher – Westjet (~ 2 years).

Mark Childress – Flight Superintendent, Delta Air Lines (~ 6 years); Manager Dispatch Standards, (19 years) SkyWest

Stefan Chrudina – Aircraft Dispatcher – Lufthansa (~ 21 years);

Timothy Choi – Duty Manager IOCC at Hong Kong Airlines (8 years), Traffic Engineer, MVA (Asia)

Greg Clark (1997 grad) – Tactical Manager Flight Dispatch/Aircraft Dispatcher and Supervisor, NetJets (~ 23 years).

Dwight Clarke – Manager of Corporate Quality Assurance & Regulatory Compliance, Cayman Airways (~ 10 years); Operations Manager, Cayman Airways (~ 6.5 years), more..

Sergio Cobos – Aircraft Maintenance Technician – Republic Airlines & Maintenance Supervisor/mechanic (~20 years)

Donna Cook – Vice President, Global Operations Control – FedEx (~.5 years)

This piece aired on The Today Show on December 6, 2022 and highlighted the work of Donna’s Global Operations team and Meteorology in keeping FedEx on time this peak season. 

Rare look at the world hub for FedEx during busiest time of year (

“(Thank you) for your contributions to the professional aircraft dispatch community and to me personally when I attended Sheffield in August and September of this year (2022). The challenge coin is given to those who contribute to our GOC mission at FedEx and by helping me to receive my dispatch certification have done just that.”

Vice President, Global Operations ControlFedEx aircraft dispatcher

Dave Colavecchio – Aircraft Dispatcher – United Technologies (17 years); American Trans Air (3 years)

Brendan Connair – Aircraft Dispatcher – Global Flight Source; Aircraft Dispatcher –Comair (~16 years); total experience ~26 years)

Greg Connors – Aircraft Dispatcher – Spirit Airlines (~9 years)

Charles Corey (1996 Grad) – to add details soon.

Brendan Corrigan – Aircraft Dispatcher – Republic Airlines – ~9 years

Kyle Cotter – Assistant Aircraft Dispatcher – Hawaiian Airlines (~7 years)

William Cowley – Aircraft Dispatcher American Eagle/Envoy – 27 years

Bill Cranor – VP System Architecture (4 years), PASSUR Aerospace Inc.; Managing Director Air Traffic &Meteorology (~3 years), United Airlines; Director Air Traffic Systems & Meteorology (~5 years), JetBlue Airways; Assistant Director SO&I Americas ((1.5 years), IATA; Director Air Traffic Systems (~2.5 years), Continental Airlines; Manager Air Traffic and Industry Affairs (~4.5 years), US Airways; Director Airline Operations (~4.5 years), Air Transport Association; Chief Dispatcher (~3.5 years), Midwest Airlines; also Kiwi, Business Express…..

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Mike Daulton – (as of Dec 2020) works for the Secret Service as an aviation specialist.

Andrew Delaney – International Flight Dispatcher – Jetex (~3 years); DispatchSupervisor/Aircraft Dispatcher – GoJet Airlines (~3 years)

Roland Delhomme – DARPA think tank contributor, Aviator, FAA Certified Aircraft Dispatcher, Safety Officer, Root Cause Analyst, SME (~20 years)

Joseph De Los Santos (June/July 1998 Graduate) – Systems Operations Controller – Skywest Airlines (~20 years)

“I hope this note finds you and the company well. Over the course of nearly 25 years, I have had a highly successful career as an aircraft dispatcher thanks to you and the fine people at Sheffield. A couple of years at Piedmont, a few months at Midway and 20 years at SkyWest. I could not have asked for a better career. I was so lucky that being a dispatcher never seemed like work to me as I enjoyed it so much. Now I find myself on Wake Island. I’m working base operations, airfield operations/management and flight planning alongside the military.

Everything I have learned has brought me here and none of that would have been possible without Sheffield
Thank you, Eric. Thanks for helping me get my start way back when. You have no idea how grateful I am.
So many have come through the Sheffield doors and came out with the tools for a great career! You all have made such a difference for so many.
Take care of yourself,
Joe De Los Santos. October 13, 2022

Nancy DeMartini – Aircraft Dispatcher – Verizon – to edit

Michael DiBenedetto (1992 grad) – Flight Superintendent, Delta Air Lines (~31 years, as of 2023)

Patrick Doyle – Aircraft Dispatcher – UPS (~6 years)

Richard Drennan (2010 Grad) – Manager Airport Services (Process and Procedure) (~3 years), Senior Operations Control Officer (4 years) at FlyDubai; Operations Controller British Airways (~2 years); Operations Controller Titan Airways (~1 year); Dispatcher, Menzies Aviation UK Ltd (~.5 years);

Gregory Dubin (2014 grad) – Flight Dispatcher, United Airlines (~6.5 years)

Tom Dugan – Flight Superintendent – Delta Air Lines – 12 years; Lead Aircraft Dispatcher/ATC Coordinator/Aircraft Dispatcher – Comair (~ 17 years)

Bobby Dunavant (2009 Grad) – Managing Director Global Ops Control/Senior Manager/Manager, Global Operations, Operations Manager – Fedex Express (~25 years.) 

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Seldon Edgecombe – Aircraft Dispatcher – Bahamas Air (~ 11 years)

Howard Edmondson (1997 grad) – Flight Superintendent, Delta Air Lines (~23 years, as of 2020 – ret.)

Heather Elliott – Operations Manager/Sr. Hub Coordinator/Dispatcher, ExpressJet (~9.5 years); Aircraft Dispatcher-Flight Control – Piedmont Airlines (1 years).

David Ellis (2018 Grad) – Aircraft Dispatcher, American Airlines (~ .5 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, Republic Airways (~ 3 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, Mountain Air Cargo (~ 1 year)

Roysbel Estupian – Military Check Pilot, ATP, A & P,MEI, MEII, Aircraft Dispatcher; pilot U.S. Coast Guard (~21 years) 

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Christian Falck – Aircraft Dispatcher – Amerijet (~6 years)

Davide Falzone – Operations Controller/Flight Dispatcher, Cargolux Airlines (~9 years), Aircraft Dispatcher, Air Italy (~4.5 years), and more.

Nathan Farquer – Chief of Network/Chief of Dispatch/Superintendent of Dispatch/Aircraft Dispatcher, Southwest Airlines (~5.5 years); Manager of OCC, Falcon Air Express (~4 years); Chief Dispatcher/Ground School instructor/Aircraft Dispatcher/Charter Pilot, Great Lakes Airlines (~3.5 years).

Richard Fellie (1989 Graduate) – Dispatch Instructor, Air Transport International. Dispatching ~ 33 years of total experience. 

Patrick Fennell (1998 Graduate) – COO, Texel Air WLL – New Zealand (~ 2 years); CEO, Cranfield University, Malta (~5 years); COO, XFLY/Small Planet, Estonia (~4 years); Operations Management, Oman Air (~2 years); Head of Operations, Air Asia, Malaysia (3 years); Head of Network Operations, REDjet, Barbados (1.5 years); Director of Network Operations/Head of Operations/Consultant, SAMA, Saudi Arabia (~4  years); Head of Operations, Air Asia, Malaysia (3 years), plus various experience in UAE and Ireland (~4 years). total experience (~24 years)
Dakota Ferraro (2022 Graduate) – Aircraft Dispatcher (Piedmont) (~.5 year); (currently National) ~2 months.

