internet of things and aviationWhy Do Flights Get Delayed So Often?

In the United States, the words on time at the airport refer to any flight departure or flight arrival within less than 15 minutes of their scheduled time. Although most flights tend to be on time, flight delays are just as horrible as they are inevitable. There are several reasons as to why flights are delayed, and there are ways you can find flight delay information. Sheffield School of Aeronautics, a well-known aeronautics school, shares some reasons regarding why your flight may be delayed.


Extreme Weather

As most frequent flyers already know, extreme weather events can cause flight delays, and even flight cancellations in some cases. Although planes are equipped to take off, fly, and land in all types of weather, sometimes pilots must be far more cautious in certain scenarios.

A weather condition in the west can affect the flights in the east, and vice versa. High winds and sleet are two additional factors in weather delays.


Late Arriving Aircraft

Just like there’s traffic during rush hour on land, air traffic can get heavy during rush hour, as well. A crowded or exceptionally busy airport can have planes lined up on the runway waiting to take off. This leaves many planes circling the airport, waiting on their clearance to land. This not only causes late arrival of other flights, but also causes a rippling effect to other flights. Late takeoffs and late landings have a spiraling effect, until the schedule gets back on track.


Waiting for Connecting Passengers or Connecting Bags

To ensure that you get to your destination, it’s a courtesy when some airlines wait for connecting passengers. Most times, the captain will inform the passengers already on the flight that there may be flight delays due to waiting on those who are coming from another flight.

Sometimes bags take a little longer to get from one plane to the next, as well. Ground handlers try their best to hustle, but sometimes they need to wait for more bags to arrive from other flights before taking off.


Mechanical Delays

Like any other vehicle that takes passengers from point A to point B, occasional issues can occur. The pilots run checks before the plane leaves, which is when an issue can be discovered. The airline will either delay the flight to give the mechanics plenty of time to fix the problem, or they will change planes entirely.

What Are Other Reasons for Flight Delay?

Part of earning a flight dispatcher salary is understanding what causes flights to be delayed. There are plenty of other reasons why passengers face flight delays, such as time for fueling, boarding passengers, aircraft cleaning, etc. Airlines allow for a little bit of flexibility, and it’s important for passengers to understand such so they can fit some flexibility into their schedule, too. Our airline dispatcher school would like to point out that fueling is one of the most common causes of a delayed flight. Fueling can cause a flight delay for several reasons. Firstly, if there is a shortage of fuel or a delay in its delivery, the aircraft may not have sufficient fuel to complete the flight safely. Secondly, fueling operations require coordination and time, especially when refueling large aircraft. If there are logistical issues, equipment malfunctions, or personnel shortages at the refueling facility, it can lead to delays. Additionally, strict fueling procedures must be followed, including safety checks, fuel quality inspections, and accurate fuel quantity measurements. Any deviation or discrepancy in these procedures can result in additional time being spent on fueling, causing a delay in the departure of the flight. 

Reasons Why Flights Are Delayed – Aircraft Cleaning

Aircraft cleaning has the potential to cause flight delays due to various factors. Firstly, the thorough cleaning process necessitates a significant amount of time, and inadequate management can result in exceeding the anticipated duration. Secondly, specific cleaning procedures may necessitate the use of specialized equipment or chemicals, requiring preparation and coordination, further extending the time required. Thirdly, unexpected maintenance issues or damages encountered by the cleaning staff during the process can lead to delays in repairs or replacements. Finally, if the cleaning schedule is not appropriately synchronized with the aircraft turnaround time, it can disrupt the boarding and departure process, ultimately causing flight delays. In summary, effective planning and execution are essential to minimize delays caused by aircraft cleaning.

Why Do Flights Keep Getting Delayed Because of Boarding Passengers?

As an aviation dispatcher school, we could tell you that boarding passengers can potentially cause flight delays. For example, if passengers arrive late at the boarding gate or fail to comply with the designated boarding time, it can disrupt the boarding process and cause delays. Another reason why boarding passengers could cause delays is because sometimes passengers are uncooperative or there are instances of unruly behavior, which may require intervention from airline staff or security personnel, resulting in further delays. Nowadays, there are many pieces of technology that could cause delays in the flow of passengers. Efficient communication, adherence to boarding procedures, and cooperation from passengers are crucial to minimizing boarding-related delays. 

Other Reasons Flights Get Delayed

 Why do flights get delayed? There are many other reasons this may occur other than the reasons listed above. Some of the most popular reasons include security issues and regulatory requirements. Some of the most common security issues that delay flights include terrorist threats, suspicious baggage, and even certain cybersecurity threats. Some regulatory requirements include security screenings, immigration and customs, and even flight crew and pilot rest requirements. 


More About Sheffield School of Aeronautics

Why do flights get delayed? We hope that our professionals have answered this question in this article. If you are interested in the aviation world and a dispatcher program, Sheffield School of Aeronautics offers plenty of dispatcher courses to choose from. As the world’s oldest and most reputable aeronautics school, you can find a dispatcher course that’s right for you at the tips of your fingers. Contact Sheffield School today to learn more about dispatcher license requirements or to learn more about your next dispatcher salary. 

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