Should You Fly Right Now? A Look at Air Travel During the Delta Variant

It has been an interesting year and a half for air travel, to say the least. As the oldest airline dispatcher school in the country, we are constantly monitoring changes in the airline industry. Just as COVID restrictions had begun to lift and air travel began to once again increase, the Delta variant has begun spreading. If you have the need or desire to travel currently, we want to answer some questions you may have about air travel with the increased spread of the Delta variant.

Can You Fly Right Now?

Air travel, at the time of writing, is currently still allowed in all 50 states. 

Is It Safe to Fly?

Safety, like most things during the pandemic, is not fully known. That being said, airlines have increased safety measures to decrease the chances of transmission during flights. It is strongly recommended to get vaccinated if you are traveling soon; however, vaccinations are not mandatory. Additionally, while vaccinations can help fight the disease, vaccines do not prevent transmission.


Masks are federally mandated on all flights. Further, despite being in a confined room with others, air circulation is quite good in aircraft. While airplanes do, of course, have a risk of transmission, airports are where most transmissions are believed to occur. The CDC currently advises that road trips with family members are the safest form of travel; however, the CDC has not worked with the federal government to limit air travel.  

Safety Tips for Your Trip

Flying With Children

Flying with children can be a bit risky at the moment. Children under the age of twelve are still too young to be vaccinated, and therefore will not have the increased chance of beating the disease. Children have, however, been shown to beat infections fairly easily while experiencing fewer symptoms, or none at all. If you are traveling with children, make sure to keep them masked at all times. 

Pick Your Seats

If you are flying in a group, most airlines allow you to select seating for your flight. Try to sit together in the same row to avoid sitting side by side with strangers. 

Research the Area You Are Traveling To

Finding out infection and vaccination rates of the area you are traveling to is highly recommended. Some countries and states have higher infection rates and lower vaccination rates, which equate to a higher risk area. It is important to know that the pandemic is global, and every state and country carries a risk of transmission. 


Additionally, certain countries have restrictions on Americans entering their country. Research these restrictions to ensure you will be able to enter. 

Take Into Account the Age and Health of Yourself and Those You are Traveling With

There is still much about the coronavirus that we don’t know. What we do know, however, is that older individuals and those with preexisting conditions are more at risk for complications if infected. As a result, it is strongly recommended that seniors and individuals with preexisting conditions do not travel. 

Interested in Aviation?

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