Johnathan Fleary – Aircraft Dispatcher – Berry Aviation, Afghanistan (~5 months); ~6 years of dispatcher and Flight Operations Managerial experience. 

Melinda Fogerty – Aircraft Dispatcher, UPS (32 years; ret.)

Brian Folan – Auditor Operations Quality Assurance/Manager Flight Dispatcher, Spirit Airlines (~2 years); Senior ROC Manager, REVA (Air Ambulance) (~.5 years); OCC Operations Manager/Manager OCC/Dispatch Technical Supervisor/Flight Dispatch Officer, Spirit Airlines (~6.5 years); Flight Follower/Dispatcher, Capital Air Cargo Intl (~1.5 years); SOC Sector Supervisor/Aircraft Dispatcher, Pinnacle (~1.5 years).

John Ford – Aircraft Dispatcher – National Air Cargo (~2 years)

Everyone R. Foster (2018 Grad) – Aviation OCC Duty & Compliance Manager, Auditor, Wizz Air (U.A.E. ~3 years); Aviation OCC Duty & Compliance Manager, Lauda Motion GmbH (Austria ~2 years); (total = 5 years.)

Brooks Franklin – Aircraft Dispatcher – UPS (~ 3.5 years); Frontier/Cape Air (~ 3 years)

Jorge Freyer (2012 Grad) – Product Manager Ground Operation Products/Senior Product Consultant/Product Consultant, Lufthansa Systems (~5 years); Duty Manager Airline Control Center (ACC)/Duty Manager Flight Dispatch, DHL European Air Transport Leipzig (~4 years); Deputy FlightDispatch Manager/Ops Duty Officer – DHL European Air Transport Leipzig (~ 2.5 years); Lido Supervisor and Ops Officer, Air Berlin (2 years), more…

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Michele Galinari – Aircraft Dispatcher – Etihad Airways (6 years)

Jim Ganci – Stations Manager/Training/Customer Service Manager ~ 5 years at  Allegiant and American Airlines

“I have received 4 (job) offers…many of the interviews I have gotten have been because of my “pedigree”…going to Sheffield. I am amazed at the respect your school has….I am honored to be a graduate. Thank you for all the work you ..!” 

Jonathon Garcia-Voissem – Dispatch Supervisor – Compass; Aircraft Dispatcher – Southwest 6 years

Tonya Garey – Senior Technical Specialist, CAVOK Group (~5 years); IOSA/ISAGO Auditor/Senior Consultant, GHS Aviation Group (~3.5 years); Contractor/Director of System Operations Control/Operations Control/Dispatch Trainer, Southern Air (~3.5 years); D.A.D.E. (Designated Aircraft Dispatch Examiner), FAA Representative (~2 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, Atlantic Southeast Airlines (~2 years); Career Development Manager, Flight Safety International (~2 years); Manager of System Operations/Dispatcher, Southern Air (3.5 years). Approximate cumulative experience ~ 20 years.

James Garnsworthy – Group Airlines Duty Manager/Airline Duty Operations Manager, Thomas Cool Airlines Limited (~24 years); Dispatcher, Servisair (4.5 years)

James Gazlay – Flight Dispatcher/IOC Sector Manager, American Airlines (~ 6 years); SOC Manager,Virgin America (~ 3 years); SOC Manager/Aircraft Dispatcher, Pinnacle Airlines (~11 years) 

Frank van Gelswijck – Operations Officer, Dnata (Netherlands) (~5 years); Supervisor Operations/Load Control, Cargolux Airlines (~.5 years); Operations Duty Officer, Avia Partner (~17 years). Approximate cumulative experience ~ 23 years.

Barry Gentry – Aircraft Dispatcher – ExpressJet Airlines (~20 years)

Thomas Gieschen – (2001 Grad) – Director Ground Operation at Nomad Aviation (~6 years); General Manager, GHead of Mission Control Centre, 

Jodell Gilligan – Aircraft Dispatcher – Republic Airways (~ 2 years); Flight Logistics and Crewmember Coordinator, SC Aviation (1 year).

Wesley C. Gingery – (2003 Grad) – Manager, Flight Dispatch/Dispatcher Omni Air International (~14 years); Dispatcher, Mesa (2 years); Dispatcher, Air Midwest Airlines (~2 years).

David Good – Manager Operations Control Center – Global Crossing Airlines (~1 year); OCC Shift Manager, PSA Airlines (~3 years); Aircraft Dispatcher – Eastern/Endeavor (~ 5 years)

Brian Gonzalez – Air Traffic Systems Manager – American Airlines (~9 years); Senior Flight Director, Universal Jet Charter (~3 years); Senior Flight Director, Gama Aviation (~1 year); Manager of Flight Dispatch – EOS Airlines (~1 year); Director of Safety – Southern Air (4 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, Key Air (~.5 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, Arrow Air (~4.5 years). Total experience within the industry ~ 23 years.

Lee Jordan Grauer (2006 Grad) – former Sheffield Dispatcher instructor (2 years); National Airlines 747 first officer (5 years); Atlas Air 747 first officer (3 years); Atlas Air 767 Captain (~5 years);  Captain – B-777 – Atlas Air (~1 year) – total experience (~ 16 years)

Val Grieve – Manager Flight Support, Play Airline (~1.5 years), Dreamlifter Operations, Boeing (~1.5 years); Aviation Consultant, Bluebird Cargo (~.5 years); Flight Support Manager, WOW Air (~ 3years); Manager Flight Support, Primera Air (~7.5 years)

Gus Guarin (2011 Grad) – Station Operations Center Manager, NOC router, etc.. United Airlines (total 12 years).

Misael Gutierrez – Dispatcher/Coordinator, Ventura Air Services (~2 years).


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Tayyaba Habib – Aircraft Dispatcher – Fly Aviation- United Arab Emirates (~3 years) 

Helge Hafstad Manager Environment & CSR, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) (~ 3 years); Manager Environment, SAS Norge (~ 2 years); Manager Flight Support & Environment, SAS Braathens (2 years); Manager Flight Support & Environment/Assistant Mgr. Flight Support Braathens AS (6 years), Head of Dispatch/Flight Dispatch Coordinator/Flight Dispatcher, Braathens SAFE (12 years), more. Total aviation experience = 25+ years.

Joseph Hall – First Officer/JetBlue ALPA Flight Safety FOQA Gatekeeper, JetBlue Airways (~3.5 years); First Officer, Republic Airways (~3.5 years); Captain/Assistant Director of Safety, Seaport Airlines (~1.5 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, Cape Air (5 years.)

Jeffrey Hansen (1992 Grad) -– Aircraft Dispatcher (ret.) – United Airlines (30 years.)

Taylor Hansen – Aircraft Dispatcher – SkyWest Airlines (~9 years.)

Frank Hashek (1998 Grad) – Flight Follower, Kalitta Air (~ 9 years); Airline Dispatcher, National Airlines (~2 years); Airline Dispatcher, Republic Airlines (3 years); Airline Dispatcher, ATA Airlines (8 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, Chautauqua Airlines (~2 years). Total aviation experience = 24+ years.

