5 Tips to Negotiate Your Raise – FAA Dispatcher

Remember the kid in math class who would raise his hand and ask the teacher, “Are we ever going to use this in real life?” That kid is in every classroom in the world, asking that same question, right now. It goes without saying that dispatchers use everything they learn at an FAA dispatcher school like Sheffield School of Aeronautics.

However, some schools still don’t teach real-world skills that may come in handy. Like how to ask for a raise in the aviation industry. These days, company loyalty is a rare commodity, and employees prefer to jump from place to place to increase salaries. But the aviation industry is all about loyalty. If you want to increase your aircraft dispatcher salary, you need to learn how to ask for a raise.

1 – Why Now?

We find it’s always a good idea to outline your motives, even if just to yourself, before asking for a raise. The average aircraft dispatcher salary is between $25,000 and $30,000, and the highest paid aircraft dispatchers earn over $120,000. Experience and raises, that’s how you get there.

Sure, you expect to make less after graduating from FAA dispatcher school and you want to make more as soon as possible, but more money can’t be your only motivation.

2 – Prove it

You need to find some tangible evidence of your worth to the company. Performing your daily aircraft dispatcher duties is simply not enough. In what ways have you gone above and beyond? How have you added value to the airline or to the dispatch center?

Are you saving the airline money? For example: bring up reports that show how your courses or calculations have reduced flight times and saved fuel. It would be downright impossible to deny a raise if you’re saving the airline money.

3 – How Much Do You Want?

How much more do you want to add to your current aircraft dispatcher salary, and is it reasonable compared to raises throughout the industry?

It’s good to go in with a number in mind, but it’s better to let your supervisor speak first.

4 – Timing

There are some standard rules when it comes to timing.

When not to ask for a raise: when a new aircraft dispatcher starts with higher pay than you, when someone has left, or during peak travel times; everyone is too busy to listen to raise requests.

When to ask for a raise: at evaluations.

There’s a certain amount of emotional intelligence involved here and it’s good to use some judgement. Put yourself in your supervisor’s shoes. It never hurts to give them a heads up.

5 – Consider Alternatives to Increased Salary

Think of a compromise before you begin discussion. There are a few alternatives to an increase in your aircraft dispatcher salary. Instead of a raise, how about extra vacation, a bigger bonus, title promotion, shift change.

As almost all aircraft dispatchers know, it’s difficult to maintain a social life when you work weekends and night shifts. If you can’t get a raise, ask for nights and weekends off.

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