Opportunities Available from Airforce Personnel to Aircraft Dispatcher


Of all the jobs related to Airforce work, taking the path to become an aircraft dispatcher for a civilian airline could very well be beneficial for a veteran. The airline industry is projected to have a shortage of qualified and experienced personnel over the next 10 years. This is largely due to thousands of pilots, flight attendants, and other essential industry employees approaching the mandatory retirement age. Airline companies are in a scramble to find suitable replacements, often turning to recruits from the Military, or an aircraft dispatcher school like Sheffield School of Aeronautics. Those are the candidates who have the training, licensure, and personality attributes to operate aircraft and associated equipment immediately.


Which Civilian Airline Jobs Are Related to Airforce Jobs?

Former and current Airforce personnel find that they must decide their career trajectory when entering back into civilian life. While the military certainly offers opportunities for them to excel, they may want to transition out of the armed forces to lead a civilian lifestyle. There’s a plethora of opportunities that await Airforce personnel after completing certification at our aircraft dispatcher school. These individuals often find it more beneficial to come straight to us upon serving their required military contract. However, a career as an aircraft dispatcher is only one possible choice in the aviation industry. There are other jobs related to Airforce positions that veterans can, shown below.

Commercial Aircraft Pilot

As a natural fit when transitioning from the Airforce to civilian life, commercial aircraft pilots are in demand. Most commercial airlines work on a seniority basis, where pilots are assigned a certain number of flying hours depending on how long they have served as a pilot. Depending on the airline and level of experience/hours flown, a former Airforce pilot can hold the title of Captain, First Officer, or Flight Engineer.

Air Traffic Controller

Commercial air traffic controllers direct air traffic and ensure that all pilots receive appropriate flying and landing instructions. It’s a fast-paced job during flight takeoff and landing times, and requires strong decision-making skills and sound judgment. Their primary responsibility is to manage all communications with pilots and deal with any emergency situations that may arise.

Aviation Maintenance Technician

Aviation maintenance technicians are responsible for checking and preparing electric and mechanical components of an aircraft. Former Airforce engineers will find that it’s a seamless transition in terms of responsibility. Additionally, there are various options for them to specialize in, and their previous military experience can prove invaluable to a commercial airline.


Where to Obtain Additional Training or Licensure for Civilian Aviation Jobs

For anyone interested in an aircraft dispatcher school, Sheffield School of Aeronautics is the best location to acquire the certifications needed to enter the industry. As an experienced and reputable educational system, we offer support through each step of the process. Moreover, commercial airlines call on us when seeking qualified candidates because they know that Sheffield graduates are prepared to make an immediate impact.

Learn more about our courses and how to get started at Sheffield School of Aeronautics today. 


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    “While touring my company’s dispatch department before I had my license our OCC manager pointed out that 7 of the 10 dispatchers on shift had come from Sheffield. The overall consensus was that Sheffield grads were able to hit the ground running as they were better prepared.” K.O. Sidebar K.O.
    ” I have received 4 (job) offers…many of the interviews I have gotten have been because of my “pedigree”…going to Sheffield. I am amazed at the respect your school has….I am honored to be a graduate. Thank you for all the work you ..!”  Testimonial – J. Ganci
    “As a graduate of the aircraft dispatcher program at the Sheffield School of Aeronautics…My training was intense and thorough and furnished me with the requisite skills for performing my current job as a Flight Dispatch Supervisor.” N.S. Sidebar NS
    “Eric Morris is one of the most if not the most knowledgeable and experienced authorities on Aircraft Dispatching in the United States. He strives constantly to make the industry better.” DH sidebar DH
    “I am a month into my new job at a airline coming out of reorganization, and am helping the training department by referencing the excellent and up to date course book provided to all Sheffield grads.” RW RW
    “Sheffield School of Aeronautics is a highly recognized and respected organization throughout the airline industry. They only produce the highest quality of graduate…” P.W. Sidebar PW
    Good afternoon Eric, I wanted to reach out to let you know that training at (airline) is in full swing and I couldn’t be happier that I chose Sheffield. My classmates, while very smart, definitely had subpar training and that has been very evident. I have waited to write a full scale review of the […] Attending Sheffield School benefits airline new hires in preparation for airline training
    “If you want to be the best, first you need to be trained by the best!” P. Hill P.Hill – DHL
    “This was an amazing class! Always interesting! It was like drinking from a fire hose, but I have never enjoyed a course more than this one. Thank you for a great 5 weeks & EWINS!” R.S. R.S. Testimonial – 5-weeks & EWINS
    “I am so glad they are like this because it made me a better dispatcher and I really appreciate their high standards. I would highly recommend Sheffield to anyone who is willing to study hard and is serious about obtaining a Dispatcher Certificate.” MC MC
    “Being that half my new hire class dropped out over the course of training, I can confidently say that Sheffield helped to prepare me for the real world.” GT – abridged testimonial – school selection matters
    “As a graduate of Sheffield School of Aeronautics I am a firm believer that I received the most thorough and well thought out aircraft dispatcher training available. I owe my position in the industry to Sheffield School of Aeronautics.” BF Sidebar BF
    “Sheffield School of Aeronautics is known worldwide for its quality training and has been recommended to me by our national airline Swiss International Airlines. Whenever I mention the name ‘Sheffield’ it rings a bell in people’s ears.” IW IW
    “I entered my profession, with more knowledge and information than dispatchers who have been practicing their craft for more than ten years. Not only has Sheffield provided a top notch education, but they have also instilled in me the confidence to succeed.” A.Z. Sidebar AZ – Student Testimonial
    “After receiving my certificate, I joined a class of 4 experienced dispatchers for Part 121 initial training. Without experience, my preparation at Sheffield enabled me to become active at the same time after the initial training.” PR PR
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