Justin Hatcher – Aircraft Dispatcher – PSA Airlines (~3 years)

Jesse Hefely – Aircraft Dispatcher – Lyden Air Cargo/Alaska (~10 years)

Richard Hendrickson – Senior Applications Administrator Alaska Airlines (~ 6 years)

Matthew Henning – Aircraft Dispatcher – United Airlines; Dispatch Supervisor – Compass Airlines

Jason Herter (1999 Grad) – Vice President OCC, IndiGo (InterGlobe Aviation Ltd, India) (~4.5 years); Regional Head Network Management Center, AirAsia (~7 years); Head of Operations, SAMA (.5 years); Operations Control Center Manager – Amerijet International (~7 years).

Daniel Hihn (2003 Grad) – Aircraft Dispatcher – Chautauqua Airlines (16 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, Boston-Maine Airways (1 year).

Jade Hill – Air Traffic Control Specialist – Emirates Airlines (~ 2 years)

Viktoria Hingsamer (1994 grad) Senior Navigation Officer/Nav Officer at TUIfly (~ 18 years); Dispatch – Hapag Lloyd (~ 3 years); movement and operations control, Tyroloan Airways (~ 5 years). 

Nicholas Hoffman – Program Manager-Safety and Regulatory Compliance/Senior Business Consultant – Network Operations Control, Southwest Airlines (~3 years); Principal Strategy Manager/Principal Product Manager/Senior Business System Analyst, Sabre Airline Solutions (~7.5 years); Director of System Operations Control/Manager System Operations Control, Ryan International Airlines (~2.5 years); Manager System Operations Control/Aircraft Dispatcher/Supervisor/Training Manager/ATC Coordinator, American Trans Air (~11 years). Total experience in industry ~ 24 years.

Greg Holland (2006 grad) – Head of Operations – Titan Airways (~10+ years); Disruption Manager – Easyjet (~ 8 years), more… 

James Tyler Holman (2012 grad) – Flight Dispatcher – Southwest Airlines (~6 years)

Sean Holmes – (2012 grad) Supervisor System Operations Training at JetBlue Airways, (~ 5 years), JetBlue Airways; Acting Manager System Operations Training (1 year), JetBlue

Scott Holtzman – (1992 grad) Senior System Operations Manager at Delta Air Lines, (~ 30 years).

Jeffrey Hubright – (1995 grad) Flight Superintendent at Delta Air Lines, (~ 26 years).

Robbie Hughes – Sr. Manager, Flight Operations Scheduling and Dispatch/Flight Test Dispatcher, Gulfstream Aerospace (9 years); Manager, Crew Resources/Ops Administrator, NetJets International, Inc. (~11.5 years). 

Elena Huston – Assistant Aircraft Dispatcher – Southwest Airlines (~6 years)

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Kathryn (Torres) Illescas – AAir Traffic Control Specialist/FAA (~3.5 years); Aircraft Dispatcher Endeavor Air (~1.5 years)

Jacob Ivester – Assistant Aircraft Dispatcher – Southwest Airlines (~1 year); Aircraft Dispatcher – SkyWest (~2 years)

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Leon Jansen – A very special American hero, and Sheffield mentor and friend!

Thomas P Jardine (1966 graduate) – 

“I would assume this is the same school that Wilbur Sheffield was running back in 1966 on 36th street across from Eastern Airlines in Miami. (It is.. EM) It was a wonderful school when I went there. The end result was that I flew for Eastern as FE, First Officer, Captain, instructor, check airman on the B727.”

Frank Jefferis – (1991 grad) Flight Superintendent at Delta Air Lines, (~ 23 years. Ret. 2015).

Mark Jennings – Experience includes: Senior Business Requirements Analyst, Collins Aerospace (~4 years); Flight Consultant, World Fuel Services dba Spire Flight Solutions (~1 year); SeniorManager/Manager Dispatch OCC, Spirit Airlines (~2 years); Operations Manager/Chief Dispatcher, Virgin America (~4 years), SOC Shift Manager/Aircraft Dispatcher, Frontier Airlines (~4.5 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, National Airlines (~1 year). With additional cumulative background, total experience (~20 years).

Shannon Jones – Aircraft Dispatcher – American Airlines

Anil John – Operations Manager/Senior Operations Controller/Ops Controller, Royal Jet (~9 years); Flight Dispatcher/HR Executive, Qatar Airways (~6.5 years).

Alex Johnson (2018 grad) – Aircraft Dispatcher, Southwest Airlines (~1.5 years, as of May 2023); Aircraft Dispatcher, Frontier Airlines (~.5 year); Aircraft Dispatcher, CommuAir dba United Express (~ 2.5 years) 

Patrick Joseph – Vice President/Director of Safety & Security,/Manager Flight Operations World Airways (~ 12 years); Manager of Flight Operations, Falcon Air (~3 years). 

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Dr. Basanta Kabi, PhD (India) – Duty Manager-Integrated Flight Dispatch & OCC, Amiri Flight (Doha, Qatar) (~11.5 years); Manager Operations Control Center, Kingfisher Airlines ((4 years); Radar Supervisor, Indian Air Force (~10.5 years) 

Prathamesh Kamath – NOC as a Safety Performance Program Manager, Southwest Airlines (1 month as of April 2023); Assistant Director/Flight Operations SOC, National Air Cargo (~11 years); Flight Dispatcher, Palm Aviation FZCO (~2.5 years) 

Andrey Karimov – Flight Dispatcher & Head of Flight Dispatch SWW OCC/Ramp Coordinator/Preflight prep dispatcher, Silk Way Airlines (~15 years)

Dan Kasdorf (1988 grad) – Manager/

Daniel Kiesl – Aircraft Dispatcher – Midwest Airlines (~3.5 years); ATC specialist presently ~11 years.

Sylvia Kille – Aircraft Dispatcher – Frontier Airlines (~10 years)

Gayoung Kim – Aircraft Dispatcher – T’way Air (~3 years)

Ken Kishman – International Aircraft Dispatcher/OJT Instructor – UPS (22 years)

Guido Knigge – Manager Flight Dispatch, Emirates Airlines (20 years)

Debbie Kowalewski – Aircraft Dispatcher & ATC Coordinator, United Airlines (20 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, Comair Airlines (~4 years)

Tim Krehl – System Network Director (~.5 years), Director Network Operations-Safety/Sr. Mgr. Safety & Regulatory Compliance, United Airlines (11 years); Manager Flight Dispatch, Ryan International Airlines (~ 2 years); International Flight Dispatcher, Trans World Airlines (~ 1.5 years); Flight Dispatcher, Comair Airlines (~ 2 years). Total Cumulative aviation experience = 17 + years.]

Ryan M Krogh – to add details soon.

Karthik Krishnakumar (from India)– Aircraft Dispatcher – eFlight Trip Support – (~ 3years)

KT Kwong (2015 Grad) – Manager Operations Control/Mgr Ops Standard and Performance/Supervisor Ops Control, HK Express (~7 years); Executive Flight Dispatcher, Jet Aviation Business Jets (Hong Kong) Limited, (3 years).

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Brian LaFountain – Aircraft Dispatcher – Berry Aviation (~1 year); Instructor Mission Systems Operator – Grey Aviation Advisors and Solutions, Inc. (~2 years); Aircraft Dispatcher – Prescott Support (~3 years)

Jackie Lancaster-McCarthy – retired; Manager Commercial Relations/Services/Aeronautical Publications/Customer Service/Operations Officer, Nav Canada (~ 32 years) 

Richard Landeck – Principal Product Manager/Supervisor Delivery Management/Senior Business Systems Analyst – Sabre Airline Solutions (~9 years); ATC/Network Manager/Flight Dispatch Officer, AirTran Airways (~3.5 years); Flight Dispatch Officer, ATA (~9.5 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, Skyway Airlines (~1 year). 

