Stress Relief Tips for New Aircraft Dispatchers

stress relief aircraft dispatcher

Being an aircraft dispatcher can be a very stressful job. Nobody notices you until something goes wrong, and if something goes wrong, there are lives on the line. If you are new to the aircraft dispatcher role, there are several stress relief tips that you can use to get through the tough parts of the job. Stress training is extremely important for aircraft dispatcher schools to include so to ensure accurate work and a quality environment. Here are our top tips for stress relief.

Stress Balls Actually Work

When you are stressed, sometimes the most helpful things can just be simple things on your desk that you can hold or touch to relax. Little Zen gardens with sand to draw on, colorful stress balls and more can be used to tactically relieve the stress and put your mind at ease during a traumatic time.

Avoid the Extra Coffee

While caffeine can be a helpful stimulant to get the job done, when you are really stressed, caffeine can make that feeling worse. You are already worked up and anxious when there is a stressful work situation, so don’t add extra caffeine to the mix. A flight dispatcher must keep their head on straight, so avoid the extra caffeine and stick to a non-caffeinated tea to fill your need for a warm comforting drink without the buzz.

Take Deep Breaths

It seems so simple, but it is an effective tool for calming yourself down. The more stressed you are the more your breathing increases. Increased anxiety and rapid heartbeat are the next steps. Avoid the road to panic mode by taking at least three nice deep breaths, counting to eight and then releasing. Your breathing will slow, your heartbeat will return to normal rates and your mind will clear so you can focus on the important task at hand.

Your Favorite Smells Can Help Relax You

Scented candles or essential oils can help you stay in the zone. Smells like ocean breeze, eucalyptus, clean laundry, peppermint, pine tree, and more can help you feel relaxed or alert to stay productive. This will depend on your personal scent preference, but it is a great way to stay relaxed throughout your day.

Remember to also take some me time to treat yourself. There are many ways to avoid stress, but the best way is to practice. Stress training for flight dispatchers can make a big difference on the decisions that are made during their work. Dispatcher programs should ensure to warn their students about the dangers of being in such a stress-free environment and how they can avoid burning out or panicking. Sheffield School of Aeronautics understands the complications of aircraft dispatcher positions and we work hard to prepare you to avoid them.

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