Fred Larkins (2005 grad) – Senior Aircraft Dispatcher – NetJets – (~14.5 years). 

Molly Laughlin – Aircraft Dispatcher, National Airlines (~.5 years)

Andrey Lavreniuk (1998 grad)– Support air services/Flight Planning Director,  UAB BALC (Ukraine) (~7 years)

Craig Laymon – Aircraft Dispatcher – HOP-A-JET (4 years)

Chris LeBlanc (2022 grad/Retired Naval Flight Officer) – Duty Manager, ATS/ATGI and Dispatcher, Silver Airways (~ 2 years).

John Leiman – Aircraft Dispatcher – Delta Airlines (~7 years); Lead Aircraft Dispatcher/ATC coordinator – Comair (15 years)

Chris Lester – (2012 grad), Aircraft Dispatcher, Southwest Airlines (~ 7 years); Flight dispatcher – Air Transport International (~ 2 years) 

John Lovell – (Sheffield 1995 grad) – Senior Aircraft Accident Investigator/U.S   Accredited Representative (~ 13.5 years)/Air Safety Investigator (~ 8 years), NTSB (total of ~ 22 years); Crisis Action Officer (USCG Reserve) – U.S. Southern Command (~ 1 year); U.S. Coast Guard (~ 4.5 =years); Systems analyst-SETA Corporation (~2.5 years); Contingency Planner (Coast Guard Reserve) (~ 1 year); Flight dispatcher, United Airlines (~ 1 year); Flight dispatcher, Horizon Airlines (~ 1 year); Operations Team Leader/Chief-Electronic Navigation Engineering Support Section, U.S. Coast Guard (~ 2 years); more…


“Thank you very much for your kind words. I owe a lot to Sheffield. It was one of the best decisions I made in professional life to attend Sheffield for flight dispatcher training, and that training and follow-on work at Horizon and United gave me the basic knowledge I needed to have a good basic understanding of airline operations. Thank you and your family and staff for the great training. Please convey my sentiments to them for me.

Also, please feel free to keep contact with me and let me know if there is anything (permissible that is not a conflict) that I can do to assist you.”

Most sincerely,


Alice Luna (1992 grad) – Operations Manager & Aircraft Dispatcher, United Airlines (~38 years) 

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John M. – Junior Antarctic Meteorologist, DigitaliBiz, Inc. (~3 years); Aviation Meteorologist/Aircraft Dispatcher, Fair Wind Air Charter (~4.5 years)

John Matthews (1998 grad) – Flight Dispatcher and Hub Coordinator, American Airlines ( 23 years); Flight Dispatcher, Boston-Maine/Trans States, Trans World (~2 years).

Florian Maass (2012 grad) – Network Controller, Luftansa CityLine (~ 3 years); Operations Control Manager, AirBerlin (~ 11 years); Airport Operatons Supervisor, Luftansa (~ 4 years), more..

Kevin Magner (2009 grad) – Flight Superintendent, Delta Air Lines (~ 6.5 years); Manager of Systems Operations Training (~ 1.5 years), Flight dispatcher (~ 2.5 years), Southern Air Inc.; Flight Dispatcher, Republic Airlines (~ 1 year)

Dave Maguire – Aircraft Dispatcher – Southern Air Inc. (~6 years); Aircraft Dispatcher Comair (16 years).

William Mallian (2023 grad) – Dispatcher, Republic (~ 1 month as of April 2023)

Ethan Manchester – Dispatcher/Flight Follower Trainer/Dispatcher-follower, Kalitta Air (~ 6 years)

Chuck Mann – Aircraft Dispatcher – United Airlines (~15 years); Aircraft Dispatcher Air Wisconsin (~3.5 years); Aircraft Dispatcher/System Operations Manager, National Airlines (3 years), Aircraft Dispatcher – Mesa Airlines (~4 years)

Raymond Marois – Manager Aircraft Performance Engineering – Atlas Air (~9.5 years); Aircraft Dispatcher Training Instructor/Flight Planning System Administrator/Competency Check Dispatcher/ATC Coordinator/Manager of Flight Dispatch/Aircraft Dispatcher – Spirit Airlines (~12 years) 

Thomas Martin – Aircraft Dispatcher – National Airlines (~.5 years)

Jim McClay – Director, Airspace, Air Traffic and Security – AOPA (~ 7 months); Project Manager/Air Traffic Management Specialist – NBAA (~14 years); Aircraft Dispatcher –Independence Air (~1 year)

Greg McNeil – Assistant Aircraft Dispatcher – Southwest Airlines (~1.5 years); ATC coordinator & Dispatcher – Virgin America (~10 years)

Shawn Mechelke – President AFV Partners Aviation Vertical; manager flight   operations American trans air; executive vp of operations-flight explorer;  director operations solutions-Sabre Holdings

Roberto Meinhofer (1996 grad) – Dispatch Manager/Aircraft Dispatcher, Spirit Airlines (~1 year); Aircraft Dispatcher, Frontier Airlines (~2 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, Aerodynamics, Inc. (~3.5 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, Comair (~4 years); 

Omar Melendez – Rockwell Collins/ARINC Direct-Western Global-ASIG (~5 years)

Steven Mercer (2009 grad) – Aircraft Dispatcher, American Airlines (1.0 year); Lead System Controller/Aircraft Dispatcher, SkyWest Airlines (~3.5 years); Air Transportation Supervisor/Dispatch Instructor/Aircraft Dispatcher, Empire Airlines (~8 years)

“Thank you very much Eric! Very Grateful for you and your school for building that firm foundation that helped get me into AA!” S.M. Feb. 2023

American Airlines logo

James ‘Dusty’ Miller (1995 Graduate)  – Director Quality Assurance and Training, American International airlines, may 1996-July 1998 (2 yrs 3 months); Director of Contract Logistics, ryan International Airlines, Jul 1998-Feb 2013, 14.5 years; VP of Business Development, Integral Flight Services, April-oct 2013 ~.5 years; Director of Security and Ground Operations, National Airlines, June 2014-sep 2015 (~1.5 years); Program Manager, Omni Air International (1 year); General Manager, Envoy Air (.5 years); Project Manager Lockheed Martin (~.5 years); President Integral Aviation Consultants (~14 years); Program mgr, site lead, Installation manager, Leidos (~ 7 years); (total ~ 28 years.)

August 22, 2023 – “The training I received at Sheffield launched me on a career in aviation that has taken me from airline dispatching and operations control, to aviation security. I came to Sheffield with zero aviation experience in 1995, and here I am 28 years later looking back on a spectacular career that has literally taken me around the world.” JDM

Steve Mineck (1980 Graduate) –   United Airlines (~ 6 years); Manager Flight Services; Pentastar (~1 year);  Administrator, Integrated Fleet Services, Safety Chairman, Flight Dispatch, Flight Dispatcher, United Air Lines (~14 years).  Total experience (~27+ years.)

Tilden Montant (1992 grad) – Operations Manager  – US Airways/American Airlines (~ 16 years); Manager Ocean City Municipal Airport (~ 8 years).

Ernesto Montesino – Manager of Flight Following – Western Global Airlines – to edit

Virginia Moratti (2017 grad) – Flight Dispatcher – Dialysis Clinic, Inc. (~3.5 years)

Paul Morgan – Aircraft Dispatcher – Comair Airlines (~10 years)

Bill Mostowy – Director SOC/MESA Airlines, Director OCC/Flight Control SkyWest Airlines

Raja Mukherjee – Logistics Management, Medway Air Ambulance (~2.5 years); Operations Manager, Falcon Express LLC (~1 year); Aircraft Dispatcher, Sly Lease Cargo (~2 years); OCC Duty Manager, World Airways (~1 year)

Stacey Mulder (2015 grad) – Manager/director Schedule Development, Spirit Airlines (~8 years);

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Vipan Nath – Consultant Flight Operations, Airliner dispatch dba VIP Global Marketing (~20 years); Supervisor System Flight Control – DHL Airways – now ASAR Aircargo) (~16 years); Aircraft Dispatcher – Saudi Arabian Airlines (~9 years)

Miguel Palero Nazario – Senior Flight Dispatcher, Air Hamburg (~.5 years); Operation Control Center Dispatcher, Global Jet Concept (2.5 years); Operations Control Coordinator, ASL Airlines Switzerland (~1 year); Flight Dispatcher, Iberia Express (~3 years); Flight Dispatcher, Vueling Airlines (~2 years); Flight Dispatcher, Gestair (~5.5 years)

Allan Nelson (1999 Grad) – Aircraft Dispatcher – Big Sky Airlines, Bahamas air & LJ Aviation (~10 years); ATC Salt Lake Center and Supervisor at LA Center. (15 years)

Fabian Nestola – Dispatch Duty Manager at the TUI GOC

Mary Nixon – Aircraft Dispatcher – Mesa (~1.5 years) 

Mark Nonnemacher – Aircraft Dispatcher – Piedmont/USA 3000/Kiwi Airlines (~5 years)

Jason North (1992 grad) – Dispatch Training Program Manager, Oct 2017 – Present · 5 yrs 8 mos, Sr. Product Manager – Flight Explorer (~2 years); Director, Systems Operations Control (SOC), Manager Dispatch, ATA Airlines · Flight Dispatcher; Amerijet International

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Stephanie Ocampo (2017 grad) – Aircraft Dispatcher, United Airlines (~3+ years)

Andrew O’Connell – Chief Dispatcher/Dispatcher – United Airlines (~9 years); Dispatcher – Colgan (~1.5 years)

Sijuade Olanrewaju – Aircraft Dispatcher – Piedmont Airlines (~2 years)

Alberto Ortega (1998 Grad) – Manager of Navigation and International Programs/Manager International Operations at JetBlue (~6.5 years); Logistics and Operational, SOC Manager, Duty Manager – System Operation Center – AVIANCATACA (~21 years)

Wilfredo Ortiz (2001 grad) – Flight Superintendent, Delta Air Lines (~22 years as of 2023.)

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Adam Page (2014 Grad) – Manager, OCC Operations, Spirit Airlines (~2.5 years); Manager-Airport Coordination Center-Atlanta/OCC Shift Manager, Endeavor Air (~3 years), and much more.

Chris Palmen – ATM Training Manager – Supervisor Flight Dispatch – KLM      

Jacob Pare (2010 grad) – Aircraft Dispatcher/Dispatch Coordinator/Desk Trainer/DSAP committee member ~10 years; flight followers, Avantair (6 months)

Kenneth Parsons – Independent Consultant/Senior Business Analyst-Flight Ops and ATM, NavAIM (Belgium) (~9.5 years), more…

Alan B. Pechman (1992 graduate) – Senior Business Consultant/Manager NOC Projects/Senior Manager NOC Automation and Support, Flight Dispatch, Southwest Airlines – (8 years); Senior Manager Dispatch Technology Development and Support/NOC Program Manager – Fuel Efficiency Strategy/Manager Dispatch Operations, United Airlines  (~ 3 years); Chief Dispatcher – Flight Planning Development/Aircraft Dispatcher, Continental Airlines  (~ 18 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, Continental Express  (1 year); Total experience (~ 30 years) 

“Eric, I owe a lot to Sheffield and to you for where I am today, actually – the foundation I learned at the school has served me well! Whenever I’m asked about where I went to get my license I never hesitate to sing Sheffield’s praises.”  

Senior Business Consultant, Flight Dispatch at Southwest Airlines – June 28, 2022

Randy Pelky (1984 grad) – Flight Operations – Delta Air Lines (26 years); Manager, Flight Control – ASA (~13 years as of 1997), total experience (~39 years)

Cecilia Perez – Flight Dispatcher – Allegiant – (~3.5 years)

Brian Peterson – Flight Planning, ISYS Technologies (~1 year); System Operations Control Center Advisor, Ambassador Air Group (~11 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, Great Lakes Aviation (~.5 years)

Jason Peterson – Program Manager, Stennis Space Center; Range and Aviation Operations Manager/NASA (~2.5 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, Airbus Group (~2.5 years); Mississippi Air National Guard (17 years); Airfield Management, U.S. Air Force (~7.5 years)

Claire Petras – Operational Control Analyst – Air Methods – (~4 years); Ground Operations Supervisor – SWA (~1 year)

Robert James Wei Phillips – Flight Dispatcher Officer – Spirit Airlines (~2 years); Aircraft Dispatcher/Flight Follower – Kalitta Air/National airlines (~2 years)

Nicholas Pillitteri (2018 graduate) – Flight Dispatch Officer – Spirit Airlines (~5 years).

Joseph Plesko (2017 graduate) – Flight Dispatcher/Lead Flight Dispatcher/Duty Manager/Flight Dispatch Manager, Western Global Airlines (~ 4 years); Flight Dispatch Officer – Via Airlines (~1.5 years).

Nathan Polderman (2005 graduate) – UAL – Sr. Mgr Meteorology-Sr. Manager Dispatch Training (~ 12 years); Chief dispatcher/dispatcher (4.5 years), Continental; NOC Training Manager; Pinnacle (2 years). [Total experience~19 years.]

Erwin Ponce – Owner, ELP Aviation, LLC (~11 years), Manager of Operations Software Systems, Ryan International Airlines (~2 years); Manager of System Ops Technology, Spirit Airlines (~ 4 years); Director of SOC, Pan Am/Carnival Airlines (~13 years). Total experience within aviation industry ~ 32 years.

Kelvin Poon – Flight Dispatch Manager/Assistant Mgr. Flight Dispatch/Flight Control Coordinator/NOTAM Service Controller, Cathay Pacific Airways (~13 years); Global Ops Control Center Specialist, FedEx (~1 year).

Jonathan Puckett – General Manager, DC Operations/Operations Resource Manager, Delta Air Lines (5.5 years); Manager Dispatch and Operations Control Center/Mgr. Dispatch OCC –Endeavor Airlines (~3 years); Manager Dispatch/Operations Flight Data Supervisor/Dispatch Sector Supervisor/Dispatcher – Pinnacle Airlines (~5 years).

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Darryl Radford – Assistant Dispatcher – Southwest Airlines – Aircraft Dispatcher Republic Airways (~2.5 years)

Patricia Rafferty – Air Operations Manager International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) (~6 years); and Operations & Logistics Officer, The United Nations Support Office for AMISOM (UNSOA) (~2 years); Aviation Logistics Office, The United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) (~3.5 years); Flight Dispatcher, Britannia Airways (6 years)

Melissa Rajcoomar – Operations Coordinator – Discovery Jets (~2 years); Operations/Dispatch Supervisor/Flight dispatcher – REVA, Inc. (Air Ambulance) (~3 years)

Dhanash Ramdath – Manager Operations Control Center, LIAT (12 years); Manager Domestic Ops, Caribbean Airlines/Tobago Express (11 months); Mgr. SOC, Caribbean Star (2 years); Ops Coordinator, Caribbean Sun (1 year); Supervisor SOC, Caribbean Star (4 years). 

Daniel Rangel – First Officer (B767-200/300ER – Atlas Air (~4 years); Pilot – Miami Air International (B737-800 & -400) (~4 years)

Veronica Ray – Managing Director, Casa Viola Inc. (~4.5 years); Flight Dispatch Training and Development Officer/Flight Dispatcher/Cabin Manager, Etihad Airways (~12 years).

James Reeves – (2007 grad) – Manager Flight Operations Dispatch, Flight Dispatcher, Gulfstream Aerospace (~ 9 years); Senior Aviation Operations Sergeant/1SG – U.S. Army (~ 6 years); total experience ~15 years.

Greg Reisdorf – (2004 grad) – Station Manager Dallas-Ft. Worth – Luftansa Group (~ 1 month); Station Manager Austin, TX – Luftansa Group (~ 2.5 years); Interim Station Manager San Jose – Luftansa Group (~ 1.5 years); Station Manager San Francisco – Swiss International Air Lines (~ 5.5 years); more…

Simeon Richardson – Piedmont Airlines – Manager of Dispatch Training & Data (~2 years as of Oct 2023)

Piedmont Airlines – Manager of Dispatch Training & Data 

OCC Supervisor at US Airways Express/Piedmont Airlines owned by The NewAmerican Airlines (~21 years)

Xavier Richardson – Aircraft Dispatcher – ExpressJet Airlines (~6 years); Ramp Supervisor – United Airlines (13 years)

Carlos Rivera – Check Dispatch Instructor/SOC Duty Manager/Aircraft Dispatcher, National Airlines (~2.5 years); ATC Specialist (14 years)

Jude Roachford – Cargo Operations Coordinator – Caribbean Airlines Ltd (Trinidad & Tobago) (~3 years); Flight Operations Officer – Caribbean Airlines Ltd (~8 years);  Flight Dispatcher – Intercaribbean Airways (Turks and Caicos (~5 years)

Christopher Rolfe – Hub/ATC Coordinator/Flight Dispatcher – ExpressJet – (~8 years)

Ashley Ross – Aircraft Dispatcher – Envoy Air (~2 years)

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Giovanni Sanseverino – Assistant Manager Operations Control, Cargolux Airlines (Luxembourg) (~7 years); H24 OCC Manager/Security Manager, New Livingston S.p.A. (~2 years); OCC Manager, Air Italy S.p.A. (~1 years); Netline Project Manager/OCC Manager, Volare S.p.A. (~6 years); Flight Dispatcher & Duty Supervisor, Air Europe S.p.A. (~7.5 years); Flight Manager, Tea Italia S.p.A. (~4.5 years).

Michael Saricos – Chief Dispatcher and Administrative Professional Turbine Flight Operations – Purdue Polytechnic Institute & Aircraft Dispatcher – Republic (~ 2 years)

Marty Savitska (1991 grad) – Flight Superintendent, Delta Air Lines (~22 years, as of 2014-ret.)

Josephine Schran – Flight Dispatcher/Flight Dispatch Assistant/Aircraft Material Purchasing Coordinator, European Air Transport Leipzig GmbH ((~6.5 years)

Danielle (Raymond) Schwartz – Manager OCC/Aircraft Dispatcher – Allegiant (~3 years); Systems Operations Control Manager/Dispatcher – Virgin America (~ 5 years)

Gregg Scott (2001 grad) – Systems Operation Manager, Delta Air Lines (~5 years); Supervisor International Flight Control Asia, Pacific Region, Delta (~ 8 years); Flight Superintendent International Operations and Line Check Dispatcher, Delta (7 years); Manager Technical Operations-Delta Express (~5.5 years), and more. (Total ~25 years.)

Lisa Seesee – Quality Control Clerk – Clay Lacy Aviation (~1 year); International flight planner/Aircraft Dispatcher – Jet Aviation/Encompass Aviation (3 years)

Daniel Sempala (Uganda) (2009 grad) – Fight Operations Officer – Uganda Air Cargo (~ 12 years)

Dave Seng (2019 grad) – Fight Dispatcher – Spirit/PSA Airlines (~ 2 years)

Ruud Sikma (2003 grad) – Duty Manager Flight, (4 months), Senior Dispatcher and Instructor (~3.5 years), Supervisor Flight Dispatch (~23 years), Operational Manager Dispatch (~1 year), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Aravind Sekar – Flight Dispatcher – MoonJet Flight Support (India) (~3 years); Flight Operation Supervisor – Eflight (Bangladore) (~1 year)

Anthony Sestito – Senior Manager, Flight Dispatch Operations – United Airlines (~7.5 years); Aircraft Dispatcher/NOTAM Analyst – Continental/United Airlines (~24 years)

Konstantin Shalashnikov – Head of Flight Dispatch Department – LLC Nordwind –

Ben Shermer (1992 grad) – Director – Flight Control – Delta Air Lines (2 years as of 2023), General Manager Flight Control – Delta Air Lines (9 years); Fedex, ValueJet, etc.. total experience (~31 years)

Jennifer Shinn – Aircraft Dispatcher Southwest Airlines (~5 years)

Dev Singh – Flight Dispatcher, Air France KLM (20 years); Full Flight Operations Officer, KLM (14 years), and more.

Jan Erik Slettmo – Aircraft Dispatcher, FKS (~5.5 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, Miami Air International (~6 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, Lynx Air International (~1 year); Aircraft Dispatcher, Scenic Airlines (~2 years).

Brian D. Smith – Senior Manager, Operations Data and Dispatch Support – United Airlines (~12 years); Aircraft Dispatch Safety Management system Project Manager – Continental Airlines (~3 years); Director Operations Control Center – Skybus Airlines (~2 years); Senior Manager, Charter Services – DHL/ASTAR (~9.5 years); Dispatch Supervisor/Planner – American Trans Air (~6.5 years); ATC (~2 years); ATC US Air Force (~3.5 years)

Patrick Smith – TMC Dispatcher – LBJ TEXpress (7 months); Aircraft Dispatcher – Silver Airways (~4 years)

Shane Smithpeters (2006 grad) – SWA Dispatch Training Instructor (~5 years) & Designated Aircraft Dispatcher Examiner (~3 years); lead dispatcher, Atlantic Southeast Airlines/ExpressJet airlines (~15 years).

Dean Snell (1989 grad) – Manager Air Traffic Services at National Business Aviation Association (~15.5 years); Flight Dispatcher, Gannett/USA Today Network (6 years); Flight Dispatcher, MCI Communications (6 years); International Flight Operations Coordinator, Air Routing International, LP (4 years); Flight Operations Coordinator, Presidential Airways (4 years)

Luciano Soemanta – Aerodromes Inspector (Developmental) at Civil Aviation Safety Authority Suriname (CASAS) (~2.5 years); Flight dispatcher/Senior Flight Dispatcher (~8 years), Surinam Airways

Lodielyn Spearman – Senior Flight Coordinator – GAMA Aviation (~2.5 years); Flight Coordinator – Landmark/TWC/RC_ARINC (~5 years)

Jens Stadler (1996 grad + workshops) Senior Business Consultant at Lufthansa Systems (12 years); Business Consultant Lido Flight at Lufthansa Systems Americas (~7.5 years); Supervisor Operation Control Center (OCC) at Hapag Lloyd Airline (4 years); Flight Dispatcher at Hapag Lloyd Airline (~2+ years). Total ~ 25 years.

Holly Stafford – Aircraft Dispatcher, FedEx Express (~ 36.5 years)

Herb Stebbins – Managing Director at Aviation Consultant

Jacob Streijffert – (2018 grad) Operations Coordinator/Turnaround coordinator Dnata Switzerland AG (2.5 years)

Christine Stelbrink (2012 grad) Flight Dispatcher/Flugdienstberaterin, Air Berlin (~10 years)

Eric Stellmack – Aircraft Dispatcher – Republic Airways (~2 years) 

James ‘Bear’ Stuart – Senior Account Manager/Acct Mgr/Aircraft Dispatcher, Executive Jet Management (~8 years); Flight Controller/Dispatcher, Comair (~15 years)

Irina Sugarliev – Field Service Manager/Senior Engineer-Performance Engineering, Delta Air Lines (~10 years); Aircraft Configuration Engineer/Sector Manger Flight Control/Aircraft Dispatcher, Atlantic Southeast Airlines (~4 years)

Alvar Sverrisson – Project Manager/Flight Standards Specialist/Aircraft Manual and Doc Publishing, Icelandair (~13.5 years)

Abdul Majid Syed – Flight Dispatcher, Emirates Airlines (~14 years); Ground Dispatcher, Emirates (2 years)

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John Talmedge (1993 grad) – Vice President/Director of Worldwide Sales at Avidyne, (~4 years); Director OCC DayJet Corp. (~2 years); System Manager Flight Control, Delta Air Lines (~6.5 years)

Anthony Taylor – Poject Manager, Armstrong Consulting (~3 years); Manager, System OperationsControl/Manager on Duty SOC/Aircraft Dispatcher,
Island Air Honolulu, HI (~4.5 years)

Debbie Tempesta – Director-System Network Control, United Airlines (~1 year); Managing Director-EWR/NYC Ops/United Express Ops Performance/Network Director-Network Ops (~ 4 years); Operations Manager-Network Ops (~6 years), more.

Hernan Tenesaca – OCC Dispatcher, Spirit Airlines (~5 years); Aircraft Dispatcher/OCC Sector Manager, ExpressJet Airlines, INC. (~8.5 years); ATC Tower Specialist (Equador) (~2.5 years)

Mark ter Hove (2006 grad) – Aircraft dispatcher/Swissport; Ops office, Navigation and Performance manager, Sales, Director Aeronautical SATCOM/Europe, Director Global Air Transport, Senior Manager AAM-UK; total experience (18 years).

January 12, 2023 – “Good luck team! I managed to make it through 18 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did! Have fun!”

Alain Terzakis – Manager Flight Operations Control/Flight Control Supervisor, ABX Air, Inc. (~13 years).

Björn Tiffert (2009 grad) – Air Traffic Controller- TUI Group Operation Center/Dispatch Coordinator/Flight Operations Officer (~13 years) at TUIfly GmbH

Joseph Tiritilli – Line Pilot, Skylink Jets, Captain-ASI Charters, Learjet Captain, Captain Personal Jet ~10+ years

Pete Turley – Superintendent of Dispatch/Aircraft Dispatcher/Assistant Dispatcher/Manager Command Center, Southwest Airlines (~3.5 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, Virgin America (~2.5 years); Aircraft Dispatcher/Assistant Dispatcher/Manager Ramp ops, Southwest Airlines (~17 years)

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Mark Umble – ret., Flight Controller/Aircraft Dispatcher – Comair (~ 10 years)

Ross Updike – Aircraft Dispatcher – Spirit Airlines (~ 6 years); Skywest/Seaborne/GoJet

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Kamran Vahabzada – Operations Supervisor Flight Dispatch, Aviation Services Management (~ 1 month), Flight Operations Officer, Etihad Airways (~ 2.5 years); Flight Dispatcher, Silk Way Airlines (Azerbaijan) (~4 years)

Kim Vanvik – Dispatcher Wideroe (Norway) (6.5 years)

Vinny Veneziano – Dispatch Shift Supervisor/Check Dispatcher/Crew Scheduler, Spirit Airlines (~ 5.5 years); Air Traffic Control Specialist (~1 year).

Virginia Ventura (1982 grad) – Dispatcher, Worldways Airlines/Canada (~ 2 years); Passenger Service Agent, Air Canada (~31 years).

Salvatore Vicari (1997 graduate) – Director Of Flight Operations/Flight Ops at BOMBARDIER (~17.5 years); Scheduler/Dispatcher,

“Going to Sheffield was one of the best decisions I have ever made. They gave me a solid foundation without which I could not have made it in the aviation industry. In my 25 years of aviation I have seen dispatchers who (received) their dispatch certificate from other schools. They were clearly not prepared. Study hard and be confident in yourselves. If you can pass Eric’s exams you will be ready for anything.”

From LinkedIn – July 8, 2022

Joe Vickers (1979 graduate)United Airlines: Managing Director, Aviation Technologies (~6.5 years); Vice President-Aviation Services, Cyintech; Managing Director, Network Operations Control, Development and Support (2 years), Special Projects (2 years); Managing Director OCC (9 months), Managing Director-Flight Dispatch (4 years), more.

Salvador Villalobos – Lead Navigation Planning Specialist/Senior Flight Watch and NOTAM officer, Qatar Airways (~19 years); Operations Control Center Duty Manager/Flight Dispatch Quality & Standards Head of Dept/Flight Dispatch Center Head of Dept/OCC Duty Supervisor/Dispatch Instructor/Aircraft Dispatcher, TACA (~15 years). Total 34 years.

Victor Villaluz – Airspace Manager, 101st airborne Division, US Army (~2 years); various ATC and Flight ops (~15 years); Flight Operations Specialist, Wheeler AAF, HI (3 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, Japan Airlines (4 years).

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Mark W. – Quality Assurance Specialist/Duty Leader-Flight Planning Services/Flight Dispatch Team Leader/Flight Dispatcher, Virgin Australia (13 years); Operations Controller, EasyJet (~5.5 years); Operations Controller, Flybe (~2 years); Operations Controller, Emerald Airways (~1 year); Assistant Air Traffic Controller/Flight Ops Assistant, Royal Air Force (7 years).

Randall Wahoske – 50 years at Delta – Sector Mgr, flight Control – Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Peter Walker – Aircraft Dispatcher, Piedmont/US Airways/ (~8 years); Aircraft Dispatcher, American Airlines (~6 years)

April 2021 – Facebook
“Some of the proudest moments in my almost 14 years of Dispatching is telling people I went to and graduated from Sheffield.”

Richard Waller – Principal Owner, AOA Drone Imaging Services (~.5 years); Flight Dispatcher, United Airlines (~6.5 years); Flight Dispatcher, National Air Cargo (~1.5 years); Flight Dispatcher, Sky King (~1 year);

Adam Warner – Aircraft Dispatcher – CommutAir dba United Express (~4 years) Airlines

Lesley Warren – Aircraft Dispatcher – Delta Air Lines (~3 years)

Shakir Watson (2013 grad) – Trainee Flight Dispatcher, Fly Jamaica Airways (~.5 years); Flight Dispatcher, Cayman Airways Limited (~6.5 years).

Mark Watts (2002 grad) – First Officer-Hawker 800A, Jet-A, LLC (~.5 years); Pilot, Geomni (~1 year); Supervisory Senior Future Operations Planner, USCYBERCOM (~5 years); Branch Chief, Special Missions (A3JG), National Guard Bureau (~5.5 years); Director of Operations, 227th Special Ops Flight (SOF)/Instructor Master Navigator, 150th Air Refueling Squadron, New Jersey Air National Guard (~7 years); Instructor Navigator/Combat System Operator, Active Duty Military Officer, (US Air Force (~8.5 years). 

Philip Webb – Aircraft Dispatcher/Demonstration Coordinator – Embraer 

Juergen Weber – Airport Operations & Flight Dispatch, Deputy Safety Manager Airport at Airbus, Hamburg, Germany Hamburg-Finkenwerder, Airbus, Germany

Alexander Weisssteiner (2011 Graduate) – Supervisor Dispatch/Deputy Manager Ground Operations, TYROL AIR AMBULANCE GmbH, Austria (~11 years).

Dane Wendelboe – OCC Network Operations Manager/OCC Shift Manager/OCC System Controller-Sector Manager/Flight Dispatcher, SkyWest Airlines (~23 years).

Douglas Werkhoven – Cargo Agent, Emirates SkyCargo (Switzerland) (3 years).

Jeffrey Wetmore – Manager Dispatch, iAero Airways (~.5 years); Manager of Safety Systems/Flight Dispatcher/Crew Scheduler, Western Global Airlines (Ft. Myers/Estero, FL) (~3.5 years); C-130 Instructor Navigator, U.S. Air Force (7 years).

Fabian Wetzel – Head of OCC and Ground Operations Manager, Hyperion Aviation (~4.5 years); OCC Supervisor/Flight dispatcher, VistaJet International (3 years); AIS Analyst, Eurocontrol EAD (~3 years); Flight Operations Officer, XL Airways (Germany) (~.5 years); Flight Dispatcher, Spanair (2 years); Duty Manager, Nordic Airways (~.5 years); Loadmaster, Hapag Lloyd Flug GmbH (6 years).

Jeannie Whalen – General Manager, Worldwide Flight Services (WFS), (~1.5 years); Manager, Dispatch/Crew Logistics, Worldwide Jet Charter (~.5 years); Manager, Hub Control Center, American Airlines ((~2.5 years); Flight Operations Manager-National Accounts, Capital Contractors, INC. (1 year); Operations Department Manager, Piedmont airlines (~6.5 years).

Brad Whittelsey – Site Manager, CHI Aviation (Afghanistan) (3 years); Manager, Inflight Personnel, JetBlue Airways (3 years); Operations Manager & Facility Security Officer, CHI Aviation (3 years); Operations Manager, AAR Airlift Group (2 years);

Andreas Wiencke – Flight Dispatcher, Air Operations (~1 year); Nominated Person Ground Ops, Arcus Air Group, (~2 years); Supervisor Flight Dispatch EAT European Air Transport Leipzig GmbH-DHL Express (~7 years); OCC Controller, Hamburg International Luftfahrtgesellschaft & Co KG (~2.5 years); Duty Officer Operations, AHS Aviation Handing Services GmbH (~3.5 years), more…

Audrey Wiggins (2012 Grad) – SOCC Supervisor, Southern Airways Express (2 years); Manager of Flight Operations and Safety, Custom Jet Charters (~ 2 years); Lead operations coordinator, Tropic Ocean Airways ((~1 year); more…

Brian Williams – Aircraft Dispatcher/Dispatch Coordinator, Chautauqua Airlines (~23 years)

Scott Winsett (2016 Grad) – Operations Manager/Flight Dispatch, Flight Dispatcher, Network Operations Center (6 years since graduation.)

Don Wolford (1986 grad) – 30 years as a working dispatcher for Midwest Express, Midway (original), including over 25 years at United as a dispatcher, instructor, chief ATC Coordinator, and CDM rep. Retired since 2016, now a consultant ( for future airspace considerations with autonomous vehicles with NASA and other entities.

Florian Wolzt (2013 grad) – Operations Controller, Austrian Airlines, (~2.5 years), Aircraft Dispatcher, AVCONJET (~7.5 years)

Dale Wood – Flight Superintendent – Delta Air Lines (~8.5 years); Flight Operations Analyst Top Secret Clearance, Lockheed Martin (~2.5 years); Lead Aircraft Dispatcher/Systems Operations, Comair (~24 years)

Jurrien Wouterse (2017 grad) – Flight Dispatcher, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (~4 years), Navigation Support Officer, KLM (~6 years).

Stephan Woywod (2011 grad) – Trainer Lido Flight, Luftansa Systems (1 year); Senior Navigation Officer, Austrian Airlines (~2 years); Dispatch Examiner/Flight Dispatcher, Emirates (~7 years); Flight Dispatcher/Network Controller & Flightwatch Agent, DHL/European Air Transport Leipzig GmbH (~7 years).

Tricia Wrone – Senior Mission Advisor, Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. (~.5 years); Senior International Operations Coordinator, Collins Aerospace (~2 years); Flight Follower, IFL Group (5 years); Flight Follower Supervisor/Charter Sales, Pentastar Aviation (10 years).

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Li Yan (2014 grad) – Flight Dispatcher, Emirates Airlines (~ 2 years); Flight Dispatcher, Etihad Airways (~ 4.5 years); more…

Yuliya Yermak (2014 grad) – Flight Dispatcher, Silk Way Airlines (~6.5 years);

Mark Yezovich – Dispatcher, Chief Duty Dispatcher, Approved Transport Canada Check Dispatcher – Westjet (~ 14 years)

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Anthony Zangrilli – Aircraft Dispatcher – Southwest Airlines (~6.5 years); SOC DutyManager/Aircraft Dispatcher/Flight Crew Coordinator – AirTran Airways (~8.5 years)

Lushan Zhu (2015 grad) – Risk Management Assitant & Assistant of Safety Director, Suparna Airlines (~4.5 years).

Martin Zirngibl – Director Ground Operations/Operations Controller – MHS Aviation GMBH (8.5 years); Flight Dispatcher, VistaJet International (3.5 years).

Paolo Zocchi – Supervisor-Duty Manager, Leonardo (~8 years); Deputy Operations Control Center Manager/Supervisor OCC, Air Italy (~8 years); Flight Dispatcher-OCC Officer, Volare Airlines S.p.A. (3.5 years); Navigation Officer, Air Europe S.p.A. (2.5 years).

Iskandar Faiz Bin Zubir – Flight Dispatcher, ExecuJet Aviation Group, Singapore (~2 years); Flight dispatcher, Hawker Pacific (~4.5 years).

Waqar Zulqarni (2015 grad) – Flight Dispatcher/Flight Operations Controller, Dubai Air Wing (10 years).

Leonel Zuniga (1986 grad) – General Manager Operations, Taca International Airlines (~15 years.)

Enada Zykaj (2019 grad) Network & Pre-Operations Controller, Qatar Airways (2.5 years); Deputy OCC Manager/Flight Documentation Supervisor, Belle Air Albania (~ 1 year).



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